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Found 5 results

  1. Favorite game of 2018?

    Hey guys! While we wait out the last stretch for the Town Square module, I thought it'd be fun to hear about your favorite newly released games of 2018. Or, if you don't have an outlying favorite, then maybe a game that you weren't expecting to be great but you actually enjoyed! For me, Detroit: Become Human pretty much took over my life this year, I loved it so much I kept going back and replaying to see all of the different endings I could get! It was super interactive and the characters were great. Red Dead Redemption 2 is also incredibly amazing (have you seen the graphics yet??!), but I just purchased it and haven't gotten that far yet so I had to go with D:BH. Let me know what game you enjoyed the most this year!
  2. Here we all meet again. It's been some time, but I kept with the media. So, let's get to it then. This is my opinion, you don't have to share it, but at least respect it. Here we are again. Town Square module gets delayed AGAIN with no good reasons why. There has to be a point where even the die hard fans of this game have to admit that this is just bad. When they released an alright video that really didn't show much and what it did show was old and unfinished work the community went crazy. When the devs pushed back the release date of the module people were not happy, but willing to wait for a fully completed module. Now, months later than the original release date the module is being pushed back even further. The devs shouldn't be even thinking about an "official release date" if they can't even release a solid good video. Mentioning videos, weren't the devs supposed to drop a new video that shows the Town Square Module? Correct me if I'm wrong, but they said in the last dev blog they'll release a video to compensate for the first delay. Which still hasn't even came out yet. So what's the deal? Here comes my opinion, the devs got too excited and gave out an "official release date" which they could never provide evidence that it could be done within that time frame. They realize they were not gonna come close to getting it done for that launch date so they pushed it back a month. Why would they push it back only a month if the game needed so much more work? The answer is this: They wanted to keep the positivity going with the fans so they pushed it back just a month because everyone can deal with a month. Now if they came out and said "Hey guys, the module still needs a lot more work and we underestimated it. So to assure the module gets completed with no problems were delaying the launch for a few months". That sounds a lot better until the last sentence, " a few months". I don't know about you, but one months sounds a lot better than a few months and I wouldn't oppose it. So here we are again. The devs said they can get the module ready in a month, but in reality they knew very well it couldn't be done. So they pushed it back another month. You're probably wondering "Where's the evidence?". So here it is: Depending on the date you look at this it might be different than the one I'm talking about. If you scroll all the way down to the Asylum Task Tracker. I'm skipping the Bug Tracker info. Art The 2D graphics is finished. Animations: 1 in progress and 2 completed. Character Art: 1 New. Environment: 5 In progress and only 1 completed. Props: 1 finished. Technical Art: 8 new and 5 finished. UI and UX: 1 in progress and 2 completed. Programming Gameplay: 8 new, 1 finished, 1 in testing, and 1 in progress. Systems: 4 new and 1 in testing. User Interface: 6 new, 5 in progress, and 3 completed. So after first looking at it I was very shocked. I mean look at it. The devs had the beginning of the announcement date for the Town Square Module (back in 2017) to the first delay. They were never ready for the first Official Launch Date even if they wanted to be. Facts speak for themselves and what I see here is a lot of "New" and "In Progress" tasks that yes are based off of April 19, 2018, but still shouldn't outnumber the completed tasks at this point like they do. Having just got clarification these tasks are the ones remaining since April 19, 2018. So they made a lot more progress than displayed (they really should show the tasks completed since the first delay, since that is what we want to know. How much work needed to be done and how much did they finish from then to now). But, like I said before there is absolutely no way this module could have been finished a month ago or even today. With proper organization the devs should of been able to see that there's no way they could get this done with the original and first delay timeline. Therefore, they should of delayed it for the CORRECT amount of time needed to get this module out for everyone and not say "It'll be done in a month" when they know very well it wouldn't be. So there it is. I wanted to give my opinion. Now please correct me if I'm wrong in any of this. I didn't create this thread to cause hatred towards the devs. I created this to broaden people's perspectives on this whole situation. To give them all of the details. So once again if I made a mistake in this let me know. I will be glad to make changes if needed. I truly want this game to come out and I still support it. Yes, I support it though I just gave reasons that may say the opposite. Those reasons were to help others. Knowing that already hasn't made me hate the game or the devs, but I want to see proper treatment that we all deserve.
  3. why not to open few sub-areas of the Forum targeted on different languages and countries? I am an italian living in a french language country and I see everyday not all the people can discuss or write in english language. Maybe it can be good to have specific discussion boards by language-country for "no-english speaking" users.
  4. It is inevitable. No matter how much we complain and no matter how many restrictions they put in place, we need to come to the realisation that children (immature ones in particular) are going to get their hands on this game. Kids who treat this game like GTA or COD. It is going to happen no matter what precautions we take. I would like to discuss possible ways that we, as a community can come together and instead of prevention, we need to decide how to deal with the issues. I recommend that we act mature. If a kid is mass RDMing, don't kick and scream, don't act like a kid in OOC, just ignore them. I know it will be hard, but it is the only way we can discourage kids from playing like that. Kids are apart of the community, and while we would all rather not have them here, its not something we can control. If a kid is RDMing, run and hide and quietly report it on the forums. Act like you arent even annoyed, like you just want to report it incase it happens again. They commit these actions for an equal and opposite reaction, we dont want to give them the reactions that entice them to commit the atupid actions. Can we as a community agree to treat these situations calmly? Let me know your thoughts below.
  5. Happy New Years?

    So how are you guys gonna spend your new years?