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Found 27 results

  1. Apartment in town Square

    Hello, I have a question. I really like playing the Town Square module and design my Appartment. But I pledged for a one bedroom luxury apartment, thats also what is shown on my profile. But in Town Sqare I do only have a Studio apartment. Is that normal or server related? Or is it just a bug? Just want to be sure I donĀ“t put to much time in designing the wrong apartment.
  2. Housing Suggestions

    I think it be cool if you could build your own house or buildings. like say i bought land in the woods or something then can build house or hire someone to do it. People that want to live in the woods can build log cabins, cut some trees make the houses. the the servers will be different because the world look lived in.
  3. I love RVs and feel like cruising around in my westfalia cooking meth would be a dream come true, if mobile homes are in game how will they function in terms of the rules that come with static housing
  4. In the basic A3 Maps (Altis,Stratis) you can go in every house u want, so I wondered if it was also possible in identity? (Off course u can't go in locked houses )
  5. Letting Agent?

    So are players able to rent their houses in this game? If so, would I be able to set up a letting agent, where players looking to rent their homes could come to me for help in finding someone to rent their home? Not sure if this would work effectively, but it could be big business if players are looking to rent. Or, would I be able to buy multiple houses/apartments and rent them to players myself?
  6. IIDS

    Imperial Interior decorating service Our Goals We strive to make interior decorating for anyone by having a flexible work to fit your needs by having a decorator solely concentrating on your needs and always ready to change to fit your ideas and needs, About me My passion for design started as a child. In fact, I still have the sketches of the furniture line I 'designed' when I was eight years old, so creating and designing has always been a big passion and source of enjoyment for me. When I left school I got a GCSE in art and design then I moved to college to take decorating after a year I dropped out because it seemed too forced and I joined a firm, Home wing for a couple years till I felt confident to make my own firm and make it my own way in the world. What we do When we first get called we move to the building within two days and make a sketch right there to see if you want anything changed and to give us ideas and how to proceed after a week of making a good blueprint we then bring in the workers and have the designer there all the time to make sure it is going to plan, by having a couple firms working with us we can make sure the level of work is consistent and at its highest level. Pricing Light: Minimum of $99 per room -Personal shopping service -Setup Tips -product recommendations and style advice. Premium: Minimum of $299 per room -Floorplan with layout -get matched with our best designers -Initial style concept We are always looking for workers. If you want to apply contact me on this post or email me at Jobs Founder/CEO-Daniel ourichi Head of marketing-Open 0/1 Head of design-Open 0/1 Logistics expert-Open 0/2 Designers-Open 0/5 Assistants- Open 0/3
  7. Housing With Friends

    How will the housing work when it comes to friends? Me and two other friends were planing on pooling money together and buying one apartment/house and when he is offline would he be able to add us to a list where we can go inside and use all of it's features besides customization when he isn't online?
  8. VillaD'Este Real Estate

    Let me introduce you to Villa D'Este real estate: We are an Italian real estate group, founded 5 years ago and we're looking to start a new Enterprise on Identity. We are looking for: - people wanting to sell, buy or rent: a house, an appartement, a villa, office buildings and factories. - private investor who will be rewarded greatly - brokers ( mainly for houses, rent and sale) - assistants - CFO - Designers (interior and exterior) What can we offer? - for buyers: we will offer a wide variety of properties, ranging in different price categories. We already have a highly skilled interior designer, who will get the most out of your property's interiors. If you're not fortuned enough to gain property of one of our exquisite properties, we have also affordable housing and affordable appartementen for sale and to rent. We also will lend money in order for you to be able to buy your house. Everything will be made clear, by one of our members. - for people wanting to rent: we have a whole range of houses avaible to rent out. - for sellers: we will offer you a good price, in hope you'll say a client - for investors: you're looking to invest your money and don't want to worry about it? We will manage everything and you'll receive your weekly income, without even having to work or think about it. We will garantee you a certain % of interest, but the precise rate will be made clear in a few weeks. - for people looking for a job: just apply; you have nothing to lose! All we need is: your name, age, interesses, what job you'd like and why. Rest will be made clear by one of our team members. If you're looking for a job, a beautiful property that will gain in value, feel free to contact us. We're in the making of a website, on which everything will be made clear. Be quick on applying, because we're only hiring a limited amount of people. Kind regards Rubain CEO of Villa D'Este real estate group
  9. For one, I can already predict that I'll be throwing a few social gatherings and parties in my residential spaces. There's only one question, is there a capacity/limit to how many users/players can fit inside of one other's home? This isn't relevant to room-mating, this is relevant to guests visiting your home. Just curious It would be awesome if someone could answer my question.
  10. Will we be able to customize a house in the Town Square Module if we've payed the $30 to play? Or do we have to buy one of the packages that includes a house?
  11. Housing Inspiration

