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  1. My absolutely revolutionary suggestion is... Maybe update the goddamn website once in a while. Task tracker for town square module is still one task from being complete. Also, town square is released, swat is in production, please update accordingly or sell the goddamn game to a company capable of realizing its awesome potential.
  2. Gangs are just a way to get caught

    Great way to not be seen, posting it to be seen by everyone... Amateurs
  3. The Unseen [Recruiting]

    Thank you, appreciate that!
  4. Max time should be like 1 week, and people should be able to break you out in a coordinated assault against the prison as well. All to make the game more realistic.
  5. Drugs

    It would be wise to join The Unseen, message me if you're interested. It would be unwise not to reply.
  6. The Unseen [Recruiting]

    Always working to improve, while you commented that I was doing just that which you said I should do. Thank you for your feedback.
  7. What is this? The Unseen is a criminal organization which values respect, loyalty, and devotion. If you want to feel as if you belong somewhere, have people who always got your back no matter what. Join The Unseen. We are not the typical "gangsta" crew you'd find on the street. If you think that you are very mistaken, once we've grown to a substantial amount of people, we begin our climb to greatness, join and be a part of the revolution. Do not let our yet small number scare you, once you join, you're family. How do you join? Do you want to be apart of The Unseen? Apply here. Minimum Requirements. - 15+ years old and mature. - Loyal. - Active both in game when TS is released and on Discord before (and after release). - Willing to do whatever is necessary. - Follows orders given by the Leader. - Must have pledged at least $15. Allies - Moretti Family - Bourne Car Rentals - Luprano Family - Black Diamond Enterprises Positions Meths Leader - Hugo R General - [Vacant] Chiefs Chief Advisory - Mr. Schmidt Chief Enforcer - [Vacant] Security Chief - [Vacant] Regular Personel Advisor - [5 left] Enforcer - [30 left] Security - [49 left] Soldier - [99 left] Other Informant - [5 left] Bookkeeper - [Vacant] Recruit - [91 left] Info Join Discord - Only click if joining The Unseen Hierarchy What do the different ranks do? Rules Join the revolution now. Members as of now: 9