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  1. Update Regarding Newsletter

    Asylum entertainment detailed in their latest newsletter that they were publishing an up and coming mobile game by another game studio named Phoney games, whilst encouraging people to pledge to it the same way through that people did with identity, through kick-starter. Now, the link below shows a video of a popular YouTuber looking at the company records for this 'Phoney Games' studio which details that it was registered in December last year, and the director is in fact John Vanderzwet. This means that Asylum are likely the people behind this new mobile game. So why would Asylum lie about them not being the developers of the new title? Well considering the disaster that was the Identity kick-starter and the now non existing trust relationship between consumer and Asylum, it would seem a better idea to try and siphon more money out of the community through a seemingly different developer. I don't think there's much more reason people need to not trust this dev studio anyway, but here it is.
  2. 🎄 Christmas event/update 🎅

    For a big team the entire town square module isn't a lot of work, this is a very small team so I imagine the seasonal content would be more work than you think.
  3. 🎄 Christmas event/update 🎅

    Lol do you think they're gonna have the time to start adding seasonal content when the game needs fixing first?
  4. Gotta have faith

    That doesn't excuse the Devs selling their pledge packs years prior to release and then giving people the option to buy the same priveleges as soon as it comes out on steam, only difference and this being an important one that people can get a refund if bought through steam.
  5. Very disappointed, how about you guys?

    Lol after all this waiting, after all this time what a mess.
  6. Tea or Coffee

    Standard builder's tea has virtually no health benefits actually, and when added with cream and sugar is calorific. Unless of course you are referring to green tea.
  7. Rate the above song

    If you think that version is good then slap on your headphones and listen into the Live Aid 1985 version, where I believe Mark was at his very peak that day. Amazing.
  8. My One Year Forum Anniversary

    Sick times eh
  9. Call Of Duty WW2

    With the reveal out today, I just wanted to catch a quick consensus on how many people are thinking of getting this game? Personally I'd love to see it go back to WW2, and think that Sledgehammer won't be ignorant and deluded and insert supply drops into it. But who knows, if a fair few people are thinking of getting it here then it might be worth it in the end.
  10. Atlas Corporation

    But your comment was so random and out of the blue? Strange guy aha
  11. Websites

    I'm sure you can take pictures and make notes, so with a bit of RP and creativity sure why not.
  12. Atlas Corporation

    I have no idea what you're talking about.
  13. Upcoming Module

    Or, you could use PayPal with a VPN