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Found 5 results

  1. Government Dossier of George Joseph Castelluccio III Full name: George Joseph Castelluccio III Known Alias(s): “Georgie” Birth date: 8/16/79 Crime Organization Association: Luprano Family Known Hierarchy Position: Made-Man Known Field of Work: Extortion, Narcotics, Fencing, Waste Management FBI#: 551245 Physical appearance Age: 38 Age Appearance: Roughly late 30's Weight: 170 lbs. Height: 5’6 Body build: Lean Shape of face: Pinched Jawline Eye color: Hazel Glasses or contacts: None. Skin tone: Olive Distinguishing marks: No visible scars or features. Predominant features: Large Nose Hair color: Black Type of hair: Wavy Hairstyle: Slicked back with gel, light stubble. Voice: Raspy and hoarse, somewhat of a stutter. Physical disabilities: None. Personality Good personality traits: Tries to mediate with Government Officials Bad personality traits: Bad Temper, Holds Grudges, Easily irritated (Mediation doesn't last long) Mood character is most often in: Typically in a good mood around friends, poor attitude when Government Officials are around. Sense of humor: Enjoys messing with cops. Character’s greatest joy in life: Records of playing baseball at a young age, always had a soft spot for it. Past Hometown: Castelluccio, Italy Type of childhood: Consistent arrest records from age 15 and up, life of crime. Education: Grade School education, dropped out in High School. Religion: Roman Catholic Family: Italian born parents, American born little sister aged 34 (Mugshot of George from 2006) Feel Free to use this format for yourselves.
  2. Government Dossier of Vincent Luciano

    Birth Name: Vincent Abruzzo Luciano Common Alias: “Vinny” , "Luc" Date of Birth: 9/10/73 Criminal Family Associated: Luprano Family Position: Caporegime Known Field of Work: Extortion, Racketeering, Truck Hi-jacking, Money Laundering, Murder, No-Show Jobs FBI#: 892762 Physical Appearance: Current Age: 43 Current Age Appearance: Weight: 168 lbs Height: 5 ft 11 Built of Body: Medium Build Shape of face: Oval-shaped Eye color: Blue-Green Glasses or contacts: None. Skin tone: Fair Distinguishing marks: None Predominant features: Pointy Nose Hair color: Black Type of hair: Straight Hairstyle: Slicked back Voice: Medium-pitched voice and raspy Physical disabilities: None. Good personality traits: Very good at following orders;obedient, loyal, Does not lose his temper easily Bad personality traits: Displays favoritism towards those that are close, holds grudges. Mood character is most often in: Relaxed, but always ambitious. Sense of humor: Calling police pigs like the disgusting animals they are. Character’s greatest joy in life: Cold hard cash. Past: Grew up in Messina than moved to Brooklyn at age 9, participated in burglaries and robberies in his late teens and early twenties. Jailed at age 23 for burglary and possession of narcotics. Released on probation after 2 years. For the next twenty years of his life associated with criminal organizations around New York. Hometown: Messina, Sicily at an early age, then Brooklyn. Type of childhood: Born into poverty as a child, moved to the U.S. at age 9 where he was processed at Ellis Island. He eventually moved to Brooklyn, New York. Education: Only High School Religion: Roman Catholic Family: Italian born parents and brother.
  3. Special Agent Zoey Anderson

    Disregard this post, and it's contents. I'm working on a new character concept. Which hopefully will be much cooler! While, I was always aware there would be no FBI available in the game since before I made these. I never intended to take it as far as I did. Anyway, thanks for all the great RP. And I'll hope to see you all in the Social Module on March, 21st! (Click the images to enlarge.) Out-Of-Character Please note, this is an In-character document, available only to the police force. However, I don't mind if any outside sources should get their hands on this, and possibly use it against my character. It's all a part of the fun and games, and any good RP story needs something dramatic. I would also really love some feedback on these documents. Please know I reserve the right to change these documents at any time, without notice. Feel free to post here, or PM me with any questions. You can also view the whole high-quality album here. Thank you!
  4. Jurisdictions

    I'm interested in how Jurisdictions will work seeing that there are three different major cities supposed to be in the game, plus if you know like maybe there may be FBI officials for matters that include multiple cities or something.
  5. FBI Hacking Suspects

    There should be a way the FBI could hack into a suspects phones and They should make multiple phones to be able to buy so like- A normal basic phone where you can get hacked easily and the FBI can read your texts, a smartphone which is a little harder for the FBI to crack and then a more expensive smartphone that the FBI can not possibly hack. So like for example, the FBI has heard that a criminal is going to meet a customer / "friend" but the FBI don't want to walk into a trap, they can simply ask the higher command if they can try and HACK the suspects phone. if they get approved they should have to go through a series of CAPTHA codes or a minigame or something else just as challenging.