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Found 9 results

  1. Random Polls | Vol. 3

    The third edition of the Random Polls series.
  2. Will we be able to choose our home country? im personally from brazil and will we be able to choose that country?
  3. Random Polls | Vol. 2

    Here is Random Polls | Vol. 2! The next Random Polls Volume will come out in July.
  4. Random Polls | Vol. 1

    I plan to make a new edition every month, so it doesn't clutter up other content. I want to provide random questions for the community, and see how they respond. Feel free to send me a suggestion on what I should add in the next Random Polls Volume.
  5. ||Someone post a starter. I suck at starters. Must be a paragraph or more!~
  6. Random Poll About Pizza

    Just a poll about pizza, sorry.
  7. Identity on Instagram!

    Hey there! I was wondering if anyone in the community has plan for an Identity account or fan page, I am aware there are some which are quite empty at the moment. I plan to turn my existing account into a Identity only account which features my own screencaps and gameplay once the game is officially released. I personally like to use Instagram as it relatively quick and easy on the go. You can follow me @leonschrader1 to see retro and vintage clips here and there. But anyways, what are your thoughts on this random idea? Feel free to comment!
  8. Random's Introduction!

    Greetings, everyone! My name is Random, though you can call me Nick! I have a lot of experience with roleplay, in DayZ servers, and Garry's Mod servers (I am a moderator on a CityRP server right now.. do not want to mention it's name, because I do not know how strict you are when it comes to advertising!) Feel free to ask questions! Can't wait for the game to come out! Random,
  9. Gif reaction chain!

    Saw it on another forum and thought it's hilarious. Post a gif that is a response or a reaction to the post above you. Example: And we're going to start with this one: