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Found 3 results

  1. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi future friends! I hope you are well. Here's a friendly greeting from Ontario, Canada! As your typical Canuck, I have a maple syrup addiction, live in an igloo, say "eh" far too often for my own health and drive a dogsled to and from work. Riggght? Yeah not so much. Jokes aside, I've been gaming since I was knee high to a grasshopper, with extensive experience in large multi-game communities and experience working for a large game developer (Ubisoft) - I'm super passionate about helping people and coaching folks. I'm a big fan of quality community and great games that give you the flexibility to do what you want the way you want naturally when I discovered Identity today I decided to create an account and say hello! So...hello! Other games I play actively are Sea of Thieves and Star Citizen. Good times. Looking forward to getting more involved with the development of Identity and seeing where this wonderful journey shall take us! Thanks and have a great day! Anvil
  2. Hello from Bangladesh! :)

    Hi, This is Tuhin from Bangladesh. I was looking at this game for the past 2 years. Today officially I became a citizen This game definitely has a bright future. I really loved the ideas of the developers. Hopefully, everyone's dreams come true. Looking forward to it!
  3. TheDynasty from Canada!

    Hey guys! My name is TheDynasty and I found out about this game from a friend! I have not played any Role Playing Games for quite some time as there were no good ones until I discovered this game! I am also a YouTuber and I hope to post videos on this game that (hopefully) people will enjoy as well as provide tips for the other players! I am really looking forward to the first module when it releases in 2017 and i can't wait to try all of the game's features! - TheDynasty