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Found 3 results

  1. Motown's Roasted Coffee What we are Motown's Roasted Coffee is a safe place from the Identity RPG world. It's where you can meet up with friends, have coffee, and feel safe from the dangers of Identity. Our locations in Identity Motown's Roasted Coffee or MRC will have several locations on the Identity Map. Our locations will be as follows -Roseport (Main City, Top Right) -Ash Hill (Town Square, Mid Left) -Turtle Beach (C shaped beach, Bottom Right) -Unnamed Ski Resort (White area, Bottom Left) Payment/Income Management $30/hr Barista $20/hr Staff Needed 3/13 CEO = @njayminsim1115 --------------------------------------------- Roseport Location (City) 0/1 Manager = ? 1/3 Baristas = @Ravo --------------------------------------------- Ash Hill Location (Town Square) 0/1 Manager = ? 0/2 Baristas = ? ------------------------------------------- Turtle Beach Location (Beach) 1/1 Manager = @Santaclus 0/2 Baristas = ? ------------------------------------------ Ski Resort Location (Ski Resort) 0/1 Manager = ? 0/2 Baristas = ? Job Description Manager Make sure all workers arrive, are professional, and pay Baristas. Manage the shop to look presentable to the public. Make sure cafe works at maximum efficiency. Barista Create drinks that customers order, work with cash transactions at the register, and use professional language with customers. Why should I work for Motown's Roasted Coffee? #1 It can be a part time job, or full time job depending on your choice #2 It pays well for the amount of work you will be doing #3 It doesn't matter what age you are to be hired (As long as you're mature) Application Why should we hire you? Do you have any real life professional strengths? Are you active in checking discord at least once a day?
  2. Cafe owner!

    I'd really love to run a small cafe where people can come, hang out, get on the internet and eat food! I'm not sure how eating will work, but I hope this is a viable career.
  3. Coffeehouses? Cafe jobs?

    I'd like to see some sort of coffee shops implemented, I probably haven't looked around well even but i doubt there is something like that around. I'd really like to own a coffee shop or work in one.