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  1. airplanes and helicopters

    You can break into prisons in many different ways I'm sure! Choppers are not needed in every game
  2. Hello!

    LOL! I posted on the other forums quite relevantly, and I always saw your name everywhere, but we never really talked, But still, welcome back <3
  3. What is your Account ID?

    I'm 1697 .. I have 69 in mine so I guess I win! :P
  4. Its Good To Be Back

    Welcome back Kickapoo!
  5. Hello!

    I remember you Welcome back mate <3
  6. Streaming the game

    Ahh.. You're teasing me here! haha, no worries mate. I'll look forward to watching.
  7. Streaming the game

    Sweet. Cheers mate, what's your twitch channel?
  8. Streaming the game

    I can already tell that there will be a few people streaming the game, but would it be aloud ,when the modules come out, to show gameplay to those who cannot afford to see the gameplay?
  9. Hey guys, Sorry to be picky, but I would LOVE it to be perfect! There appears to be a typo on the "Founder" button. It says: " Get in the game as soon as possible with retail game pre-order and an invitation to the very fist public beta testing" Not sure if the fist is meant to be "First" Sorry if this annoys you, but I just want everything to be perfect. I'm excited for the game to be released and support it fully. Great work on the website, too!
  10. Hello again!

    Hello again everyone! I'm looking forward to using the new website and excited about the game being released. BUT I must ask, what are you most interested in with this game?