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  1. Hello Mr. Langston,

    I would be interested in joining your mafia. Although I would want to know more information about your mafia, such as what are your numbers right now in terms of members, what are your main goals as a mafia, and would I be allowed to carry a firearm, would that firearm be provided by your crime organization, and in terms of positions, would I be allowed as an associate if I joined to shadow any position that I would be interested in pursuing? Let me know that information when you can thank you!

  2. I need more information on the family


  3. I would like to join the family Mr.Kevin

    1. raze


      All of you are stupid

  4. Hello, Kevin Langston


    I would definitely love to join the family. As an Italian myself I think I would be a great fit. My location is based in United States. I've been roleplaying on games such as DayZ and other medias. Right now I am in Game Design as well. Looking to help out the community and maybe lend a helping hand. Since I have a lot of knowledge. Currently joined with the motorist pack. As a avid roleplayer I have been in situations where I had to actually kidnap people and take them hostage. I've also been in situations, where I have been a part of a clan and used to be the drug dealer. Real life experience helps as well. Strenghths include planning  and commanding soldiers. I have experience in doing that within the online community. As of right now I am 23 years old, looking to add some forza to your familigia.

  5. Hey, I would be really interested in joining your Family, although I live in Australia I am used to playing on foreign servers with horrible ping.


    Just a bit about me, I never really got into Arma 3 life (which I believe the devs of this game worked on before) however I ran a lot of mafias's in darkRP on Gmod server called Poseidon Servers, in which I would put on my best Russian accent (I am half Russian irl) and run my "family" I was very successful at until the server became a toxic haven for trolls, I would love to join your "family" and work  my way up the chain. My strengths are organizing and commanding, planning, propoganga/advettising (irl i am studying marketing which is exactly the same as propaganda) However my very real wakeness is that i am not the best at PVP


    p.s. I have the founders pack with the rusted car and am thinking of upgrading to the studio apartment on.


    I didn't work my ass off creating this for weeks so shmucks could insult the name of a Mafia Family with this.
  7. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Welcome Grand. You will be added to the TREE shortly.
  8. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    (Out of RP) Different Server... (In RP) I'm sure we'll find a way.
  9. Second Luprano Family Audio Discussion

    Also your tree on your page has 13 guys, and mine does too. Also some of my men are not on my tree. Hope your family survives the first day. If anyone on this forums comes across a Luprano in game, your boys will get smoked.
  10. Second Luprano Family Audio Discussion

    I closed my books long ago. Forum recruiting has ceased. In game recruiting is the next step apon release. Don't go bragging now, your family is looking like a game of janga with everyone throwing shit at it.
  11. Second Luprano Family Audio Discussion

    Oh my, @Honeybadger This made my day.
  12. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Good luck @Guthix
  13. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    We are not setting up these types of things on the forums. We will contact business owners on release when the players are settled on the server.
  14. Special Agent Zoey Anderson

    Don't poke your nose where it doesn't belong.
  15. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Thank you very much.