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Found 12 results

  1. Tough choice Mafia Thread

    I have been trying to figure out what i want to do in this game and in this topic i would like to talk about the mafia side of things. I would like any one and every one to please flood this with the perks and downfalls with starting a crime syndicate. If i do i already have almost all the layouts already made but i'm kinda stuck in the choice. The other thread is under "the precinct" thanks for all your input.
  2. Pancho Villa Riders About Us Fransico "Pancho" Villa was born June 5, 1878, in La Coyotada, Mexico. He was a Mexican Revolutionary general and one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican Revolution. In the late 1970s, my father Emilio Piñón was born in La Coyotada, Mexico. My father at sixteen was working for the Mexican Armed Forces. For four years up until my birth, my father worked hard for them and he learned the story of Fransico Villa. My father an inspired man, with a troubled history with Mexico's toughest cartels, decided to start a motorcycle club and move his newborn son and two daughters to Tucson, Arizona. By this time I was only two years old still a baby. All my life I knew my father was a president of an MC. At the age fourteen, I watched father get gunned down by Viagras, Mexico hardest cartel. My father's best friend, Bruno Correa, took over the MC, but when I turned eighteen Bruno handed the MC over to me the rightful heir as president. My first order as president was to move to a remote island, which we did. For two years we have been on this island working hard, expanding connections, and doing what we do best, run the island. As of recently though we are now under a mafia The Narco Family, a family that my father and I have known for years. Supervisors Felipe Piñón - President (Available Slot) - Vice President (Available Slot) - Secretary (Available Slot) - Treasurer (Available Slot) - Sergeant At Arms Application We here at Pancho Villa Riders MC want you to join us and the only way to do that is to contact me via Discord DM through using my username stated below. Contact Us We are in dire need of new members you can apply using the link in the Application part of this post. We are interested in all alliance opportunities as well as any possible business partnerships. I, Felipe Piñón, am also interested in politics, I'd love to help a campaign money wise or something a little less friendly wise. Contact me via Discord my username is Chubbz#1449.
  3. What is this? The Unseen is a criminal organization which values respect, loyalty, and devotion. If you want to feel as if you belong somewhere, have people who always got your back no matter what. Join The Unseen. We are not the typical "gangsta" crew you'd find on the street. If you think that you are very mistaken, once we've grown to a substantial amount of people, we begin our climb to greatness, join and be a part of the revolution. Do not let our yet small number scare you, once you join, you're family. How do you join? Do you want to be apart of The Unseen? Apply here. Minimum Requirements. - 15+ years old and mature. - Loyal. - Active both in game when TS is released and on Discord before (and after release). - Willing to do whatever is necessary. - Follows orders given by the Leader. - Must have pledged at least $15. Allies - Moretti Family - Bourne Car Rentals - Luprano Family - Black Diamond Enterprises Positions Meths Leader - Hugo R General - [Vacant] Chiefs Chief Advisory - Mr. Schmidt Chief Enforcer - [Vacant] Security Chief - [Vacant] Regular Personel Advisor - [5 left] Enforcer - [30 left] Security - [49 left] Soldier - [99 left] Other Informant - [5 left] Bookkeeper - [Vacant] Recruit - [91 left] Info Join Discord - Only click if joining The Unseen Hierarchy What do the different ranks do? Rules Join the revolution now. Members as of now: 9
  4. The Toxic Havoc of Genocide Jack

