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  1. Dev Blog Deletion

    I can still read the dev blog posts.
  2. Scope of this game is too large

    My biggest concern is that they wont make enough jobs/careers for civilians that are as good as criminals. All of my previous experience with these kinds of games is that as a criminal you make more money in shorter time but with a higher risk. Most people I played with would always do criminal stuff cuz its easy money or atleast some action and fun if you fail. I really hope they encourage players to choose a legal way to success. Living a life as a criminal should be difficult and risky so that only serious gangs can make a good profit (that includes teamwork,investments,communication,weapons) to get there.
  3. *Earning Money in Identity*

    As it should be.
  4. Alright, lets discuss kids.

    They have said that, but they have also said that regular civilians can buy guns at a gun store which kinda contradicts the first statement. So I dont know how it's gonna be.
  5. Alright, lets discuss kids.

    I dont know how the developers are gonna handle this issue, but if im not mistaken they have created a system that would discourage any of those behaviours, to what extent I dont know. For example, A person buys a gun in the regular gun store and just goes about to shoot anyone. Mods or admins will moderate the outcome of the situation and make them unable to buy guns in a store again for a long period of time if they are guilty, and if they want to do that again they can go the illegal way, but that will be very expensive, so if you are smart you will not do that kinda thing. Thats just my idea of how its gonna work.
  6. Video Advertisements

    I dont like the idea that people can buy advertising in-game to their youtube channels/twitch etc etc. I would prefer it to be in-game companies and politicians.
  7. Today I Fucked Up

    Yeah I really hope the insurance covers most of the cost. But would not be suprised if that´not the case. My normal luck i guess.
  8. Today I Fucked Up

    Hellow fellow identity comrades. Today I made a fucking huge misstake. Today at work I was told to take the company car and fuel it. Said and done, well I got like 5meters then the car stopped working. I was like WTF? So i called my boss said that the car stopped working and so I asked what kind of fuel it has, Boss replied "Diesel". I felt my stomach turn and was like FUUUUUUUUUCCKKKKKKKK!!! I had put in a whole tank of normal petrol or whatever its called. Then the VD of the company called me and said a towing truck was on the way and that my colleague was on the way to get my delivery and drive it so it made it in time. Well im kinda new at this job and now im worried as fuck to get fired.... Just wanted to share this with you guys, dont make the same misstake!!
  9. Great Job

    TayTweets at your service...
  10. Great Job

    Well I´ve just read the blog post. Have to say that im very impressed by that graphic. Really good job devs!
  11. 2,000 post!

  12. Actually it is! Well im not 100% sure, but I do remember a tweet about it. I think they said that they will include money as an object so to say. (Lets you pick it up like a weapon and give/drop) I dont know how complicated it is to make animations, but I would really enjoy to "Make it rain" dollars as an animation, like if you put 100 dollars in your hand and choose to "Make it rain" and the character do that with like 1-5 dollar bills and let the hobos fight for it
  13. Gun Dealing

    Well for the dealing part I have an idea. We already know there will be in-game websites. What if the devs made a site that you can access trough your phone to contact the weapon/drug dealer much like online blackmarkets in real life. If you can produce high-end weapons cheaper than the NPC is offering, many players will buy from you or your competitor. Risky business tho However I really hope that it will be much effort to gather the materials to produce automatic-weapons or even a crafting level that you have to reach in order to make those weapons. Peace!
  14. Custom contracts

    I like the idea of contracts. Contracts between companies/government etc etc would be very neat. I dont know how in-depth the career will be as a buisnessman but if it´s what I imagine, contract would be necessary in order to make deals with other companies. And as you said SYYM. This would create a rp job for other players if a contract is violated, maybe lawyers? Hypothetically speaking if the lawyers where the guys to investigate if a contract has been violated. The problem is how can the lawyers confirm that the contract has failed and which side to blame?
  15. Animations?

    You "need" to fix an animation that´s called "Make it rain". The character takes like 50 dollar bills and throw each one on the ground in flashy manner for the hobos.