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  1. Finesse (Suits Store)

    I will be supplying stock for sure! There will be balance between all areas.
  2. Favourite Sci-Fi Movie

    This is a random poll for sci-fi movie-goers
  3. Finesse (Suits Store)

    I will try to a give best estimate for pricing in game
  4. Frewer's Spirits

    Hi there! Welcome to Frewer's Spirits. Our plan is to create the finest drinking experience for any occasion. We hope to sell luxury spirits at affordable prices. We also plan to extend our range to selling wines, tequila, gin, rum and whiskey. We will be hiring managers, store staff, delivery staff and factory workers. If you are interested in Frewer's Spirits, do contact me! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.
  5. Motown's Roasted Coffee - Discontinued for now

    Motown's Roasted Coffee sounds great! I'd like to some nice cappuccinos and lattes. If you need a store manager do let me know!
  6. What Motorcycles should be in Identity!

    I would like to see a Harley Davidson or a Triumph inspired bike. As I like cool smooth cruiser bikes, cafe racers and bobber bikes! Classic inspired bikes is a must!
  7. Identity on Instagram!

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone in the community has plan for an Identity account or fan page, I am aware there are some which are quite empty at the moment. I plan to turn my existing account into a Identity only account which features my own screencaps and gameplay once the game is officially released. I personally like to use Instagram as it relatively quick and easy on the go. You can follow me @leonschrader1 to see retro and vintage clips here and there. But anyways, what are your thoughts on this random idea? Feel free to comment!
  8. Me & my expectations

    Hi Antonio, Welcome to the community! Hope to see you at Town Square!
  9. Anyone else playing Mafia 3...

    Hi there! This is post for anyone who is playing Mafia 3. So far I like the slickness and raw emotions in story mode. The services provided by Cassandra, Burke and Vito are handy too! The soundtrack has to be one of my favourites, perfect 60s music! However, the gameplay is not completely open world as the options for doing non-mission stuff is quite limited, there are racing events but that's about it. However, I'm looking forward to the DLCs especially Stone Unturned. My favourite characters are Vito, Cassandra and Donovan as they have some badass egdes to their characters. What do you like or dislike about Mafia 3? Who are your favourite characters? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.
  10. Tea or Coffee

    Hi there! This is a random poll for tea or coffee lovers. Feel free to share your thoughts.
  11. Hello from South UK

    Hi Kieran! Welcome to the Identity community! I hope to see you soon at Town Square! If you would like any workplace opportunities within the game. You can check my post for Mistel Cycles and Finesse Suits Store in my signature below this post!
  12. Finesse (Suits Store)

    I can assure you the items will be affordable as I believe having a good quality store with a good price should be possible in Identity. This is a game where every player should be able to buy any item from the store. I have no plans on creating a store for uber-wealthy snobs like we see in real life. This is a store designed for the ordinary, working player. Then again, the pricing will depend on supply and demand once the store is opened.
  13. Classic Songs from the 60s....

    The Beatles are also music legends. Identity must have retro stations for retro fans, as it is quite common to find retro fans especially on the net!
  14. Finesse (Suits Store)

    I'm glad you guys appreciate my ideas! Riding a bicycle with a suit is suave idea, in my opinion. I hope to see y'all at opening day for Mistels Cycles and Finesse!
  15. London Calling...

    Hi there! Welcome to the community! I hope to see you soon at Town Square! You can check out some amazing and interesting posts by community users across the site!