    Jump down this rabbit hole of mine and join a villainous gathering of chaos and crime. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the player known as Genocide Jack, but you'll grow to know me for my ripping path of havoc. The name of the game is survival of the fittest and I only work with those who can keep up with the pack. For instance a zebra doesn't have to be the fastest to escape the hungry lion but they also can't be the slowest. See what I mean, the ones who fail to keep up will be devoured by the ravenous others. And those who cross me or slow me down will be cut from the havoc as well. You can't put a speed limit on ambition. And my ambition is a society where chaos is an everyday occurrence, I want total anarchy so that everyone associated with me and affiliates will be the royalty of the world that we have brought out of the fire in which we lit. If you want to be a part of something that would earn you not only respect but fear as well then join me. My arms are always open to those who think they can handle the bittersweet yet rewarding Toxin of Genocide more thing, I love to play games. especially those of the mind. And our crime formation will be built around using your wit to always keep one step ahead of the others. if you wish to join simply add a reply at the bottom of this page and I will welcome you. Although be warned, those who are among the first to join will have it easy for a while but there's always competition in life so be wary of those who are stronger than you that happen to be making their way up the ranks. I will view all of my followers as precious assets and rest assured if one goes down the rest will pick you back up. now of course ill need an overseer for the unlikely scenario that genocide jack goes down for a bit but ill need time to establish trust and figure out the best candidate. the overseer will be my right hand and over time you'll see them handle things for me as well. (if you have any questions be sure to leave them at the bottom of the page in a reply and I will get back to you ASAP). now we cant have an organization that's disorganized can we? ~Basic Rules 1. homophobia, sexism, racism and discrimination of any kind will be intolerable and breaking this rule will be the biggest and easiest mistake you will ever make. 2. trust must be established before you become an official member, you can prove this trust by performing a designated task to fit our groups needs at the current time 3. there will be absolutely no aiding the enemy of any sort unless there has been prior consultation with me 4. you fight to defend this cause, this organization, and the person you see when you look in the mirror 5. backstabbing, lying, stealing, or breaking any of these rules will result in immediate ban from the organization. I don't tolerate the rats 6. respect those in rank above you unless they have broken a rule 7. upon initiation you are sword to secrecy and you are forbidden from revealing sensitive information 8. when a member falls PICK THEM UP 9. if you have any questions, concerns, or info, consult Genocide Jack, (you will be rewarded for useful information). in the case that Genocide Jack is unavailable consult the current overseer 10. Genocide Jack's word is final ~Ranks Genocide ~ "Genocide Jack" leader and high court Overseer ~ (Pending to be chosen by Genocide Jack) advisor and right hand to the Genocide rank. will oversee the organization while genocide jack is unavailable, reinforces the rules and sends orders to the Arsenic ranks. Arsenic Corporal ~ (open) oversees the Arsenic ranks Arsenic ~ (open) will fill in for the overseer in case of emergency, looking out for the ranks below them and organizing crime Arsenic ~ (open) Hemlock Corporal ~ (open) oversees the Hemlock ranks Hemlock ~ (open) goal is to carry out the orders of an arsenic and lead the mission Hemlock ~ (open) Hemlock ~ (open) Hemlock ~ (open) Night Shade Corporal (open) oversees the Night Shade ranks Night Shade ~ (open) mission is to follow the Hemlock ranks orders, do spy work, and be assigned solo or CO-OP missions. Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Toxin Corporal (open) oversees all of the Toxin ranks Toxin ~ (unlimited amount ~ open to anyone) polices the organizations turf, follows orders from above ranks, assists on missions when needed and will be chosen for missions by the Arsenic ranks who organize the crime. is also responsible for bringing in revenue for the organization. Sincerely ~ Genocide Jack ~{ × _ × }~ "Those who fail to follow the rules will be subjected to a fate worse than death"

    This will be the thread for Ghost gang. Here you can ask questions, while we set up our discord that should be done by Feb.15. Welcome Ghosts. -Bitah (CFO)
  6. MAFIA

    Follow me - I’ll be starting a mafia ☑️? Name Suggestions: La’ Mafia Luca Mafia brasi Mafia uptown Mafia
  7. Gangs

    Could I become a mob boss and do illegal stuff such and stealing and reselling cars, and selling other illegal contraband?

