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Found 16 results

  1. Libertas Law Firm

    Libertas Law Firm Now Hiring! About: The Libertas Law Firm is a team of paid men and women who are dedicated to the service of all citizens. Commonly associated with Criminal Law, Libertas has plans to hold positions within other areas such as political, financial, and family. As of now, we hope to primarily focus on offering our services to those in custody who can not afford lawyers or as private operators for those in larger suits. We also have an offering of working as the legal team for major corporations and political activists. This firm is one of the newest to hit the market and will obviously not be able to handle multiple corporations or cases at one time. Therefore, we invite YOU to assist us in making a great name for yourself. If you have interest in a career in law and don't want to work from the ground up, join a team who will pay you and give you connections to become the best lawyer any of us have seen. Information: If you wish to join as a legal representative, please contact me on the Identity community forums. AS OF RIGHT NOW, The Libertas Law Firm is in need of a development member. If you know how to create a good website, please contact me on the Identity community forums under my account. (Yes we will pay in USD). Contact us! Please Direct all questions to my Identity community forum account.
  2. Fashion - Yay or nay?

    Poll conducted by Supreme Clothing. All answers are anonymous.
  3. Distribution

    Hey, I was wondering if you could start your own distribution company where you could get the food from your suppliers (hunters) and sell them off to the stores where people can buy it. I think it would be cool and it would add more realism into the game.
  4. Mountain Peaks

    MOUNTAIN PEAKS Mountain Peaks invests in other companies. It has sub-businesses including Mountain Wood, a furniture business. Mountain Peaks is prosperous, trustworthy, and loyal.
  5. I'm just curious if we will be able to buy buisness or home owners insurance so if our property gets vandalized or our buisness gets robbed at gun point will we be able to have insurance coverage to compensate us for our loss?
  6. Granite Shop?

    I work in a granite counter top fabrication shop would like to know if you guys are putting any of these in the game? also if you aren't and need info on how they run let me know:) Id love to have on on this game too.
  7. SUPPORT Mr.X I Want our Businesses to thrive so our communities stay safe and can support our law enforcement. This includes tax breaks for businesses. Vote Mr.X! This message has been approved by Goldie Wilson
  8. Can you purchase Technology?

    Does anyone know if there will be technology that you can buy in the game?
  9. Q1. Will it be possible to Customize shops or is that exclusively just for houses? Q2. Will we be able to buy a property in a town (separate from house properties) and setup a business there? Thanks for your time, I can't wait to see the Town Square!
  10. Alpha Homes and Condos

    Hey everybody! I like to announce the official launch of my company website! Alpha Homes and Condos is a real estate company that provides safe and affordable homes for all Identity players. I am looking for employees and customers! This is a secondary company for players who would like a little more money for their main careers. Here is the website that tells you all you need to know!
  11. I was wondering if you have one company that gave another company something to sustain itself. for example a clothing company gave a store owner their clothing. Just wondering on how the corporation system works.
  12. Hey everybody! I'm looking for partners in what I think is a great way to earn a lot of money fast when you start the game. Okay, so we all know that every house in Identity will purchasable by all players on the sever. Well, we also know that every house will be rentable to all players, so here's my idea: myself and hopefully a few of you fine folks will save up our money and buy a bunch of houses/apartments. We would then rent them all for a lower price to other players and have our renters pay a weekly sum of money, which we would then divvy up between ourselves. This process will have some major money setbacks in the beginning of the game, but in time I believe it will bring quite the profit, which we will partially use to help expand our business. The best thing though, is that it will allow you to have a little extra cash to help out any other career you might be interested in. I am looking for a maximum of 9 partners to help me with this renting, and they will be the first 9 people to ask. Also, if you are looking to rent a house in the future, tell me below, and I'll try to get to you first. Thanks!
  13. So i was thinking about starting my own cooparation called Mike Transports...i hope to be delivering a range of products from other players, anything really cars, food, weapons, furniture and so on. I was hoping that you guys could help me with the Logo and perhaps a slogan at the moment is Alan Transports " Pride in Delivery!"... The logo has to have the colors black and gold with a truck going around a globe...i will release a picture of my first draft soon! If you guys have any ideas for a logo or a slogan please do share. In return i will offer you guys a place in my company, we will discuss the position when the time comes!
  14. American Hawk

    American Hawk
  15. Hawk law firm

    Our Goals Here at the Hawk law firm, we want everyone to be protected against false imprisonment. We provide our service to everyone whom wants it, We currently hold the award of The lawyer European awards 2004 and nominated for each one for the past 4 years and will continue to strive out best About us For 23 years we have been giving our best service we possible can. We only employ the best Lawyers in the area and give our customers the best. Our success rate is 79% and the most improved lawyer firm in the Entire county What we do Once you give details on the case we will look at all the evidence then give the best help we can and inform you the best way to go forward, finally assist you in courtroom we will even investigate the case if you been imprisoned. staff: Ceo:Daniel Ourichi Human resources manager:open Head of recruitment:open Finance manager:open I.T systems manager:open Head of Marketing:open Lawyer(s):Moriarty Receptionist(s):open If you wish to be apart of hawk contact me on this thread Our packages Death penalty cases:550 Serious offences case:$325 Indictable cases:$300 Arrestable case:$225 Minor cases:$150 Summary case:$125
  16. Role of Hunting

    Identity has already confirmed a hunting system and player made products being directly affected by Supply and Demand. My question is how hunting fits into this mechanic of Supply and Demand. For example: If a player is constructing an exotic fur coat to sell across specific Identity locations, would he in turn have to order the furs that are being affected by how much hunters are supplying within the market(s)? A few other questions to raise about hunting: How will the license system work? Does the player simply apply for a general hunting license or will he have to request them per specific animal. Perhaps a tier based system? (Player starts with a starter license that allows him to hunt Rabbits, smaller birds, ect.) Another question I feel I should raise is hunting seasons. Is it planned to have specific periods of time on the server where certain animals are off limits to be hunted? This could be a neat way to attmept to manage the Supply and Demand of servers in a less aggressive way. Example: A player who hunts deer and attempts to sell it a period of time where deer are not to be hunted, then he could potentially earn more money (unless the Supply is simply too large). Also a cool idea for penalizing hunters for killing animals that are off limits is by charging the player a small fee, temporarily revoking the license or some of its features/benefits. Or by penalizing said hunter in a form of progression (less progress earned from hunting over a small period of time or deducting a small amount of progress). I apologize for the barrage of questions and ideas. The hunting aspect of Identity has been running rampant in my head lately and I felt that I should share some of these ideas to hear what you all think, or perhaps get a response from some of the Devs to hear their thoughts. I understand they are a bit hands full balancing other ideas, and pushing some of the limitations they may be experiencing while implementing other great features to the game. Thank you all for your time