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  1. Dark City

    I'm not telling you anything heathen! Ahh, need some motivation eh? Marco straps the Templar into an office chair D get my the tweezers Here y'are boss Alright first let's start with something easy, who are you guys? We are the templars, here to cleanse this island of heathen like you! Looks at the templar Why am I a heathen? Look at yourself! You're greedy, you think you can take what you want and have no consideration for others! The police have failed the populous, but we won't! Marco smiles and gets down to eye level with the templar Nice speech, but it'll take more than an army to fuck with me. Now next question, what's your name? I won't tell you that Marco grabs the tweezers and grabs a tooth Are you sure? The tooth is yanked out and the templar screams AAGH why woud you do dat agh Name? John my name's John Alright John, next question, who's the leader? General Crimson Any second hand man? They wouldn't tell me I'm a foot soldier Alright I'll believe you, who would know? A captain but you killed mine. Where can I find another one? Uhh, do you know of any gun store's around? Yeah I own one at the ski lodge you can set up an ambush over there, they're taking all the guns. alright how do we identify the captain? they have a different patch, it's like mine but it has more gold instead of black Alright, you've earned our trust. If they know about this when we get there we'll shoot you on the spot. D watch him, make sure he doesn't do anything funny. Pop you wanna stay here or come with? I'll stay thanks Alright J let's go
  2. Dark City

    *BOOM* The crew each look towards the explosion You've came just in time haven't you I guess so pop The crew get inside and Pop lifts up a mat in the bedroom Underneath it there's a hatch that leads into a lift How far underground is it? Maybe, a half-mile Damn D and Pop shove the templar hostage into the lift Ugh... the templar wakes up Sup cock-monger, want some eggs? Yeah cunt, lucky we didn't plaster you to the wall Ow.. my head. Wait where am I? You're in hell, enjoy your stay Wait are you serious? No you retard, but you're gonna be the closest you could ever get soon. The lift lands at the bunker Marco's bunker is a large space basically carved into the mountain with it's walls painted charcoal grey the rooms consist of the bedrooms, storage, and lab The crew throw the hostage in storage Now you are going to tell us everything we need to know, or else...
  3. Dark City

    Yo, the fuck is that? D says looking out the window a red and black drone follows them through the trees It has the templar logo on it Shit, see that logo. Matches this cunts patch Must be them, shoot it D and Jack both shoot at the drone the drone is down How much longer to the bunker Like maybe 30 minutes max 2 hours later Ok we're here Jack wakes up Damnit I was having the best dream, none of this bullshit happened The fuck M, this is a damn shack The wooden shack has a place for 1 car and accommodations for 1 person Ahh my friend, looks can be deciving An old white man with a large beard, dressed in hunting clothes comes out the door Marco? Is that you? Sure is pop, how are you? Hah, it's been so long, well it feels like a long time. Oh! And you've brought some friends along too!
  4. Dark City

    Marco gets into a red volvo and starts it up Jack and D have killed about 10 of the templars there were only about two more *BZZT BZZT* Marco gets a text from Jack "ey m get back here they almost gon" Marco rushes back in with his pistol drawn Hey M the fuck is this shit D yells while ducking behind the couch Marco runs behind a wall while firing shots at one of the templars There's like two left M we should take one hostage Ok Marco shoots one of the templars in the head and the other in the leg DON'T YOU FUCKING REACH FOR THAT GUN the templar puts him hands up Marco grabs his gun and pats him down, he finds two pistols and a sword Jack cuffs the guy and they knock him out with the butt of his gun Alright get packed, we need to head to my bunker up in the mountains. Unfortunately, we can't kill this prick just yet, he probably has info, bring some of those electric clamp things and a pair of pliers, oh and anything else you wanna fuck him up with. You have a bunker? What do you think we spend all this money on? Jack you get him in the car and watch him, he wakes up you know what to do, just don't kill him. I'll pack up some cash and some gear, then we can leave. Sounds like a plan With that they get to work and get ready to leave.
  5. Dark City

    Jack and Marco bolt for the 7-11 behind the store they crawl into the sewer there is a secret escape tunnel as soon as they go through they cover up the hole with bricks WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHIT! I DON'T KNOW! they turn on the lights and sprint down the dirt tunnel at the end there is a ladder up to the safe house they hear gunshots above they pull their pistols as they open the open the door Suarez's body falls to the ground and D is firing at the door with a AK-47 AAAAGH SHIT D HELP US UP D reaches over to help them up Go get some escape ready me and J can handle Aight don't die
  6. Dark City

    Well split my dick and call me Caitlin you got me there Well to answer your question, the white mask is well, you know, an anarchist, anarchy is not too good for bank robbers for the obvious reason of no banks. and, I can do mercenary on the side. We also wanted the mask for you to fit in, we didn't need to see your face and you didn't need to see ours. Now the deal is still open, wanna take it?
  7. Dark City

    Stolen? Who would steal a piece of shit like this, its my friends. And we just came to pick up some beer for a costume party, hence the masks Yeah, we're dressing up like those bank robbers that took a score a couple months back. But as we were walking in some psycho started shooting at us, so we started shooting back.
  8. Dark City

    Marco and Jack remove their masks and put their hands up Number 1, why do you think we we're fleeing Number 2, Why does anyone wear a mask and Number 3... I was shooting, but it was self defense. you've got nothing on me.
  9. Dark City

    He's not my boss, and I wasn't planning to fight you. he promptly throws his keys out the window C'mon NH we are really gonna go with him Yeah. he puts his hands up and gets out the car
  10. International Waters

    yeah, it makes sense to load another island as a whole new instance.
  11. Dark City

    Simms doesn't answer Yo Tuscan get me the fuck outta here! Alright let me just... There RUN! Not Here and Red Army sprint to the pinto Simms hears a sharp loud sound in his blutooth Fuck me that was clo... as they drive away Simms rips out his earbuds and fires a shot right into one of the pinto's tires Not Here swerves and prevents the car from flipping FUCKING CUNT AGH, FUCK FUCK SHIT. Not Here slams his fists into the dash as the camera cuts to Simms (Yo @BarrettSimms where you at?)
  12. The Ruomunda Tribe

    Nice work can't wait to defend myself in the woods!
  13. A question about gameplay . . . (2 paragraphs)

    PM me we can hangout on GTA
  14. International Waters

    Too Altis Life for me.