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Found 27 results

  1. I recently purchased the vanity license plate from the Identity store, expecting a feature that seems to be common: preregistration. I wanted to be able to register my vanity license plate as soon as I bought it, but I was told after asking on the Discord server that this would (probably) be a feature only implemented in the game's release. I know it may sound silly, but the only reason I bought the item was so that I could claim the plate that I wanted before someone else took it. It would really make my purchase seem justified if a system like this was put into place.
  2. New Website!

    Salutations everyone, Our new website went live over the weekend! You’ll now see an updated FAQ section, revamped account system, an improved presentation, and more! We’ll continue to add more content to the site as time goes on, and you can expect to see the next Identity Insider very shortly! Last month’s Dev Blog mentioned we’ll be seeing one pertaining to “criminal activity and gameplay”, so stay tuned! Out of all the areas on our website, the shop page arguably received the biggest overhaul. It has an entirely new look, and you can now purchase items individually rather than in packages. Still, the packages that you saw on the old site remain available to purchase at the exact same prices they were before. You’ll also notice that some packages have even had items appended to their contents! (See: Up-Sized and The VIP) The original plan was to keep the packages found on the old website as they were for exactly one week after the new shop went live. We intended to take them down after seven days, leaving only the individual items remaining. However, since PayPal is currently the only payment option we offer, we will be extending the duration for how long these packages will remain available. It would be unfair to those who are ready to make a purchase but don’t have access to a PayPal account, so you can expect to see the packages stay up for a little while longer. Once we secure more payment options, we’ll be sure to let users know how long they have to purchase one of the older packages. Regarding tweaks to individual items, we’ll be changing around the “Custom Logo” item sometime this week. We weren’t very clear with what this item granted, so you’ll see “Custom T-Shirt Graphic” take its place. Those who purchased the “Custom Logo” item will be able to import a custom corporate logo in the full game. (Of course, if you aren’t satisfied with this change, feel free to contact me and I’ll get your account fixed up.) For reference, the “Custom T-Shirt Graphic” item will allow users to produce 10 T-Shirts with an imported image of their choosing. The “Custom Logo” item will allow your imported image to appear on items such as clothing, furniture, and even your corporation’s in-game website page. The “Custom T-Shirt Graphic” will display the image on the front of the T-Shirt, whereas the “Custom Logo” will appear in small designated areas on crafted items for branding purposes. If you happen to purchase the “Custom Logo” item before it gets replaced with the “Custom T-Shirt Graphic”, then lucky you! We may see it return someday, but for now, it’ll remain off the shop page once “Custom T-Shirt Graphic” takes its place. Once again, if you aren’t happy with this change, contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you! Another thing to mention is that our web developer has been hard at work fixing a few oddities that have popped up with the new site. If any of you suspect that something isn’t working quite as intended, feel free to message me and I’ll send your concerns to him! Lastly, you’ll see a new Dev Blog go up shortly after the next Identity Insider that will cover the new website as one of its discussion topics. You’ll likely get a more formal overview of the new website’s features there, so you should definitely check it out when it’s up! (For reference, Dev Blogs are found here.) That’s all for now! Feel free to keep us posted with any concerns you have regarding the new website’s design or its functionality. Have a great rest of your day, and I’ll see you around! August 14th Edit: The price of the Sphynx Cat has also been adjusted to better reflect the exotic nature of the animal. August 17th Edit: As of 3:45PM ET today, users who sent password recovery emails should receive a working key to log into their account. Changing passwords is still causing some problems for some users, so keep this key handy to get into your account. Gifting oddities are being addressed, and anyone who has had any items not reach their recipient should message me. Thanks to those who are providing feedback and screenshots of issues, I'll continue to convey such things to our web developer as its been helping tremendously!
  3. u see when i go to the shop on the forums there is a shop where u can buy like citz and more once the game comes out u buy it and can play it or do u have to buy one of those things on forums???
  4. Peridot's Rubies Inc.

    Hello, and welcome to the new shop called Peridot's Rubies. I'm Amelia, the CEO of the company and more. My duty is to make my shop the best furniture and clothes shop around. We have available styles like: -Fancy -Casual -Hot -Comfy -Formal -And Extravangant. As this is new, we dont know the location of the opening yet. But if you're willing to be a future customer, we'd love to see as a regular. We dont offer shipping yet but it'll come in the mean time. FOr now, enjoy your stay on the island, and come around soon!
  5. As above can anyone explain to me how the mechanics work for becoming a shop owner/big business owner work in the game please. Do I have to save wages to buy the shop/store, will there be certain people chosen in the community to head big businesses from the start? Do you have to register your business?
  6. I am gonna start a shop

    I am gonna start an nice shop wehere i sell noice thangs
  7. okay so, i started out by buying the founders pack a while ago and today i bought the cabbie pack. it comes with a rusted car... what happens to it when i upgrade to a different package and it comes with a sports car? if i buy a package with 1000$ and then a package with 4000$, do i have 5000$ now?
  8. hello, I'm going to buy the version a 500 and I really believe in this game but I can be scared to be disappointed or not to croket so I wanted to know if for example I buy the pack has 100 and I love as I thought I can pay 400 to upgrade to the 500 version?
  9. Question for shop

    Hello, I would like to buy the VIP version 500 but I wanted to know if when we buy the passport is only for the first module or for all and not that town square ? because I will not be able to buy the VIP pack 3 times and I really want what's inside.
  10. Tow Truck/ Body Shop

    Just wondering if this type of job has been considered as a coded career? The tow truck drivers/ body shop owners could be paid by players who need repairs or vehicle mods, or be paid by the "city" if towing and storing a vehicle that was damaged or confiscated during a police action.
  11. Identity Shop Items Comparisons.

