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Found 8 results

  1. Broke Protocol?

    Back when I had a terrible PC, I played the alpha for this game called, "Broke Protocol," which is a Life Simulator RPG game that takes some aspects of GTA 5 RP and is also low spec. It's been about half a year since it's steam release, and I still play it and enjoy it. But I can't help but notice that the fanbase is dying a little. Is there anyone here who plays it or is interested in playing it?
  2. I'm not too sure if these types of things are already planned for the game already but if they are I would love some clarification on these details possibly being in the game. 1. Gas stations with working pumps to were you can actually grab the pump to fill your gas tank ( Just to add that extra detail of realism you don't get in games) 2. Restaurants that are RP based Ex. Being a chef / waiter waiting on other players. [ Small details not just for restaurants but all jobs would really make a huge impact for this game!] 3. Working Stock market effected by the world. Ex. Stocks for specific business drop if the business owner is murdered / the building is raided ect. FOR COMBAT 4. Bleed out system as well as bullet decals in the correct spot you were shot. Ex. Shot in leg causing a limp and bleeding effect at point of impact with a bullet wound as well as constant decline in health until treated with bandage etc. {This is something I find very necessary for this type of game especially for the realism this game is wanting to deliver for RP'rs, it would also improve EMS jobs and encourage players to partake in that field much more. 5. A detailed wounded system. As an example, something like what Escape from Tarkov has done with its combat system with different conditions depending on where you are shot. Not just bleed out like most games. Ex. Gut shot causing internal bleeding not fixed by just bandaging/Head shot causing concussions as well as other things depending on the severity. Bottom line is really am looking forward to this game and I hope some of these things are considered at least a smidge for the final version released, Already backed it on the website and even thinking of upgrading my version to help out even more. But most importantly it's not so much these things go in the game but please take note that its small details like this that make a game that much better and really separate if from whats out there already (even though its doing that already) hence why its gotten the attention it deserves. Please let me know what you think of my ideas, I'd love to know and would love to help with development anyway possible. Keep up the great work and can't wait!
  3. Three questions

    I've got three questions, which I have been wondering about the past few days. I have writen them down, and chosen to make one single thread to these questions, so I ain't making a whole bunch of threads. Question 1: How is payment gonna work? Is it like an app on your mobile, which's connected to your bank account, which can transfer money from one person to another - just like MobilePay, which we've got here in Denmark, or is it like paying with your creditcard in the store? And what if you just want's to give your friend some money, which isn't business related? Do you then have to withdraw the amount of money at an ATM, or can you transfer the money via the bank's website on your computer? Question 2: What about delivery of buses, trucks and/or other large vehicles? Will it be a transport company (or an NPC) which comes with the vehicle on a flatbed trailer, or do you have to pick up the vehicle by yourself? Question 3: What will happen when all apartments and houses is sold/rented out to players? What will new players have to do, if there isn't available houses/apartments?
  4. First off, let me introduce myself, my name is SpeedisHere (obviously). I live in the United States of ughhhhh Texas . I have been playing games most of my life. I started with Call of Duty Black Ops and then found out how much Xbox sucked (PC Master Race). I then got a computer and bought Farming simulator.... don't ask why. I collect games to play with my friends now and stumbled upon this beautiful beast, IDENTITY!!!! and now i am getting glasses because I have been stalking the forums 24/7 for the release date of the First Module. That's about it about me. Ohhhhhh, wait, wait, Which one should I buy ? the $60 or $90 one I have been debating on which one to buy, some wisdom would be pretty sexy.

    Hey everyone!! So i was introduced to this game by a friend and watched a bunch of videos and it looks so awesome!! I'm beyond excited to start playing it and just signed up, as well as put my pledge in for $100.00!!!! Also stopping by to introduce myself. The names Colby, Colbz for short. I live in CT, 23 years old. I love to longboard, hangout with friends, and game on the PC! I'm looking forward to playing Identity and meeting all of you!! Thanks
  6. Identity YouTube Videos!

    Hey guys so I was searching for YouTube videos on Identity (Which is what I usually do when I'm bored) and I was able to find power gaming obviously but I also saw this guy i haven't seen before named The Dynasty on there as well. He seems to know a lot about the game as well has anyone else heard of him? Here's his channel if you wanna see what im talking about:
  7. Introduction: I've known about this Game since the Trailer was released and I'm excited because i've been waiting for a Game like this since a longtime I've played AtlisLife, DarkRP, other small RPG games. I liked some Elements from each different game. I don't know how the Play-style of this game will be like but If it's really a real life simulator (not quests and orders), These aspect would be amazing if implemented. School/Academy This came into my mind, and i saw it in some small RPG Games, Where if your goal is to have a certain Job, You take actual small lessons, Like if you want to become a policeman, someone RP'ing as an experienced/teacher should tell you notes and tips (maybe about how to behave in certain situations) that you would be asked about when applying to the job itself, that proves if a guy is worthy for the job or not. I don't know what kind of jobs are going to be implemented ofc, But maybe you have to take classes about business if you wanna become like a business man or a shop owner. Classes about math for people who wanna work at banks. You get the point *(i hope)* Gym (Physique/Strength) Some Jobs needs a Guy with strength and good Physique, For people who want to become Gangsters, Policemen or Bodyguards So you subscribe to a gym (which should cost virtual money) to get in the shape the job needs, It needs time of-course. So a ''player'' should work as any other simple job to get money at first like a janitor or street sweeper till he meets the qualification for a certain job. Thats pretty much it, Oh and I have some: Some Job suggestions -actor/play-writer *if there was a theater in the map* -food delivery guy / chef -arms dealer
  8. ESRB/ Pegi

    What rating do you think the game will be? I personally think it might be T for teen or M for mature. I don't know the Pegi system but I think it might be Pegi 16 or Pegi 18, possibly Pegi 12 but idk.