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Found 11 results

  1. I believe it would be cool if you could have like an internet connection on your in-game computer and have some premade websites from the creators like social media, the official games website and more. It would also be cool if players could make and code their own websites that other people could visit. Also if you could make or register your company on some website. Does anyone else think this would be a cool idea?
  2. I'm just curious if we will be able to buy buisness or home owners insurance so if our property gets vandalized or our buisness gets robbed at gun point will we be able to have insurance coverage to compensate us for our loss?
  3. Money Question

    Question. I see that you have to pay for beta access and for homes or a car. When the game DOES release, do you have to actually pay for the game. Last question is, can you just get a job in the game and earn money to buy a house and car instead of having to pay with real life money?
  4. Money Question

    Question. I see that you have to pay for beta access and for homes or a car. When the game DOES release, do you have to actually pay for the game. Last question is, can you just get a job in the game and earn money to buy a house and car instead of having to pay with real life money?
  5. Hey, so to start off, my friend and i thought of this idea and thought it would be really cool and realistic, and would also fit the things already in progress. So the thing of this is based around Interior design and a Interior designer job that would allow you to buy home improvements but would make it so you couldn't just do it your self and you would have to wait for a worker, in details i am thinking about it this way. There would be a interior design job where you would be notified about an order placed by someone, and you would get the address and a list of materials needed for the job, where you would maybe have the things in your inventory and you would go to the place and would have to build the different improvements (Getting an option to begin doing the things needed and would have like a percentage of the things getting improved) and as the other things in the game and stated by the devs if no worker comes by the certain time it would automatically be placed. The thing with building markets is kinda like a second choice and a longer more time consuming thing to do where as a player if you would want a certain thing in your house instead of contacting a interior designer firm, you would have to go down to a building market and buy the stuff your self and do the things yourself as opposed to contacting the worker, where doing that would maybe cost a little bit more and you wouldn't have to be doing all the work yourself. I really think this would be a great addition to the game and would make alot of sense and improving on the realism. EDIT: (I edited the post from carpenters to interior designers, im still not 100% sure what the specific profession is called but i think it is Interior designer) Thanks for reading this suggestion, i also posted a question that will be linked below ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. While listening to the recent Q&A PowerGaming7 hosted, I heard that the Meth RV is able to be deployed anywhere "safe" or in certain places around the map! With that ^ ~40 seconds of insight, I was wondering if livable tiny homes on wheels and RV's could exist? One might drive the home or RV around when packed up, and to be able to effectively use it again, said player would have to "deploy" the home. It would be cool to see what other people think; share your thoughts! *I'm aware nothing is truly set in stone as of yet and that things usually end up changing rather dramatically.
  7. Questions

    um, developers, i have recently run upon your game and have a lot of hope that this will be the next big thing, yet i have a couple of questions. For one i was wondering if an rv or a boat could be customized like a home, another thing i was wondering about was how would the prison work (estimated times inside for crimes, how to get out, lawfully or not). Lastly i was wondering on how the health system would work, you talked about it in the trailer but never elaborated on how it would be realistic. Thanks
  8. What is going to be the max size of housing? How many players can live in a house at once?
  9. Hello, my question is if I can share my home with my friends so we can live together.
  10. The Cobra Team - Real Estate Firm Est. 2002 and founded by Mr Cobra J. --- Profession --- Owner/CEO - Cobra J. (MrCobraJ) Co-CEO - Tanner Coe (CoDogX) Employee Manager - OPEN Assistants - OPEN (depends on demand) Insurance Worker - OPEN Sales Agents - OPEN (depends on the demand) Sales Manager - OPEN Supervisor - OPEN Finance Manager - OPEN Advertising Manager - OPEN --- Requirements --- - Have to have some understanding of real estate, if you don't understand what any of the professions even mean look them up and do a little research. - This is a serious career, if you think you can do what you please than you can be fired or demoted to a lower paying profession until you can prove that you are serious. - If you have questions please ask them, nobody wants to choose the wrong decision. --- Extra --- Please message me if you are interested in any professions above and if you think I missed an important one let me know, and also follow me for updates on the company, like the logo and advertising. --- CEO's Notes --- Hello, are you unemployed and are interested in housing and property? Are you unhappy with your current job? Or are finishing schooling for a job like this? Here at The Cobra Team, we believe in giving our young and old residents an opportunity in real estate, we would love to have you aboard , we need people like you to make our company work and to please our clients. Please take your time to think about us. See above for possible careers, and PM me your resume and a somewhat decent application proving to me why you are a good employee for us. We are branching off from our original HQ in Ont, CAN and we are expecting to establish our main HQ here, near the ocean front of course. Our professional team of designers will be coming down on a further date. But for now we are focusing on getting you your dream home/ or apartment for the lowest price possible! We also believe in giving back to the community and every once in a while we will participate in food drives, fundraisers, or just random acts of kindness among the community. ---Edits--- Edit made, April 10th 10:58PM, Thanks for all the positive feedback, a new logo has been designed and has been re-uploaded, I hope all of you like the new logo. I will also try to add new content to the account every few days. Bye for now.l Edit made, April 17th 9:16PM, I've fixed the problem with the new/old CEO or whatever you'd like to call it, CoDogX was meant to be a Co-CEO not the head CEO. Thanks for letting us know. Also read above for new information, we are expanding our company! Edit made, June 26th 11:11AM, I'm working on a trailer/ teaser for the company, explaining into further detail what the company is and what we are thinking on doing, also I meant to add this a lot longer ago, but, I'm also working on an application that I will submit to the thread when I'm finished, you can find help/useful information to your questions on the other thread started by @CoDogX we will be answering questions there.
  11. How does real estate work

    I know you can buy houses and buildings and so on. But how does the systems work for the founder of a business. Is there e.g. a stock market? Do you get to own only one business? Can you invest in a business? Can you become a CEO partner in a firm / business? How does business systems work? And so on! Maybe a bit more info regarding that please? Pretty please? @Motown @Paratus Also others here in the community please discuss! :3