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Found 4 results

  1. "Star Child" Clothing

    This is Star Child clothing line. I enjoy designing clothes irl, so I figured I'd specialize in the same thing for Identity. Star Child will be a fairly expensive designer brand, with a focus on creating new ideas, and artistic freedom. Even though I will act as lead designer (being my brand) I would still love other designers work with me. If you work with me, you will come onto the team as a "designer" and must (as the name suggests) design for the brand. Since I can't imagine having many people with the brand in general, you will also be expected to fill other necessary roles for the job (as will I), until the brand is more established. If I find enough people interested in designing, I will create sub-design roles, as I see fit. Pay will be worked out once the game is released, so I have a better idea of how the economy will work. if interested, please reply!
  2. brands

    Question. Can we put words on shirts because if so im gonna be the first to create that hype if you know what im saying; Supreme box logo t shirts are gonna be heat. Also can we create sneakers because if so im all about the boost fam...
  3. So i was thinking about starting my own cooparation called Mike Transports...i hope to be delivering a range of products from other players, anything really cars, food, weapons, furniture and so on. I was hoping that you guys could help me with the Logo and perhaps a slogan at the moment is Alan Transports " Pride in Delivery!"... The logo has to have the colors black and gold with a truck going around a globe...i will release a picture of my first draft soon! If you guys have any ideas for a logo or a slogan please do share. In return i will offer you guys a place in my company, we will discuss the position when the time comes!
  4. Introduction: I've known about this Game since the Trailer was released and I'm excited because i've been waiting for a Game like this since a longtime I've played AtlisLife, DarkRP, other small RPG games. I liked some Elements from each different game. I don't know how the Play-style of this game will be like but If it's really a real life simulator (not quests and orders), These aspect would be amazing if implemented. School/Academy This came into my mind, and i saw it in some small RPG Games, Where if your goal is to have a certain Job, You take actual small lessons, Like if you want to become a policeman, someone RP'ing as an experienced/teacher should tell you notes and tips (maybe about how to behave in certain situations) that you would be asked about when applying to the job itself, that proves if a guy is worthy for the job or not. I don't know what kind of jobs are going to be implemented ofc, But maybe you have to take classes about business if you wanna become like a business man or a shop owner. Classes about math for people who wanna work at banks. You get the point *(i hope)* Gym (Physique/Strength) Some Jobs needs a Guy with strength and good Physique, For people who want to become Gangsters, Policemen or Bodyguards So you subscribe to a gym (which should cost virtual money) to get in the shape the job needs, It needs time of-course. So a ''player'' should work as any other simple job to get money at first like a janitor or street sweeper till he meets the qualification for a certain job. Thats pretty much it, Oh and I have some: Some Job suggestions -actor/play-writer *if there was a theater in the map* -food delivery guy / chef -arms dealer