    The Black Mamba Crime family are looking for underbosses JOIN US NOW AND BECOME A MEBER OF THE MOST AWESOME MAFIA IN THE WORLD click the mamba to see our Page
  9. ✖ MOB-MECHANIX ✖ // ABOUT US // Mob-Mechanix is a high-quality mechanic industry. We focus on putting the customer's service first. Our president, SummitsEdge, and our vice president, Kryptonix have both been working very hard to make this company what it is. The company was founded by both SummitsEdge and Kryptonix in 1956. Ever since then, they have worked long and hard to make Mob-Mechanix what it is. Some say our mechanic work is like a drug and we take that as a compliment. Unlike any other mechanic company, we try to have connections with our customers. We get to know them. we hope that some time you will come stop by and have a chat with some of our amazing mechanics. // APPLICATION & HIRING // Mob-Mechanix is currently hiring employees for its company. If you would like to apply for a position, please message the president or vice president of the company. I'm sure that they would be glad to hear from you. If you'd like any more information on the company or have any questions concerning the applications feel free to message any of the workers, managers, or staff employees. A list of the company ranking is below. Ready to fix some cars? // COMPANY RANKING STRUCTURE // President: @SummitsEdge [MAX1] Vice President: @Kryptonix [MAX1] Chief Executive Officer: N/A [MAX1] Chief Operations Officer: N/A [MAX1] Chief Financial Officer: N/A [MAX1] Board of Directors: N/A [MAX3] Managers: N/A [MAX5] Workers: N/A [MAX∞] Drivers: N/A [MAX∞] // RANK DESCRIPTIONS // President: The president handles all operations in the factory and company. He/she is the final chain in all decisions made by the company. Vice President: The vice president handles all operations while the president is away, and also helps make final decisions on the company. Chief Executive Officer: The CEO handles all business operations. He/she handles all business opportunities, decisions, and choices. Chief Operations Officer: Handles most operations. Supervises choices, decisions, and takes over for CEO when he/she is away. Chief Financial Officer: Handles all financial decisions, he/she also manages financial issues, financial choices, etc. Board of Directors: The BoD handles issues with the company. Managers: Manages the factory and employees. Supervises all things in the factory and store. Workers: Workers can do anything from managing the cars, fixing the cars, selling the car parts, etc. Drivers: These players drive the cars/parts/etc from the store to the destination. // REMINDER // If this business could not exist in the game, the company will be changed to something else (i.e. Jewelry store) // TERMS OF SERVICE // The customer is always right - We will deliver to anywhere - We do not release any customer information - Every employee must follow the chain of command if any decisions are wished to be implemented - If you fail to pay for our service upon arrival the authorities will be contacted // INVESTORS // Investors will always get 5% of the profit. All investors are listed below, if you'd like to invest in our company please message the president, vice president, or CFO. Company Name: ----- Company Name: ----- Company Name: -----
  10. The Scaletta Family

