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  1. Squad

    If you got Squad the game hit me up on Steam: DrivenMuffin
  2. Some questions about business

    1. Pretty much everyone at the start regardless of the package you got will have to really put in hours of basic jobs to get money to do more advanced methods of producing revenue. Many will be civilians, others criminals, and some will be law enforcement. 2. The government can't own a business but I believe if there are public services like transportation lines then those would generate revenue for the state. 3. There will be methods of transportation not sure if buses exactly. 4. Yes you can be a mechanic in the game. 5. I don't know what this means?
  3. Yep! We have a few members that are active and retired from the Australian Army Cadets to US Army Air Assault.
  4. Nice toronto police cruiser u got there
  5. Hey there and welcome to Identity! If you are here now you are early Your skills would be a great addition to the company. I will contact you in private message soon. - Sebastian Valentine
  6. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    That moment you realize when your laptop that is less than 2cm wide can outperform my full sized in my office RIP
  7. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    PC Rig: Intel Core i7-4770, 16GB RAM, Radeon R9 390 8GB Laptop: Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, GTX 1080M
  8. Off-Duty Job For All

    You can be either since we train all employees equally but law enforcement have a job to work as when off-duty with job security and more freedom than any job currently in Identity guaranteed.
  9. DevBlog #16

    I think the dev team is confident and feeling great at how far they have come. Their project is finely beginning to come together and I know as a creator that is more rewarding than ever. This will only push their determination and our hype for the game moving forward. I am looking forward to upgrading my package and potentially picking up new things from the store on the new website when it gets released!
  10. Off-Duty Job For All

    Hello fellow officers, Look no further than Aegis Security Consulting when deciding on a job when off-duty! With dozens of law enforcement officers employed by ASC, we seek raw skills found within the police force. Below are reasons to consider Aegis: - Develop new skills and train with industry professionals - Gain competitive wages - Maintain freedom to do what you want with job stability and a contract-based payment system - Build camaraderie with skilled individuals - Continue to make Identity a safer place - Benefit from our business partnership deals - free bus passes - firearm discounts - + much more Visit Our Main Page Here To Learn More
  11. Competitive Business

    So a lot of you are aware that there are tons of new great companies being presented to the forums on a regular basis and that is amazing! From transportation and logistics, to legal and investing, as well as security firms calling Identity their place to develop their businesses. Many people constantly sharing ideas of saturated markets with tons of competition and lack of market share. I believe competition is a great thing. It encourages innovation, development of better services and products, and options for customers to choose rather than being subject to a market monopoly. Now of course these arguments are valid for a realistic capitalist market but for the market in Identity it will play out a little differently but still in the same sense. Take every business posted on the forums here, categorize them into relative services according to what industry they belong to, then compare that amount of companies to the total amount of servers and people Identity will have come release date. You will find we have a very minimal glance at the companies that will actually be in Identity due to some not creating it until the game is released, some owners choosing different career paths, etc. Though it is a regular occurrence to see similar companies, consider the above statements and the fact that Identity only supports a set variety of companies to be created (transport, logistics, legal, retail, maybe more later). Lastly, 99% of businesses founded in the real world have borrowed something they learned from another and the same applies to Identity forums. It is extremely rare to "invent" something for your business that hasn't been already thought of by someone else. I encourage business owners to learn from current businesses (what works what doesn't) and apply that to theirs BUT you should always give credit where credit is due in one way or another. So give the fresh users a break we have all been there before.
  12. Aegis Security Consulting Jobs

    Announcement: Gave this post a bit of a touching up so she looks nice and modern for you guys.
  13. Announcement: Aegis Security Consulting officially supports The Royal Family Party and would like to thank Mr. Lucious Times for appointing me as Security Counsel Government Official. I look forward to working with @LuciousTimes@JoelKeys@NexusGamingand @Andrew811on improving the future of Identity.
  14. There will never be a situation where there is “blue on blue” scenarios due to aggressive clients. Not sure what country politicians publicly assault one another physically, though in this case our operators wouldn’t assist in aggressive behaviour but would deescalate it. In response to your scenario, Paul and Tim being clients , as said by Slovacek, will be removed from a dangerous situation with safety as top priority. Both party security details would conduct defensive manuevers and leave the situation as soon as possible. Hopefully that clears things up. If that is the only concern associated with your political party policy, then we have no problems with providing security to you and your organization as long as nothing conflicts with ours. Thank you