    Hi everyone! I have been a house geek for a while now, and I'd like to provide some ideas and some photos for the devs to work with when creating the many homes around the island! Please feel free to leave a suggestion of your own! Townhouses/Rowhouses These homes are most often found in inner cities. They are mostly historic, but there are more modern takes that are sometimes found in suburbs as well as in the cities. Cabin/Mountain Retreat These types of homes are most often found in mountainous areas with large and beautiful vistas overlooking landscape and sometimes nearby cities. Oceanfront/Beach Houses These homes are almost always on stilts to protect them home in case the tide comes in too far. They are often painted in bright and pastel colors. I imagine these homes being beachside in Turtle Beach on the island. American Foursquare These homes are most often found in the outskirts of cities and in rural villages. These homes usually have slim driveways and detached garages behind the home. Victorian These houses are most often found in cities and rural villages, but can sometimes be spotted in the suburbs. American Suburban These houses are most often found in neighborhoods in city suburbs. Split Level These homes are most often found in city suburbs and rural areas, but sometimes can be found in the outskirts of cities. Cape Cod These homes are most often found in rural areas and in city suburbs. New American These homes are most often found in city suburbs and in semi-rural areas. Farmhouse These homes are found in rural areas and are usually met with large porches, lots of land, and barns.
  12. So I have a couple of questions about Apartments, Houses, and Business buildings like factories and small shops and stuff because I heard there was a unlimited amount of apartments but a limited amount of houses (and I'm assuming the same goes for buildings) on the island. Apartments So I heard there will be a unlimited number of apartments and I was wondering if everyone will have an apartment to live in when they first start or will they have to pay for it just like any other building along with rent? I believe hearing people will get an apartment for awhile when they start for free but will they eventually actually have to go out and buy one and pay the rent? Will the apartments be on the map for a player to walk to and will high end apartments be the same as the unlimited apartments as in there is a unlimited amount of them? Or will they be unique like the houses on the island? Houses So I heard about every house being unique and such but what if every single house was owned and everybody had live in apartments, would they be available for purchase when the player leaves the server or is it forever owned? I think this would be a bit disappointing because what if the player hasn't been on for quite awhile and they still own that house? Will there be some sort of time limit on how long they can own the house if they are gone? If it does work like that, would the player lose the money they put into the house? How many houses will a player be able to own? I don't know how else to ask these questions but I hope you understand them. Buildings So this is similar to the questions I asked about the houses. What if all the buildings were owned and people weren't able to create their business and expand? Will the building be there forever owned by the player who bought it or will everybody have a chance to create a business? Will the building eventually be un-owned when they leave or will there be a time limit for how long they are gone? How many buildings can you own? Will every building look different and have a different layout? One more question. Is there a limit to how many people can be inside a building, house, and apartment?
  13. Snowy Mountain Homes?

    Apparently there's a lot of talk of housing/homes being placed in the snowy mountains (skiing and snowboarding resort). Does anyone have any further information on this?
  14. While listening to the recent Q&A PowerGaming7 hosted, I heard that the Meth RV is able to be deployed anywhere "safe" or in certain places around the map! With that ^ ~40 seconds of insight, I was wondering if livable tiny homes on wheels and RV's could exist? One might drive the home or RV around when packed up, and to be able to effectively use it again, said player would have to "deploy" the home. It would be cool to see what other people think; share your thoughts! *I'm aware nothing is truly set in stone as of yet and that things usually end up changing rather dramatically.
  15. I was just thinking about how the housing seems to be designed, and I had an idea: If you are an occupant of a house, you should get a Premium slot in the queue to join the server your house is on. This would help lead to the sense of accomplishment from having access to a house. To clarify, I think the house "occupant" should have the slot, NOT necessarily the homeowner. If the house is rented out to someone, there is not really a need to give the owner a premium slot. This may be something y'all already have in the works, but I thought I'd put it out there just in case.
  16. Animals

    Hi My name is Aaron and I only heard of this game today, but I am going to buy it within the next 3 days when I have my money together I was wondering if in the future you can get pets not just cats and dogs but pigs, horses, sheep, snakes, spiders, lizards and many others It would be a very very cool thing to have in game since I own two pigs in real life, it would be nice if I could get them in game Really enjoying what I see so far, keep up the amazing work.
  17. Money and Safes

    I think it would be very cool to have a room where you could store your money either in a safe or scattered across the floor just a suggestion. a bit like GTA V horrible comparisons but that`s all i could compare it to.
  18. So I am just wondering how the YouTube videos will be selected to be put onto the in game TV's. Also will there be different YouTube videos being shown as time goes on or, will it be like GTA 5 where the videos played will be the same even 5 years from now. I would expect @HairyGrenade would be the only one with this kind of info. Plz halp kind sir Sorry btw if all my questions are annoying you I'm curious George
  19. Grow weed in apartment

    I was wondering that can you grow weed in your apartment? and if you can, can you have some kind of growing tents or something like that. And if so where you get seeds etc that you need for growing?
  20. if your friend invites you to live with him, what happenes when he logs off? Will the house still be able to enter from my side? Will his vehicles still be outside his home? Thanks for reading
  21. " For instance, two friends, or a married couple can choose to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment where they both can live comfortably with each other. " What if you are married and want to sleep in the same bed, or what if one bedroom has two beds, or if you and a friend can sleep in a double bed? Can a one-bedroom apartment hold two people?
  22. How will drug raids work

    If a player has to have an invite to enter any sort of housing how will police raid the drug labs and stuff? Will there be a certain area to make drugs or can you make them anywhere? Also what if you are at war with another gang and want to raid there coke stash or something like that how ill that work?
  23. Hi all, This confuses me: A player will be able to own a pice of land on that server and only that server. What does this mean? If I buy land on server one and server one becomes full on a certain day and I play server two, but my house is on server one. Does this mean that players are assigned servers and can only play on that server? If so what happens if your in a club and it is on server two, but I am on server one what happens then? Please help me!
  24. What is going to be the max size of housing? How many players can live in a house at once?
  25. I was wondering once you are able to buy houses, or appartments can you buy more than one... ie have your original apartment and then live in a house, I get the feeling you can but wanted to make sure. Also does anyone know when buying housing (apartment or house) will unlock to buy with in game money?