    Scaletta Family We are the Scaletta Family. We originate from Southern Italy. Our main goal is to make money and run this world. RANKS Don Joseph - The boss. The one and only leader of the family. Anything he says goes. Everyone shows him the upmost respect. Underboss Vinny - The Don's right hand man. Everything goes through him before it gets to the boss. Capo - A veteran family member. Earned his rank from hard work and loyalty to the family. Soldier - The most basic rank of the family. Everyone starts off here. These guys do all the dirty work for the family. Disposable, but resourceful for the family. INITIATION 1. In order to join the family, one must go through a trial period and show their worth to the Boss. 2. You must "silence" atleast ONE person of a rival family. RULES 1.Never snitch on the family or its members. Doing this will cause some consequences. 2. Always follow what your higherups say. 3. Show respect. 4. Don't be a fuckin' dumbass.
  11. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia Welcome to the Langston Family, or the Dark Ace Mafia. We have already recruited many men, and have made many connections. We are looking for more loyal men that enjoy the Mafia style role playing. This crime family will control everything from the production of drugs, the dealers on the streets, the weapons trade, smuggling, hijacking, robbery, and whatever else we need to do to get that money. Everything illegal happening on the streets will belong to "us". This means if there is a petty dealer dealing on our streets, well, let’s just say he won't be there for very long without paying some fees. On top of all the crime, and money, we are a family, we support each other in times of need, and stand on the building blocks of loyalty that this family operates on. We will be a Suit Mafia, wear tailored suits, drive nice cars, and we treat everyone with respect, unless we are shown disrespect. Join this family, and have a lot of fun in identity, and make lots of money while doing it. Now a little about me not as a Don, but as a person. I am not the Don that sits in my office all day. I am not the Don that steals from the poor. I am the Man, which spends time helping the community. I give money to the poor, rent properties to people, create opportunity for those who seek it, and am just a very public kind of guy. Am I scared of being public, sure, you never know who wants to hurt you, but living in a room, is not living. I hope to see many of you in the game. Who can join? Anyone, if you like crime style playing, and mafia type scenarios, this is perfect for you. What will we do? We will do all the things a Mafia does. We will control the drug dealing in the towns, with dealers operating under us, giving us a cut of what they make, and we give them more product. We will control illegal gun trading in the world, doing big role play like deals, with other Family's. We will break the legs of anyone trying to take our turf, and if it becomes necessary, use our assets to have them taken care of. This is just a glimpse at what we will do when the full game is out. Climb the ranks of the Mafia family and become high up and powerful, and make a name for you, and your family, on identity. RANKS: First I have to say, ranking up is not about the money you bring in. You will not be ranked up before spending a considerable amount of time in the family, and proving that you deserve to move up the chain through nothing but pure dedication and success. 1st, Associate: You will not be in the family yet, but will role with us and see how things are done, and could be a street dealer, or deliverer for us, etc. Bring in $500 into the family, spend good time with the family, and prove yourself to the family to rank up. 2nd, Soldier or Street man: You will scout the streets, bringing information of people selling anything from guns or drugs to the attention of the family, you will be able to also show other Associates how we work, can be a pick up man for cash, and join the family on missions where we need the numbers. Bring in $2000 into the family, and prove your loyalty to the Langston name to rank up. 3rd, Enforcer: You will be tasked with doing some... shall I say, dirty work. Now don't get ahead of yourself, you’re not a Hitman. You will be an enforcer on the streets, intimidating, and maybe even kidnapping people who disagree with our rules on the streets. You will also be able to take soldiers and associates with you on jobs such as robberies and other various tasks. (All medium level jobs must be cleared with a capo, and high risk with the Don. Bring in $10,000, 1 new recruit, spend lots and lots of time in the family to prove that you deserve this promotion, and complete one mission for the boss to rank up. 4th, Capo: You will be in charge of territories and men. You will have your soldiers and associates, although this does not make it a competition between you and other capos, it is just that you are at the stage of control. You will have more leeway to do jobs and activities of higher caliber. Remember, we are a family, so no matter where we are, we always help each other. The capo can also give his own jobs and assign his own tasks to enforcers or soldiers, if he/she is confident they can get it done. Bring in $15,000 to the family, and 3 new recruits, show you are ready, and complete various tasks for the boss to rank up. 5th, Underboss: This rank will have limited slots. Whether I want 2, 3, or 4 is undecided yet. The Underboss(s) will act as the commanding voice of the family when the Don is away. They can assign major tasks to the capo's to then assign on their men. The Underbosses will be entrusted in handling many meetings with other families, supervising major deals and shipments, to ensure everything runs smoothly. You are the ones with the most experience meaning you make the calls above everyone under you. Special Division 1. Hitman: What I meant to say was special tool. To get to this rank, you must make it to the enforcer rank, and then come to the Don about this... Special job. You will be tasked with many, special assignments to say, clean up messes, or take care of things. You get the idea. This job will be rarely used as i personally do not like a mess, I rather people understand right off the bat, so don't expect much. 2. My men on the inside. People I have in law enforcement, politics, and more. These people will be critical to the longevity of our operations. RULES 1. Respect, 2. RESPECT 3. Loyalty 4. Obey higher ranks 5. Got a problem, don't freak out, come to the Don personally. 6. No Snitching, no talking to cops, civilians, or even your own sweet mother about things we do. 7. All rats will be caught, you won’t last long as a rat, we'll have people watching over everyone, and you will meet our special tool. 8. All money collected on family related jobs, will be split to 70% for those who "collected" the money, and 30% for the family. 9. Family money is not one man’s money, it is the money we use to further our organization, whether that be buying a poor soldier a suit, buying more cars for the family, getting "merchandise and tools" for the family, it all goes to the family, not just one man’s personal pleasure. 10. Steeling from the family is not smart, as this makes you a thief to the family, and that breaks this rule, and rule #3. Not only does the Don himself despise people who steal from the family, but everyone does as you are stealing from everyone, as that money could be spent towards the family and gaining even more money. If you’re short on cash, don's hold back your % on jobs, simply ask someone for a loan, or even the Don himself doesn't mind loaning and even giving money to his family members, because that's what we do. 11. Don't do ambitious jobs or activities on behalf of the family that could jeopardize the family organization without consulting the Don. THIS IS PRIORITY AND FAILURE CAN LEAD TO COMPROMISING THE ORGANIZATION AND WILL RESULT IN TERMINATION. Although on your own time, not in the family, if you want to do illegal things without consulting us, do not use our name, and take your own risk. 12. Along with the roleplay fun of the family, take some time off once in a while and just have fun, try other jobs, it is a new game and if you want to try new things, just take a break, ask the Don. 13. Always have your family's back. 14. As an associate or soldier, before committing any crime at all, ask a superior if it is ok. 15. If you’re caught doing a crime, say it was your individual choice to do what you did and you had no influence from anyone else. Sometimes you just got to eat some dirt to keep your family safe. This will not go unnoticed, as sacrifice, is a quality of a very loyal man and will lead to your recognition. 16. Close members of the Family's won’t be selling drugs, personally delivering illegal shipments, etc. This will be for outsiders that are under our control, and soldiers. This is to keep the crime semi disconnected from the family and helps insure the integrity of our operations. 17. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, are you to discuss plans, activities, operations, etc., with anyone outside of the family. Doing this will make you a RAT, and you know what happens to rats. Please message me if you are interested. Best regards, Kevin Langston