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Found 6 results

  1. [FAQ] Police Department

    FAQ (Publish Questions You Want Below!) Everyone has had questions about the police department, so I'm here to make an FAQ from information from the developers, and also plain simple answers. (Not all information is guaranteed to be correct and any developer/staff member can leave a comment stating anything different to what I have said.) 1. Can I be [This Rank]? Answer: I have already discussed this with Motown and it is clear that on your own private servers that yes, you are able to choose who is which rank, however on the official servers. Motown has said that it is unlikely in the first place that there will be a police chief (On steam). And he has also told me that even if there is It will be a staff member or a developer. Other Points: Points above confirmed, however, it is not clear to me yet whether there will be a ranking system at all, or whether it will depend on time played on the server etc. 2. Is there going to be an age limit for the police department? Answer: It is very unlikely that there will be an age limit as they do not want to restrict players to what they can do in-game, also players do not want to be hyped up for police department and then not be able to become a police officer. Other Points: Confirmed 3. What are the amounts for the citations going to be? Answer: It is likely that the ticket/citation prices will be preset as this will stop the few 1 or 2 trolls who want to try and ticket someone $99999 for not stopping at a stop sign. But there will probably be different prices for each type of ticket, for example, a different price from Reckless Driving to Speeding. Other Points: Confirmed 4. Will there be trials/courtrooms? Answer: From what I've heard, yes. There will be courtrooms and trials, so there is a possibility that there will indeed be bail. However that is not confirmed, although I think this would be a good idea since not that many people with have money at the start so it won't be like every single person gets bailed. Other Points: Read below Warning: Motown has now confirmed with me that there will be NO bail. The below is a quote from Motown about the jailing system: "When you are sent to prison, you can request a trial if your prison sentence is over 15 minutes. If your trail is accepted, you can plead your case or have your selected lawyer plead your case for you, in front of a row or player jurors. After your time is up to plead your case, they vote guilty or not guilty. There is no player judge. If voted Not guilty, you get set free, and if voted guilty, you get sent back to the prison yard" 5. Will there be sub-divisions (SWAT, Aviation, K9 etc)? Answer: Well we already know that SWAT will be a thing due to the module being shown here. However, we have not been told about K9, Aviation etc yet. I believe that they will not be a thing until the servers are up and running with a strong police system first. As we do not want 10 K9 officers and 2 officers on duty, with 9 dogs running around. And helicopters will probably not be needed at the start. As well as this the developers need to focus on the original police system and the SWAT module before they do anything else. Other Points: There might be different skins for different parts of the map, but this is also unlikely as the whole map will probably just be one police force. Read Below Warning: Motown has now confirmed that they will be looking into K9 someday, but aircraft will not be a thing, even for the police. This is a quote from Motown below: "We'd like to do a K9 unit someday, but for now when or if we ever add animals that can follow the player outside in the open world rather than just apartments/houses. There also will not be any aircraft in Identity, even for police." Motown has also said below the following: "There will be SWAT and detective divisions for the police force, with a limited number of consecutive spots. If Too many SWAT or detectives, or not enough regular cops are online, then the slots are limited" 6. What will the maximum sentence time be? Answer: The maximum sentence time has "For now" been confirmed to be 45 minutes. Although due to them stating it's only, for now, this may change in the future. Other points: Confirmed by a developer, also obviously not every single sentence will be 45 minutes long. It depends on the time. 7. Can an off-duty officer help out another on-duty officer? Answer: A moderator states that there is no way to help unless other officers are in uniform. (On both public and private servers) Other points: A developer also stated that they want there to be a very clear difference between civilians and officers. By Scotty THIS WILL BE UPDATED BELOW!!!!
  2. Hey there developpers, I recently consulted many sources and they all aren't saying the same: is the BETA stage(the one you receive access for when you pledge more than 30$) going to be available the pledgers AFTER the Town Square module is released or at the END OF THE YEAR(2 weeks or so before the expected release date of IdentityRPG)? Thank you for clearing these for me and have a nice day! Cheers
  3. In-server Wikipedia

    The idea is that each server has it's own in-game Wikipedia where history and events of the server was stored. In the wiki you would be able to find past governors, crime rates, demographics, timelines, geographic info, identity island history and pages for well known people and businesses, just like in real life. Of course players would be able to edit this meaning that this feature may be trolled occasionally, but admins would be able to reset the page to an older version. This feature probably wouldn't add much gameplay or roleplay points to the game but it could be a handy feature especially if you want trivia about your server.
  4. Claimables and the full game

