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Found 5 results

  1. I believe it would be cool if you could have like an internet connection on your in-game computer and have some premade websites from the creators like social media, the official games website and more. It would also be cool if players could make and code their own websites that other people could visit. Also if you could make or register your company on some website. Does anyone else think this would be a cool idea?
  2. I move around a lot, which means the quality of my internet changes regularly. Does anyone have an idea what the minimum bandwidth should be? I know at this stage of development it'd be hard to find out, any feedback is welcome.
  3. Youtubers

    WHAT ABOUT YOUTUBERS AS CARRER? Actually, I know there will be computers, notebooks, smarphones and etc... so they should have an Social Media similliar to Youtube, where the players would be able to record their own videos. Maybe they could Record games (yeah, maybe they should add mini-games to the game and make them recordable). Or make DailyVlogs of their life on the game, or tutorials, pranks or everything else. Just record what the people want to see. What u guys think?
  4. In-game video player

    Yesterday I rewatched the trailer for this game and I remembered that you would have real movies/tv shows on you tv and stuff so I was wondering for the video app on you computer I WOULD LOVE IT if you some how got a deal with Good Mythical Morning to play it the video app I love identity and I love gmm having them together would be a dream come true
  5. This is a post for you to post an ad and share the most horrible and worst commerical ad on the internet. Which one will be the worst?