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  1. Hey everybody! Alpha Homes and Condos is looking for landlords! To learn about the job, visit our website. Message me personally if you want to apply
  2. Alpha Homes and Condos

    Alpha Homes and Condos is a real estate company that provides safe and affordable homes for all Identity players. To learn more about Alpha Homes, visit our website.
  3. Identity City - Game

    Structure 4: A paintball/airsoft arena.
  4. Naturals disasters

    Maybe storms. Don't know about the first 3 though
  5. This is not important!

    Hey I just noticed this thread. I just wanted to hi and that I have my own real estate company, Alpha Homes and Condos. I hope we can coexist in Identity in peace. I wish you the best luck with your business!
  6. ALIENS?

    It probably won't, but some modder out there will probably make an alien mod
  7. Alpha Homes and Condos

    lol no
  8. Radio Stations

    Eh. I'd play it anyways
  9. Radio Stations

    Classic rock like No, classic rock like Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Guns n' Roses, AC/DC, Twisted Sister, etc. Yes to Iron Maiden though.
  10. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 47: a bunch of guys on computers trying to come up with the weirdest floors to add to an imaginary skyscraper.
  11. Fire

    My bad, sorry.
  12. Radio Stations

    I'd make classic Rock n' Roll station like Ozzy's Boneyard or something that blares classic rock 24/7.
  13. Fire

    I know I'm probably being a butt, but that just seems dumb. The majority of fires that firefighters put out are apartment/house related. The same goes for the ability to not break into players homes. I know it's a good decision for the players who want to be safe, but it takes some realism out of the aspect of game that you're making. Please don't make Identity houses like GTA houses, where any a-hole can run into their home and be safe from any players they may have pissed off.
  14. The Identity Skyscraper

    Floor 42: A portal to the lobby.
  15. Alpha Homes and Condos

    NOTE: The "available homes" page is not finished.