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  1. Free Updates

    If I remember correctly I think map expansions will be handled via the passport. As they add areas you buy the passport stamp to allow travel to the new region. I'm not averse to microtransactions too.
  2. Illnesses and Hospitals

    I like your enthusiasm, but how would you make doing the research fun?
  3. Relationships

    So sex in game will be limited to slurp and squelch noises over chat?
  4. The First Thing You'll Do?

    I'm gonna jump on my motorcycle and explore. I want to watch the sunset on the beach. Hike in the mountains and then, when I have seen my fill, I will begin to build my business...
  5. Character creation

    Good point. No one wants the monstrosities that Ark brought about.
  6. PETS

    The pet AI could prove difficult to make them behave properly in public spaces. I imagine the house pets would be simpler to implement, parrot in a cage that talks smack when you walk in, or a cat that has shredded your couch etc.
  7. Character creation

    I can't imagine they'd miss out a character creation. It would be a real shame to go for so much freedom/realism in the game world and then have all the player look the same. I hope the town module gives us a chance to fiddle with our faces Also, Jabba, I too would like to see an option for plastic surgery once I'm in game. I'll want to change my face if I end up on a wanted poster...
  8. Culinary

    For a game like this I think a comprehensive food crafting/cooking system is a must. It's exciting to think of buying fesh produce (player grown of course) and then cooking up a batch of 'Binky's apple pie' to take to the picnic.
  9. Starvation / Dehydration

    Will food have nutritional values? If I eat an apple will that benefit me more than chomping on a burger? Or will food be neutral and all I need to do is fill the hunger gauge?
  10. Architecture Program

    This idea could be implemented to add content to expansion areas? So we design buildings to be added to new towns etc. The selected designers could receive a founders badge, or a plaque/statue in the town square.
  11. | Moonshine |

    I'm in to this idea, kinda falls into the 'living off the grid' mentality. I quite fancy role playing a grizzly, old hillbilly living out in the sticks with a field of...let's call them herbs...and a moonshine operation on the side.
  12. Player scale in the Open World

    I would love it if I can hire a npc to tend my shop while I go hiking or murdering. It would be terrible for business if I close all the time
  13. Rare Items

    I suppose some rare items will be player created. I mean, using the painting/canvas someone could potentially create a super rare piece of art, only one in the game kind of deal.
  14. I need a plant

    I hope we can develop/manufacture our produce into other products. It'd be amazing to start small. like if you could take raw ingredients and turn them into artisan products, make your product popular through advertisement and then end up with a factory making and selling your idea.
  15. jabba the slut in the house.

    Hello, Jabba. I love the introduction. I giggle a little every time i see your name and that pic