    Hello everyone I am wondering about your thoughts between the different items on shop here. These items currently are: - Citizen - Founder - Cabbie - Motorist - Homeowner - Biker - Upsized - Speed Demon & - The VIP I am here to ask what's the best in your opinion as a starter item. And how would you compare these? Can we upgrade later? All these type of things. Thanks for reading and giving out your thoughts by replying.
  12. Old Glory Shoes

    Old Glory Shoes™ At Old Glory Shoes™ we make the finest and most authentic shoes in Identity Career Choices designer: 4 slots customer relations supervisor: 1 slot retail associate: 5 slots advertising department: 5 slots quality inspector: 1 slot Contact me if you are interested!
  13. Frewer's Spirits

    Hi there! Welcome to Frewer's Spirits. Our plan is to create the finest drinking experience for any occasion. We hope to sell luxury spirits at affordable prices. We also plan to extend our range to selling wines, tequila, gin, rum and whiskey. We will be hiring managers, store staff, delivery staff and factory workers. If you are interested in Frewer's Spirits, do contact me! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts.
  14. Mistel's Cycles

    Hi there! Welcome to Mistel's Cycles! This is an upcoming store to cater to all your bicycle needs. BMX, Mountain, Folding, you name it! We have you covered! A bicycle store is ideal for cruising in and out of small streets and for your daily commutes. This is the place to get the dream bicycle you always wanted! We provide bicycles at affordable prices. No middle men, no hidden costs! Just you and your bicycle! Feel free to comment and give suggestions for our store. We hope to see you at our stores!
  15. Technology shop!

    Hi there! I have an idea for building a store solely based on selling retro and new technology, (mainly phones, TVs, radios, computers and music players). I think the idea will be great because there are a lot of technological goods which we interact with in real life. Also, I'm including retro tech such as vinyl players and cassette decks as there might be retro fans out there in Identity, who would like the whole retroesque experience in the game. If possible Polaroid cameras and 30mm camcorders can also be up for sale, if Identity has created some software for the these goods to be used. If you are interested or you have an suggestions or comments, feel free to share!
  16. Marihuana Smoke Shop Job

    Hello community! since weed is going to be able in the game, why not making a job, a legal one to get some cash in by selling not weed but grinders, pipes, bongs, blunts.. Even t-shirts or clothing accesories. selling some articles that can add more immersion to the game on those aspects. I tought that a shop alternative could be also a tobacco cigar shop, but if you can add new ideas, post them in the fórum! hope the admins like the idea.
  17. Q1. Will it be possible to Customize shops or is that exclusively just for houses? Q2. Will we be able to buy a property in a town (separate from house properties) and setup a business there? Thanks for your time, I can't wait to see the Town Square!
  18. In Game Shop Querie

    Hi, I have started thinking about what I want to do once the game is released and I have decided that I would like to start up a shop in-game. However, I was wondering if anyone knew what the limits were of the game. As I pride myself on my 3D drawing ability and would love to be able to make my drawings come to life in-game. So, I was wondering if anyone knew what the limits would be to shop's in game. Thanks
  19. Modsmouth Retail Group

    Note: this page is subject to change, this includes company logos, ideas and names. Refer to this page as a draft of business ideas = Essentially this page is just stake holder = = MODSMOUTH RETAIL GROUP = Established in by the Rendon family in Chicago, Illinois in 1971, Modsmouth prides itself in it's 40 year old traditions and reputation. Modsmouth has remained loyal to it's founding idea of providing affordable clothing and music to both male and female customers. In 1985 the first furniture crafters 'Byzantium Emporium' was founded, creating and selling custom and pre-owned furniture, decor and homewares. This is when Modmouth Retail Group was formed Over the past 45 years Modsmouth has expanded across the states with over 16 stores nationwide. This includes both a small Modsmouth Apparel Outlet and a Byzantium Emporium workshop located on <Identity Island Name>. The modern Modsmouth Outlets primarily sell modern takes on retro apparel stylised on fashions from the 60s through to the 90s, however it also sells a small selection of modern clothes. Apparel includes T-shirts, shoes, jackets/ coats, dresses, pants, shirts, jewellery, skirts, bags and accessories. Modsmouth also sells a wide selection of CDs and records, and even has an inventory of turntables and stereos for sale. Conceptual design of store: Source; Byzantium Emporium prides itself on producing high quality affordable furniture. For a fee we will produce custom furniture to customer's specifications. We also trade quality second hand furniture. Homewares and home decor is also sold here Conceptual design of store and workshop: Source: = This page will be updated over time, and is currently a draft and compilation of business ideas = - Please note that no job positions are available at this time, nor are we currently looking for any partnerships with other companies - Names and ideas presented here are conceptual and subject to change and alteration, eg Byzantium Emporium may change to Byzantine Homewares 'The Byzantine' - a cafe / bar may also be implemented at a later date
  20. I was just wondering when or if the prices of the game and the beta access and stuff will see a price increase in the shop and if so when? I heard someone tell me that they were going to be going up soon.
  21. passport pack photos!

