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  1. Game is a scam?

    And I've been waiting for 2 years, not moaning you've been waiting 5 hours, start moaning... So shut up and wait you, immature pushy kid.
  2. Art Should be finished today!

    For the steam tickets to go through.
  3. Car Spawning

    Why should they despawn? If they are owned by someone then why should it be removed if they would need it after 30 minutes? so It shouldn't despawn at all.
  4. Will there be an uber service in the game?

    You can make a service like it but just by number or get a private server to make a mod for it(If private modding is allowed.)
  5. Identity Airâ„¢

    And if you were to create one, making an air transport this early would be useless since you couldn't afford the helis/planes anyway.
  6. PC requirements

    We have already sorted this.:P a bit late.
  7. PC requirements

  8. PC requirements

    It's not. it has been about since the new forums.
  9. IIDS

    Yea i guess it will start increasing in popularity when people get companies and more money to afford it.
  10. IIDS

    Bump someone plz care.y no one like ma?
  11. New Lawyer in Town

    This should go into the business section rather than other careers.
  12. IIDS

    We are still looking for any staff willing to join our force if you are interested please PM me to arrange pay and job title.
  13. The Chairman

    We at IIDS are intrested in helping you design the interior building.if you want more infomation contact me.via pm
  14. IIDS

    Imperial Interior decorating service Our Goals We strive to make interior decorating for anyone by having a flexible work to fit your needs by having a decorator solely concentrating on your needs and always ready to change to fit your ideas and needs, About me My passion for design started as a child. In fact, I still have the sketches of the furniture line I 'designed' when I was eight years old, so creating and designing has always been a big passion and source of enjoyment for me. When I left school I got a GCSE in art and design then I moved to college to take decorating after a year I dropped out because it seemed too forced and I joined a firm, Home wing for a couple years till I felt confident to make my own firm and make it my own way in the world. What we do When we first get called we move to the building within two days and make a sketch right there to see if you want anything changed and to give us ideas and how to proceed after a week of making a good blueprint we then bring in the workers and have the designer there all the time to make sure it is going to plan, by having a couple firms working with us we can make sure the level of work is consistent and at its highest level. Pricing Light: Minimum of $99 per room -Personal shopping service -Setup Tips -product recommendations and style advice. Premium: Minimum of $299 per room -Floorplan with layout -get matched with our best designers -Initial style concept We are always looking for workers. If you want to apply contact me on this post or email me at Jobs Founder/CEO-Daniel ourichi Head of marketing-Open 0/1 Head of design-Open 0/1 Logistics expert-Open 0/2 Designers-Open 0/5 Assistants- Open 0/3
  15. Can I hire lawyers if I get in trouble?

    Yes you can