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Found 1 result

  1. Special Agent Zoey Anderson

    Disregard this post, and it's contents. I'm working on a new character concept. Which hopefully will be much cooler! While, I was always aware there would be no FBI available in the game since before I made these. I never intended to take it as far as I did. Anyway, thanks for all the great RP. And I'll hope to see you all in the Social Module on March, 21st! (Click the images to enlarge.) Out-Of-Character Please note, this is an In-character document, available only to the police force. However, I don't mind if any outside sources should get their hands on this, and possibly use it against my character. It's all a part of the fun and games, and any good RP story needs something dramatic. I would also really love some feedback on these documents. Please know I reserve the right to change these documents at any time, without notice. Feel free to post here, or PM me with any questions. You can also view the whole high-quality album here. Thank you!