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Found 2 results

  1. Distribution

    Hey, I was wondering if you could start your own distribution company where you could get the food from your suppliers (hunters) and sell them off to the stores where people can buy it. I think it would be cool and it would add more realism into the game.
  2. Rockwater Brewing Company

    Refreshingly Rockwater ™ When you look around this community, what do you see? Me personally? I see adventurers. Visionaries. Passionate, genuine, everyday people with ordinary lives, but extraordinary goals. People who appreciate the value of a hard day's work in pursuit of their dreams. People with the ambition and the fortitude and the resolve to turn said dreams into reality. Chasing down your dreams is hard work. And where there's hard work, thirst is never far behind. That's why we here at Rockwater Brewing Company do what we do. From a bottle of water to cool you off on a hot summer day, to soft drinks to wash down that delicious meal you just prepared, to adult beverages for those times when you just want to relax, Rockwater Brewing Co. has you covered! Partnering With Quality On Our Minds Rockwater Brewing Company pledges to only partner with trustworthy companies with positive community reputations. The people and companies we do business with -- farmers, cargo/ freight companies, retailers, restaurant and bar owners, etc. -- will be expected to uphold the same commitment to quality, customer care, and regulatory standards that we hold so dear at Rockwater Brewing Co., no exceptions. Because in our eyes, our customers are everything. Our Products (All Ages) Rockwater H2.O - purified mountain spring water, sold in 16.9 FL OZ. bottles and 1 gallon jugs. Rockwater Cola - Our delicious soft drinks are crafted from purified mountain spring water and all-natural 100% sugar cane, and flavored naturally with real kola nut. Even our carbonation process involves purification and advanced screening procedures to ensure your drinks are as safe as possible! Rockwater Cherry Cola - Our original cola flavor coupled with the sweet delicious juice of ripe, freshly-picked cherries? You can't go wrong with this classic flavor! Rockwater Orange Cola - Rockwater Orange Cola is crafted with fresh oranges hand-picked from groves matching or exceeding our standards of quality to ensure you're enjoying not only our all-natural citrus taste, but our keen eye for safety and detail as well! Rockwater Root Beer - Perfect for ice cream floats, nothing screams "summer time is here!" like washing down a cheeseburger with our original, never-altered Rockwater Root Beer flavor! Our Products (Adults Only) Rockwater Beer - The original taste of Rockwater Beer has been unmatched since 1842, and has remained unchanged* through Civil and World Wars, great depressions, cheesy 1980's hair metal, and more. Our perfect blend of grains, hops, yeast, and purified mountain spring water has been at the heart of our recipe for 175 years*. And that's why our popularity hasn't wavered in nearly two whole centuries. Rockwater Light - On a diet? Want the classic Rockwater Beer flavor, but without all those calories? Try Rockwater Light today! Rockwater Dark - In the year 1950, Rockwater Brewing Company's CEO traveled abroad to England where, after watching a football (soccer) game where Arsenal defeated Chelsea in an exciting 2-1 match, he tasted a proper English dark ale for the first time. Blown away by it's rich, flavorful taste and aroma, the CEO returned Stateside with a single goal in mind: develop a dark American ale that competes with what our friends across the pond are famous for. The end result has been a staple on both sides of the Atlantic since it was first introduced in 1954. Rockwater Dark is a delicious, sweet, heady brew that will leave you shouting "Bollocks Gov-nuh, that's ruddy good, that is! Now jog on, I'm drinkin' a Rockwater Dark!" Rockwater Whiskey - The old Rockwater Distilleries of yesteryear are still crafting Whiskey the same way as they always have: a pure blend of corn and rye mashes with a dash of wheat, distilled with our purified mountain spring water and aged in smoked oak barrels. Beloved by rock stars, oil tycoons, and presidents, Rockwater Whiskey has been a household name for more than 125 years. * - Flavor was temporarily changed for three weeks in the 1980's, before disgruntled fans burned down a Rockwater Beer bottling plant and shot the company's CEO in the face with a pellet gun. The flavor was quickly rolled back to its original, unaltered taste. We're still super sorry. It won't happen again, we promise! Rockwater Brewing Company is a subsidiary of Rockwater International. All rights reserved. Logo courtesy of with amazing editing work by Cuuka and is fully licensed. Please don't steal or "borrow" it. If you stumbled across this page from the Internet, this is a FICTIONAL company that exists only in virtual game worlds, including (but not limited to) Identity, Minecraft, Empyrion, and others. Please drink real alcohol responsibly and fictional virtual alcohol as irresponsibly as you want.