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Found 4 results

  1. Can we make a in game website

    i was wondering if we have a business like if we own a electronics store are we able to make a in game website to sell our products online and ship em out to people?
  2. I believe it is fair for the community who supported this game to get extra in game items as a reward for our patience and tolerance towards the developers. We showed our devotion and trust to you by not claiming a refund. Its your turn now @Developers.
  3. Drill inc.

    My major idea for this game is to make a successful drug dealing industry, like what you see in breaking bad. You know my name :D. BUT, I might be a tad bit aggressive towards outsiders to my gang... Anyways, it's seems so cool to know that I could start a major industry in a video game, that's illegal YET legal! Yes, my industry will be named "Drill" or something similar, I am gonna get the game after I see a few reviews, and someone might steal the name from me. Thanks for reading my small idea, and bye!
  4. FBI Hacking Suspects

    There should be a way the FBI could hack into a suspects phones and They should make multiple phones to be able to buy so like- A normal basic phone where you can get hacked easily and the FBI can read your texts, a smartphone which is a little harder for the FBI to crack and then a more expensive smartphone that the FBI can not possibly hack. So like for example, the FBI has heard that a criminal is going to meet a customer / "friend" but the FBI don't want to walk into a trap, they can simply ask the higher command if they can try and HACK the suspects phone. if they get approved they should have to go through a series of CAPTHA codes or a minigame or something else just as challenging.