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  1. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    why arent they telling us "There's a bug in the UI" or "So and so happened so we have to do this" like they literally barely put out a dev blog once every like 40 days like cmon man give us daily updates they put no effort into communicating with the people that are giving them money shut yo ass up too if you say "you're ignorant" or "be patient" because i been patient for like 2 years almost and i expected town square to come out back in DECEMBER when everybody was anticipating it
  2. So... what's happening?

    They've been saying Town Square Module would be released back in December, then Easter, now its summer lol
  3. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    lol im laughing now, this shit is never gonna get released, is it ?? literally all hype in this game is gone, everyones fed up
  4. Bro this game has been in development for several years. Ive known about it for like 2 years now. The task tracker hasn't been visually updated for like a week or two or some shit and it's pissing me off because it's making me think this game is just a scam more and more. They're legit finessing us and I want to see them actually work on the game. They barely put out any videos, too. If anyone can link me their most recent twitch stream of them working on it would be much appreciated. They said they were gonna release the new website, where is that now? I remember back in March everyones hopes were up that the town square module was gonna be released and here we are smFh. And finally, how long could it possibly take to finish the last couple tasks? Lmfao theres like 4 tasks and none of them have been completed, usually there would be at least like 1 or 2 tasks completed per day before they froze the tracker on the last couple ones.
  5. Been here since December of 2016- a long wait for this, it better be worth it.
  6. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    99% chance they'll delay this dumb shit again, getting fed up with this bull so if they dont release or if the game is shit, then im refunding or something lol
  7. Yeah I already lost interest like 3 months ago. I've known about this since December of 2016 I occasionally go to the forums, but at one point I was posting several times every day, now I do it maybe once a week or two.
  8. how do i play beta acses

    God, please learn about what you're going to buy before you buy it. Beta Access is coming on March 21st. You won't be able to play the game until March 21st. Want me to repeat it s l o w l y ? M a r c h 2 1 i s t h e d a t e f o r w h e n B e t a A c c e s s g e t s r e l e a s e d .
  9. Selling Drugs?

    If you were to sell weed, how would the process work? Would there be a menu/overlay thing to trade the weed for money? Or would there be like an option which you can edit to change the amount of weed and the amount of money? I'm thinking it would probably be like a little menu for both sides to put in their item and when you both click accept they will have a chance to cancel the trade and if the countdown ends, the trade is successful. Something like Rocket League, even though thats a whole completely different game. Also, what if someone gets scammed? Is that possible?
  10. Just Upgraded! (& Poll)

    im just gonna trap around the block doing shady stuff ??
  11. Just Upgraded! (& Poll)

    I only got founder because i wanna work my way up without anything handed to me, also partly because I'm broke and I would never spend any more than what I have to give for a game that is still being developed
  12. Town Square/Combat Video Questions

    Combat is going to mostly be in the SWAT module I'm pretty sure.
  13. Thoughts on the release date?

    Damn, I thought the town square module was only redone once haha