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  1. Let's Build a Future Together

    2025: A man called Meidolf Himmler starts the Fourth Reich, thus bringing back the Nazis. There are only 1,000 women in the world v.s. 10 Billion Men, manly guys aren't so happy anymore.
  2. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    I'm playing Garry's Mod. I know it is an older, less popular game, but I still find it to be really fun.
  3. Deleted

  4. The Nameless - Mafia Gang

    Cool idea, if you ever need a large amount of human feces delivered to you i'm your man! - Human Feces Transportation Co. President
  5. Let's Build a Future Together

    2048: The world comes together and Nukes the hell out of Mars. We also somehow destroy North Korea in the process.
  6. Continue The Story

    from his asshole...
  7. Would You Rather

    Answer: Have the wisdom of a 1,000 year old man Would you rather: Have an amazing car but a crappy house OR Have an amazing house but a crappy car
  8. Any big companies hiring?

    I'm looking for big companies to possibly join.
  9. Continue The Story

    He then went to the store and bought.....
  10. Let's Build a Future Together

    2033: A US Airforce plane carrying a deadly virus is shot down over Arizona by a terrorist organization, the virus is released over Phoenix, this starts the world's first zombie apocalypse. Within only a month the virus spreads worldwide and none are safe.
  11. Game is a scam?

    They said it would be released in the 1st Quarter which will most likely be the end of March, however that may change, just as James has said patience is all it takes.
  12. The Great Monarchy - Police Policies (Royal Guard)

    So you want to start a King and Queen kinda thing, like the UK? I'm not sure how well that would work considering that the map is based off the USA and that means Democracy.
  13. Identity City - Game

    Structure 12: Strip Club (located outside the meth factory)
  14. For Hardcore RP/Official servers/Hosted

    If you're so skeptic then just wait until the release of the first module. There will be loads of videos on the Town Square Module on Youtube once it releases.