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  1. Atlas Corporation

    Whether you're a rich CEO or an underdog fighting for a fair chance, it does not matter if you inherit your father's wealth or are in waste management and severly oppressed by racist stereotypes perpetrated by the golden age of cinema. Our well-trained security guards and fast-paced PR specialists are always ready to help YOU. Choose Success. Choose Atlas.
  2. Job Listings- Atlas Corporation

    Atlas corporation seems to be a common name for fictional companies, Atlas Corporation is not related to Call of Duty´s corporation of the same name.
  3. Atlas Corporation

    For us all here at Atlas, we wish you a very merry christmas!
  4. Job Listings- Atlas Corporation

    Sign up today to face great possibilities for advancement in Atlas Corporation!
  5. Hello From The UK

    Hello, I hope you will enjoy the game and the forums!
  6. Hello!

    Welcome! Hope you have a great time here!
  7. A little bit about me (Updated 11/15/2017)

    Welcome Andrew to these forums! I do sincerly hope you enjoy yourself here. Have a great time!
  8. #Hugs4TheIdentityRPGDevs

    I joined this forum when it was about 3 days old, and I have been on since. While I have had my doubts and been inactive for sometime now i am back with new love for the devs since they showed us the first real gameplay. The game is looking great. Can´t wait to play and live in this world of ours with those I´ve talked to on these forums since it opened. The friends I´ve made here, the troubles @Kickapoo has gotten himself into and required my help, and the sneaky detective of Misneden Security (now discontinued) @Norway174. Not to mention my first interactions here was with @FlyingDuck who I have talked loads with. The old guard is to numerous to mention, the times I´ve enjoy to many to count. Big shoutout to @Arlmar @Katie @Vix and so many others. While we all been here the devs have been very active, been apart of discussions, answered questions and deleted cancerous threads while being friendly to the community #Hugs4TheIdentityRPGDevs #Hugs2TheIdentityCommunity and #Hugs4me
  9. The Gentleman's Club

    Sounds very interesting to me as a successful business owner, good job! I wouldn´t wanna be in a club of peasants.
  10. Wow, delightfully creative post, made by someone who spend alot of time on his presentation and succeeded by far. As a member of the old guard, still remaining since the old forums back in february 2015, I am always happy to see effort. Definitely something I´ll be keeping my eyes on...
  11. Priests and Churches

    I´d join that church!
  12. GPU ?

    I would really recommend you getting a new GPU, it will not be able to handle a 300 player multiplayer game like Identity running the Unreal 4 engine.
  13. -={Forum Game #1}=- Banned for ...

    @Shimozukachi Banned for writing alot of text noone gives a shit about.
  14. -

    Do this happen to be based upon the Swedish "Moderaterna"?
  15. Atlas Corporation

    ATLAS - Join now and you will have a successful and furfilling career! Job Listings HERE Good luck to all!