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  1. New But Old Introduction

    Hello, I am Kevin Jurden, or on the forums Shypindive. I'm not exactly new but I never said hello, or have said much of an introduction for myself. I've been waiting for an Open World, real life RPG for quite some-time now and I think Identity may be just what I've been dreaming up. I've always loved Grand Theft Auto typed games, but wanted something more immersive. I want to be able to live a life of my own without facing the repercussions of it in real life, which I'll be able to do in Identity. I've decided that in Identity I want to be a Police Officer, I believe it'll be nice to see what a job like that day to day is really life. The action packed life of a police officer, or maybe just the one that doesn't see any action. Either way I know I'll enjoy myself, and hope to make friends along the way so don't be afraid to chat with me or befriend me! Thanks, Kevin.
  2. Hello!

    Welcome to the Community! Glad to see people wanting to become Police Officers
  3. My Introduction

    Hello Palan, nice to meet you. I my self am a competitive gamer, usually into FPS games. Though I see great opportunity in a game like this, and could use friends like you in the immersive world. If I were you I'd buy a passport, because soon you won't be able to. And they are your golden ticket into the game, either way it's always nice to meet new people with different types of culture!
  4. A New Arrival

    Welcome, Blake. Best of wishes on your journey to becoming Mayor, you will be supported and kept safe by your City's finest police department.
  5. Dev Update

    I'm probably not the only one wandering this, but when is the next dev update or post? I believe there is one like once a month or that's what I thought. I'm always excited to see a new dev post, or update and see the progress the team has made. I can't wait for the release of this game, and I understand that nothing comes fast. But keeping the backers in the loop is always greatly appreciated.
  6. International Postal Service

    I wouldn't mind that either to be honest, it's just they are talking about realism. So that's why I even brought it up. And yeah most bills are paid over the web now a-days.
  7. International Postal Service

    There is regular transportation, which is done by companies and businesses. Like transporting cars, and goods to an grocery store. An postal service is federal, and they usually only transfer mail likes bills, advertisements, letters, and sometimes packages from others. So there is a difference. For example, your local postal service and you are the only ones allowed to access your mailbox. So companies like FedEx drop the packages off at your door
  8. International Postal Service

    Yeah I heard that you'd have like 18 wheelers and transportation of goods. But I never really heard anything about Mail.
  9. I already posted my opinion about an Postal Service within the Job Listings. Though I'm still not sure if an Postal Service has been confirmed. If not, I'd liketo suggest to the Developers that one be added. Like the ones you see in Arma Life Servers, real people develop your online bought cars. Maybe you could have an mailman drop of your amazon ordered item or a bill you owe. This would add an interesting mechanic. It'd give criminals the functionality of high jacking an Mailman Vehicle. Or a mailman stealing another persons mail, etc.
  10. International Postal Service

    In some Arma Life Servers, items get delivered to you by an actual person. Since I know there will be homes, and businesses, I'd like to believe there will be an Postal Service that delievers your mail, and other things like cars and such that you'd order online.
  11. Sheriff Elections

    I'm not even sure if there will be a role for an Sheriff in the Police Department. From what I've heard, Asylum has only confirmed that there will be Detectives and Dispatch. But if there will be an Sheriff, that will require elections. If anybody has news about the roles of the Police Department or the different types of elections let me know. Cause I may be one of the people who wants to run for sheriff in one of the cities.
  12. Hello!

    Welcome to the Community, Ash, glad to see new people supporting the project.
  13. Fighting Fires

    Being an fire-fighter sounds like a great role depending on how much development goes into this certain role. If it's immersive enough, I'd love to do this role maybe instead of an Police Officer role. I mean who doesn't like fire, and sirens? Lol.
  14. Inventory and realistic features

    It has been stated that, all weapons will be visible while on a player. That they can't be concealed. I'm sure this aspect ill follow over to other items. I mean if it's like your keys or phone, you'd expect that be in a pocket though.
  15. How do we become cop and is there an age limit?

    I've read that there will be no age limit, bur you do have to take some sort of tutorial or test first. One of which that will teach you how to use the equipment and such of the role.