    Hello, I have been a member of this site for a while now but I haven't been active as of lack of details coming out. I asked a while ago if there would be a chance of some images of each pack. eg, the bike you get with the "biker" pack ect and the homes you will get. I can't see myself buying more than just the standard edition without being able to see what extra thing I could get. when I asked last I had a moderator say he could try see if it was possible but nothing came of it so im here asking again now after finding out the game is passed the initial development and is now focused on gameplay features meaning these things in the pack may be getting worked on soon if not already. if anyone else wants to see these before or even after purchasing then leave a comment as the more attention this gets the more chance of a good outcome. would personally love this bike to be added (mine in gta) as most bikes in games that are chopper/bobber styles seem to always look like the cheap made bikes you see in real life instead of something that looks like a decent bike.
  22. Okay so. I've been wanting to purchase this game for a few months (i mean the passports) But i am seriously put off, We dont get much from the devs apart from them answering questions & posting a few pictures now and then, I haven't seen the town square modual move from 64% since early may... basically, As of now i feel like you guys are slacking with information for us guys, We wanna see more, and we want a new trailer! Because as of now it seems like the game is never going to get finished! So please devs, Show us more! We are all overly excited for this game but your not giving us enough! This all may come across as harsh, But were just not seeing anything, and we haven't since early this year, Make a trailer to sweeten us up guys! I actually recall a few months ago you was meant to make a new trailer but were is it? I honestly didn't want to come across as an ass, But this game is in the shadows, Show us more!!! Just a trailer will do! ;D I may have rambled and not made sense but you can see what im getting at
  23. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- About us -------------------------------------------------- Folie is one of the leading high fashion luxury goods manufacturers based in Identity Island. We specialize in Luxury leather goods, Clothing and Shoes such as Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Coats, Tops, Skirts, Dresses, Trousers, Stocking, Boots, Heels, Flats and Sneakers. We offer a variety of additional services in store to ensure the best shopping experience. -------------------------------------------------- Additional services -------------------------------------------------- Custom Designs If you are looking for a certain Size, Pattern or Shape we offer custom Clothing, Handbags and Shoes. You can submit your design to one of our associates or work personally with one of our specially trained designers. Personal Shoppers If you don't have the time to come into our store or but still want a personalized experience we offer specially trained Personal Shoppers who will select items that would match your requests and will have them delivered to you. Food & Drink We offer a selection of exclusive food and drink made by our professional chefs to ensure a comfortable shopping experience. -------------------------------------------------- Our Products -------------------------------------------------- Dresses Coats Suits Shoes Sneakers Boots Heels Handbags -------------------------------------------------- Prices -------------------------------------------------- Handbags 1000-1,000,000+ Jewelry 150-1,000,000+ Clothing 60-50,000 Shoes 150-35,000 -------------------------------------------------- Jobs -------------------------------------------------- -Designer- 3 -Photographer- 5 -Model- 6 -Security- 6 -Delivery- 4 -Sales Associate- 15 -P.R- 1 -Intern- 3 -Director of Finance - 1 -Model Scout- 2 Message Bella_B to apply for a job! ------------------------------------------------------------- Store Location ------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. Hello everyone! ( I searched for some topics relating to these questions but I couldn't find anything that completely answered my questions. Sorry if there is something - I must have just missed it ). I have some questions regarding owning a clothing store in Identity. Would we be able to have player employees work for us? As my friends really want to work at my clothing store lol! ( Seriously they keep bugging me about it ). How would we make the clothes? I'm assuming we make them or at least order them but I'm really not sure how it would work. Would we be able to 'hire' players to be models for photos in the shop? Like above, for example, a summer dress you would see a photograph of a player modelling that dress. Same with advertising. Do we purchase buildings, that are obviously available to purchase, and then decorate them to our liking? Could we also have music playing in the store because oh my gosh that would be amazing This is more of a store question in general but anyway : how would purchasing stuff from a player owned store work? Would you actually go to the till? If yes I'm curious as to how the purchasing would work . I mean like would a menu come up? Or would it be like, for example, GTA where you just purchase it from a pile of clothes?. I personally hope it's not the last idea I think that's all my questions.. again sorry if these have already been asked! Just so excited for when the game comes out ( For those wondering my store would be called Pandora's Box - and apologies if the ' isn't meant to be there I'm half asleep atm so yeah grammar and me don't work ).