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Found 12 results

  1. Hello to all members and tourists, Eagerly awaits the dates when I will jump into the world of Identity. My name ist Dominik and I come from Poland , After 5 years of living in England , I currently live in Germany I've been waiting a long time for the release of the Game. And since I paid for a member of this society, I am looking forward to it even more. But today I decided to finally greet everyone So Hello and greetings With my regards Ready to play!!! MinoPL .................................................................................
  2. Welcome to Identity

    Welcome to Identity On behalf of the Radical Democratic Left Party, I greet all new arrivals in Identity. I am very happy that you are here. I want to build a strong and reliable future for Identity with you. Opinions of the banks and riches I don't give a shit! The interests and ideas of you, of the people, are my favorite. We want to strengthen your will and your rights by going to the streets and fighting and voting us. This will be the beginning of the freedom of humanity and the absolute strengthening of your rights. Write me if you have something. Greetings Chairman and Candidat of the RDLP
  3. Hi I am Tristan Fritz

    Hi everyone. I am Tristan Fritz. ( A Film Maker, Director, Producer, Sound Operator, Editor, GFX Artist and so much more. I guess you can say I am a creative person. Some of you may or may not know me in the real world but I work on films, Music promos, TV Ads and MORE. But Anyway! I have been following this game progress for a while now and I have realised one thing....... THERE IS NO FILM MAKING CAREER. Please tell me this will be a thing in the future. PLEASE. Anyway I am glad to be here finally with the few that know about this game and I am planning to buy the VIP package very soon too Anyway. Thats me and my introduction and yeah! What is your identity? - Tristan Fritz. (PS. This paragraph has a lot of Anyways)
  4. Hello!

    Hello, my name's Katie Dawn. A pleasure to meet you! Stay in line, or I'll arrest your ***
  5. Hello! I am Ippoc.

    Hello. My name is Christian 'Ippoc' Dahl. Introduction I am 25 years old and recently got out of the hospital that I had spent several months in, due to a very aggressive virus I was so unlucky to contract. Got lucky that I pulled through, was told my young age was what saved me and got me through that quickly, although several months spent in several hospitals. Most of the weeks in medically induced coma does not scream quick recovery. Now I got several months of rehabilitation therapy for my left leg and lungs. Since I was stuck in a bed for so long, I don't have that much muscle tissue to use. So in about a years time, I should be back to who I used to be, 100%. What I can say is that I am very happy that I found this game by pure luck. This sounds like everything I have ever dreamed off and with me not being able to run around like a maniac, just yet, I am so excited about this project. I have been playing video games for two decades now and looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know this great community. I do have a few questions though. Questions and Aspirations Looking at the different passports available for purchase, I find myself stuck between which one to get. At one point, getting a huge head start with a flashy passport sounds awesome, but I am worried that it might take the fun out of the game as you then don't have that much to work towards. When you already have great clothes, a sweet car and a beautiful apartment. What would you guys think is the smartest choice, if enjoyment is the top priority? Also, I am a complete fresh player for Identity and can't wait to be part of the community. Which career path I am gonna go down I don't know yet. But I am open to anything and everything, so if there are people out there, looking for a fresh person to mold into their community/organization, I am open to hear what it is about! Thank you all for reading!
  6. Hey everyone Cirkitype here!

    Hello, everyone I'm new here. Just saying hello to the community.
  7. Hello from Jordan

    HAI, my ign is dramagold (ik pretty gey) and my role play name is hunter everette. Im joining this wonderful forum and game from jordan (a country near palestein/isreal) Hope you guys enjoy your time here and the game itself. I for one am pumped for this game, its everything that i could possibly want
  8. The thing about ideas

    I have noticed a lot of hateful comments when new members to the forums are posting ideas. Like it or not, we are all members of a community now. This cannot be done with one person. We strive off of ideas and comments from others. Please do not post hateful or outrageously negative comments about someone or their ideas. Please DO NOT tell them to go play some other game because they want their experience to be similar to another game's experience. Ideas from other games are always used. Just because it is not your opinion, does not mean that someone else shouldn't request or suggest their own opinions. Having said that, negative feedback is just as good as positive feedback. Be constructive with your criticism. Remember that your criticisms can be taken so wrong that a new member of the community may feel alienated and not welcome. I am positive that the devs and the staff members of this community do not want to alienate their players. This is a business and if you truly want to help with your opinions on others ideas, remember that it is a business. Be serious, be polite, and be courteous to others.
  9. Hi from Denmark!

    Hi from Denmark! I- I um don't really know what to do on these forums... Do I just lurk? Yes, I'm a ginger.
  10. G'day

    First time on the new website. It's looking great. Seriously one of the better forums I've seen. Anyway I can't wait for the game to come out and I'm hyped to do some roleplay.
  11. I'm back! What did I miss?

    Some of you may remember me from the old forums but i'll introduce myself again anyway; Hello! I am DoctorFosterGloster (or Foster for short) I've been following the game since shortly after FrankieOnPc talked about it in one of his videos and am exited to see where it ends up!
  12. Gotta Love Class

    Hello everyone! My forum name is Nave, I'm excited to follow the development of Identity, hangout on the forums, post, read, chat, and prepare for the day we get to jump in-game. I've played many roleplaying games over the past 5 years, some being ARMA Life servers, Garry's Mod, RPG's, and many other life/roleplaying games. Needless to say I've put thousands of hours into fake lives. I look forward to seeing you around. Stay Classy My Friends!