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  1. Fast travel?

    I'm just thinking that a lot of people will want to get products from one place to another quickly, and it could add another level of police involvement. and perhaps events happen in specific cities and you don't want to safely drive at 60mph when you can wait 10 minutes less on a train going 80mph. I don't think it will ruin immersion as it turns into a waiting game, but perhaps you are correct. I just know that I want to have kilos of cocaine shipped across map as I don't want my deals any where near my factory
  2. How does jailtime work?

    are we gonna get rings and go to a church? #identitymarriage/samelove
  3. Rate the above song Macklemore will solve all. and with a variety of music. 8/10 for the nineth wave.. not really my music, I think radio music is what we will end up finding in identity which this song was actually on the radio so boom #macklemore
  4. Fast travel?

    So I was curious, what about getting from one side of the map to the other, quickly? are trains going to be a part of the game since all flight is obsolete, because following the speed limit all the way across the game seems a little slow where as a train could touch all major cities as well as rural areas and give sight seeing a good, quick launch. it will also help with transportation of materials as well as populations for events in said area( big sale in Queens, NY) when you're in Connecticut. just a curiosity since I didn't see anything about fast travel in the search bar....
  5. Buildings

    It's okay though because I'm going to have a hotel you can come to for suuuuper cheap. Upside, bed, bath, fridge and lights- downside, bar fights, prositutes, thefts and gang beatings. Keep focused on the upside (:
  6. How does jailtime work?

    I personally feel it should depend. Like all crimes, from a ticket or fine to 10minutes(which increases and can include fines to pay off) for a under 1000$ petty theft to 10,000 dollar fine and 6 hour jail time for something such as homicide or police assault, something the court's would decide upon and dictate.. Which means we need a very caring judge who thinks of both worlds. Which would incorporate the need for characters to have something similar to a social security number, that police and courts can view. That can range from how many accounts have been made via the player, to how long in game they have played and further into the comments and actions made during a arrest as well as what the crime was (obviously)
  7. Buildings

    Yes, the highest building I imagine will be the free hotel/apartment that all new players will get free. After that, I'm sure there will be other very large buildings as there will be cities. Along with that, it would be odd if there wasn't large buildings. I don't know any city that doesn't have at least a 5 story, and those are extremely small towns. With that, people need offices because players call for help, as well as buisness for telemarketers. Aside.that, there might be other apartment buildings in which each floor is its own room, so really, to be logical and to spread players around the map, it's only expected that there are more hotels, motels, and offices for whatever purpose other players might use them for whether it be interviews or studio apartments, luxery rooms like acupunture and fast food spots. Be creative and sometimes you can get your own answer. But if not, the mighty NutButter shall assist! I hope I helped, please PM me for any other questions or search for the topic your after. I don't recall hearing this posted so I figured I'd rescue you (: haha
  8. City identity

    They're constantly expanding and growing the map size. And when it's complete and on the market(beta) they'll still be upgrading and growing the game. When it's finally released. It's gonna be very large cities with small towns scattered for whatever purposes. Hope I helped answer your questions and concerns Sincerely -ButteryNut
  9. What Easter Eggs would you like to see in Identity?

    Identities logo secretly embedded into mountains similar to a crop circle. Or the developers faces on a magazine. Something easily overlooked, unless you're searching for it. It'd be cool to see the building logo of identity, visible from a certain distance in one of the cities, at a certain angle. But that's just me. Developers would be the only ones to do Easter eggs but i could think of countless but they're probably all silly or odd. So I keep it plain, and bland. But if I chose a Easter egg, personally, I'd like to see the identify based cities incorporated in one of the signs, like a saying, similar to "welcome to Nebraska 'the good life" On a build board, or in a small chicken scratch on a side walk. It's odd, maybe even childish. But it might just make her O-face.... Idk where I was going with that.^
  10. Citizen weapons

    What if I want to be a gun manufacturer? I plan to save until I get a warehouse the pay others through commission.
  11. NO VIDEO FOR 2 YEARS LONG??!!!!!

    Well then^ Someone need a cookie and some milk. Or a horse tranquilizer to calm themself down.
  12. NO VIDEO FOR 2 YEARS LONG??!!!!!

    Or do what I'm doing. I have trust issues and haven't funded the game, but if this game is for real, then I'll pay the 70$ on release compared to the 20$ now. Just saying, piss off or watch. whatever you wanna do, just dont be a bad sport just cause you want to be apart of beta but don't wanna pay. @Kalebninja
  13. The Dollars

    Perfect. Just add it to my current cover photo (:
  14. The Dollars

    Much easier than placing a face on a new body.
  15. The Dollars

    Go to photoshop, imbed your photo into mine? I'm using a cellular device otherwise I'd do it and make it simple. You can do a small tutorial if that helps you. It's simple photoshop.