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Found 9 results

  1. Who screwed the pooch?

    Release date unfulfilled, Twitter accounts getting deleted and the usual stony silence we’ve come to expect from Asylum. Seeing as we won’t be even given the chance to break this module today I thought I’d run a poll for fun to take my mind away from the disappointment it’s yet again experiencing. Is this just another monumental fuckup or is something more nefarious afoot? And do you even care anymore? Edit: HairyGrenade has responded in the comments about his twitter status
  2. Release the game

    The devs should stop working on 3500 different lamps, couches, and different styles of shirts and instead focus on the game. Maybe the "module" could be released by the end of the year. There are still two more modules (SWAT and Racing) left. The full game will not be out until 2020 (or later). Remember when this was posted on Kickstart, the release date was 2016. I have watched this game for over a year and chose to wait before I pledged, which I am glad I did. Wish the devs would give people answers why this is taking so long. The "tracker" has had one item left for several weeks but the recent post says the tracker was updated 2 days ago (not sure what was updated). Those who have invested and pledged deserve answers and a release date now... not "soon."
  3. The past months here at the studio have been hectic, but our labors are paying off. It is with regret that I must make the decision to push back the public release of the Town Square module from April 23; however, the delay will be quite minor. Because this is now the second delay to an official firm release date, and because we expect this delay to be short-lived, we are as of this announcement releasing the Asylum Task Tracker. The new task tracker, visible on the Town Square section of the official website (here's a link for you), offers the Identity community and fans absolute transparency in our development progress. You can now see the tasks we have to complete before we're ready for the module to be publicly available. It will be updated each and every day. The list is not long, and displays all tasks since the tracker was created only a day ago. When all of the tasks are completed, of which none are major, Town Square will be released on Steam and available for play. Furthermore, the new Identity website is on schedule for a release just next week! The new website will come with all sorts of cool new features and we'll be building on it constantly as we move forward, too. With the release of the new website, I'm also going to begin regular Identity Insider releases. These Insider publications will add a ton of very detailed information on key systems within Identity. Delays are unfortunately a reality of all game development, whether a game is being produced by a large studio with hundreds of developers or a small team, such as ours, with only dozens. We faced unforeseeable technical issues recently; however, all of the issues we had have been fully resolved and, as you can see with the new tracker, release is extremely close. As soon as we get some final bits of art in place, we're going to compile a Town Square trailer video and begin showing off the game and environments on our development streams. So to sum it all up, keep an eye on the new tracker (see that link above) and follow our progress. The tracker will be updated once per day as it has to be done manually. Once we get our production software updated so that it can be automated, it'll be a live display. I also want to say that you to our loyal community and fan-base. Delays are never a fun thing to experience with any game, so everyone here in the studio is working overtime like crazy to get you into our world. You'll be in the Town Square very soon and this is going to make the game a much better experience. I'm really excited for our first module release as it's shaping up to be a really fun and beautiful experience. In fact, the Town Square is much more than I even though it would have been early on; I'm extremely happy with what we've put together. I hope you enjoy the peak behind the scenes with the new task tracker and we'll be seeing you in the square soon!
  4. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    This is going to be unformatted and my opinion. I am open and willing to hear all of your guys' voice in the replies, but here's what I need to say. So the release date on Town Square Module is set for March 22nd (I think). At the time of me typing this, it is February 28th or one day before March 1st. Therefore, we have about 22 days and 3 hours until the release (Same time as EST). This is exciting stuff. We have a new and fun game planned to come out in less than a month! However is this a real estimate? I know things always change around and things go wrong, but is it a real date we can look at? In my opinion no. We have looked at things such as the gameplay video which was promised in January, then wasn't delivered. Then promised on February 1st to be done in days. And once again, wasn't delivered. Then after two weeks into the month, we finally got something that in my opinion was very underwhelming and disappointing. So how can we trust that it will come out fully in the month of March? Is it because the devs said so? No. Because the devs also said they were just polishing the Gameplay video on January 22nd. So in all honesty, don't be surprised if no big set back occurs, and your waiting for the month of April to actually get access to the game.
  5. What are your guys' thoughts on the release date for the town square module? If you haven't heard, the Town Square Module will be released on March 21, 2018. We are around 5 months away from the town square module. Are you guys happy about this or not? Let me know what your opinions are! Personally, I'm a little bummed out that the town square is being released so long from now, but I'm sure that it will be worth the wait.
  6. How long until first module?

    So is there an estimate for when the first module is gonna be playable? I'm really hyped for this game.
  7. I have recently pledged $30 towards this game and I plan on pledging more. But one question for me remains to be answered, how long will the Town Hall Module be active for. Will it end when the beta comes out?
  8. Hey there developpers, I recently consulted many sources and they all aren't saying the same: is the BETA stage(the one you receive access for when you pledge more than 30$) going to be available the pledgers AFTER the Town Square module is released or at the END OF THE YEAR(2 weeks or so before the expected release date of IdentityRPG)? Thank you for clearing these for me and have a nice day! Cheers