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Found 12 results

  1. YouTube Press kit

    Hey guys, I know there is much delay in the game but nontheless I am curios if there is any official press kit available for the creation of YouTube videos? And if it is allowed to create videos of the TS module or if this is not wanted by the devs? Could perhaps a developer reach out and throw some information at me? That would be great. Thanks in advance, Phil
  2. YOUTUBE GOLD Go sub to me!!! Once the modules come out I will be posting like crazy on updates and other things. Always been a dream to become youtube famous!!! HAHA
  3. Me and my friends are awaiting this game very much, but we are planning on recording in the game. Aside from actual gameplay, we would like to record skits. Will there be an option upon release or in a later update that allows you to record and edit cinematic shots, kind of like the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V. or the rewind camera in most sports games? Or will we have an option to go into a cinematic mode during live gameplay, like in Need For Speed 2015 , Minecraft, Counter Strike, and ROBLOX? I think this feature would definitely grab the attention of a much grander audience.
  4. dear team , i am wondering if i could be aloud to letsplay the game Identity in the Beta Phase when i buy the passport for 30 bucks. i would letsplay the Game in German . i would appreciate if you would Respond
  5. Any chance we will have jobs we can play in the game like being a youtuber or streamer.

  7. Officer Dynasty YouTube Series

    Hey guys some of you may know me some of you may not. I run a YouTube channel with 5800 Subscribers at the time I am writing this. I am planning on doing a YouTube series as a police officer following along my journey and perhaps some funny encounters (I will also do other types of videos on the game of course).I am really looking forward to this game as there currently aren't any games where there is a real and good dedicated police force! I hope some of you will be able to join me along in this journey and maybe I'll see some of you on the field! My YouTube channel is TheDynasty in case you were wondering .
  8. I would like Frankie, Faceless, Psi Syndicate and Vertico Gaming to have a video or series on this. I am curious on what you guys pick. EDIT: Since some people are retarded, I am talking about RP youtubers, not immature ones.
  9. So I am just wondering how the YouTube videos will be selected to be put onto the in game TV's. Also will there be different YouTube videos being shown as time goes on or, will it be like GTA 5 where the videos played will be the same even 5 years from now. I would expect @HairyGrenade would be the only one with this kind of info. Plz halp kind sir Sorry btw if all my questions are annoying you I'm curious George
  10. TheDynasty from Canada!

    Hey guys! My name is TheDynasty and I found out about this game from a friend! I have not played any Role Playing Games for quite some time as there were no good ones until I discovered this game! I am also a YouTuber and I hope to post videos on this game that (hopefully) people will enjoy as well as provide tips for the other players! I am really looking forward to the first module when it releases in 2017 and i can't wait to try all of the game's features! - TheDynasty
  11. Video Advertisements

    I think it would be cool to have a way for content creators to use in-game currency to purchase television, radio or billboard time/space to promote their youtube or twitch channels. I would suggest an in-game threshold of achievements or experience to allow players to spend in-game currency to submit specifically geared advertisements to be used in-game. Maybe requiring the video ad to be recorded using in-game footage or audio recordings or billboards that would all require mod/admin approval. Games have always done better than expected when a live streaming or youtube community is supporting it, on top of the support they already have. Allowing dedicated players to earn their right to show the community their content would encourage more creators to use the game for even more future content. The only issues would be the potential for the "youtube" effect where over time real advertisers begin mucking up the lighthearted point of promoting the games own community. This would probably fare well for the dev team and could help expand the game even more, but is just something that could happen if the game impresses the amount of people a game like this should. Another issue would be larger youtubers from doing the same thing, but in the long run it would help the community more. I'm just rambling by this point. Just my suggestion, not something that I have thought about too deeply or would feel inclined to press the idea. Just a random idea I thought would be neat, to go along with the already shown TV system.
  12. Youtubers

    WHAT ABOUT YOUTUBERS AS CARRER? Actually, I know there will be computers, notebooks, smarphones and etc... so they should have an Social Media similliar to Youtube, where the players would be able to record their own videos. Maybe they could Record games (yeah, maybe they should add mini-games to the game and make them recordable). Or make DailyVlogs of their life on the game, or tutorials, pranks or everything else. Just record what the people want to see. What u guys think?