    As thanks for your support of Identity's development, we've awarded you the below claimables. [You will have the option to claim these rewards when we launch modules and/or the full Identity game.] So for the words in the brackets is this saying you get the choice to get the Claimables or the choice to pick the Full-game? Or do you get both I'm not sure about this if someone could help answer this please?
  5. Atlas Corporation

    Atlas Corporation Founded in 1988 by Antonio Falcone, Atlas have one, single purpose: Help others. We are here to help other businesses prosper and make money, we help people feel safe at night, and we help make the world a better place. We do NOT stand idle beside while injustice is going on, we FIGHT it. Our goal is to bring businesses together, for veterans to help newcomers, while the newcomers bring new ideas. Atlas is not only corporation, but a social hub, an idea. With all businesses gathered in one place we can change what we want. As the largest corporation in Identity we have the power to make a difference, but stand powerless without the help from the people. So my question to You is: Will you stand on the side, or will you fight? Atlas areas of expertise Members For a small fee can any business can become an Atlas member. Atlas members get the business best protection, recruitment, accounting and advertisement free of charge. We also provide You with legal help in the unwanted situation. For an extra fee we also provide insurance as well as loans from Atlas Savings Bank, controlled and operated by Duantless Holdings, a dedicated member. We have well-trained, top of the line, men and women ready to help you. Sleep at night, knowing you and your lifes work are in safe hands. Contracts While our main focus are to improve and help our members, we can also be contracted both from businesses, private persons as well as the government. What we offer: Security: We can protect you/your business, as well as work with SWAT forces to take drug safehouses. Recruitment: Our talented recruiters can help your business get employees in a no-time. Advertisment: Your business will prosper in no-time. Investiagtions: As PIs or detectives, our intelligence agency will find anything you want. Atlas Security Atlas Security, or A-sec for short, is Atlas Corporations largest branch. These brave men and women are ready to protect you and your business at all cost. Branches in Atlas Security: Security: Security guards, they are well trained, and armed with non-lethal weapons and pistols. Atlas Tactical Task Force: Wearing SWAT like gear, and armed with heavy weapons these will be used in dangerous and high-threat situations. Using their skills and gear they are one of the most dangerous armed forces in Identity, stay out of their way. (Logo not yet finished) Atlas Intelligence Agency: Headed by an experienced director, these men will know about attacks and robberys before they happen. They can also track dangerous criminals. Atlas Commercial Branch Atlas commercial branch consist of accountants, recruiters, expert in PR and advertisments and other people here to help You. While not armed and geared up in expensive military class equipment, these men and women can help you just as much, and sometimes even more. Words from the Chairman I took over this great company from my father, and nothing makes me happier then to see it help other grow. When I heard about Roseport I understood that Atlas needs to be there, to make the businesses here prosper, and grow. To help the community, and to really make a difference. We can´t do this alone, and though Atlas have many employees it´s never enough. If you want a good paying job with lots of benefits while helping others, you should consider looking at our Job Listings page (link in comments) and sign up to Atlas now. If you´re a business owner, message your closest Atlas official to learn more about being an Atlas member. Thank you for your time, looking forward to see more of You. -Vincent Falcone CEO, Atlas Corporation
  6. Aegis Security Consulting Jobs

    About Us Aegis Security Consulting, a global leader in the security industry, has provided safety and stability to an otherwise unsafe and crime-ridden world for the past 30 years. With dozens of employees globally, we possess the experience and knowledge to offer a broad range of services across various official servers in Identity. Formal Invitation Greetings citizen, I would like to invite you to Aegis Security Consulting. We here at ASC believe in a strong focus on security and safety for the citizens of Identity. Many of our members have extensive experience not only in combat situations but also via role-playing games, in which they will be applying this shared knowledge to Identity. We are actively recruiting both casual and hardcore gamers alike to enjoy the benefits of our resources, training and the camaraderie of working with people you can not only trust but also have fun with. Our current aim is the expansion of our three main regiments within the current Aegis security detail which are the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Whether your goal is to be combat operative, guard and provide security, or transport clients and goods - we will provide you with the training and infrastructure necessary for you to reach your full potential. Upon completing basic operator training - any employee can join any squad and begin completing contracts and earning their pay. Our members always have the freedom to participate in all aspects of the Identity World and even have the ability to act in both operator and administrative positions at Aegis. When you are ready, we hope that you consider Aegis Security Consulting. Sincerely, Sebastian Valentine Chain of Command Current Job Postings Director: CLOSED Administration: OPEN Operations: OPEN Learn more by visiting our website below! [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] Apply On Our Website [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------]