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Found 7 results

  1. This is a scam

    I remember funding this game when I was in the 7th grade, I was using a macbook that would not even be able to run this game. I am now in college with a pc that can run this game perfectly but guess what there is no game. Its been more than 5 years now and you guys haven't I lost all hope in y'all. You guys should just sell of what you have to some better developers and let them finish the game or something because this is obviously going no where.
  2. Hello. Im just going to say I am someone who hasnt really ever squalored around in negative posts about this being a bad game, the devs being scams, etc. I had some real hopes coming from this game, now of which have been squashed and I had moved onto bigger/better things and forming roleplay community of my own in games that already provide a medium of "life" roleplay. But Through intermittent checking of the status of this game and watching gameplay, I can just say that this is definitely a letdown, in so many areas. In my time, I've seen admins/devs waver people aside, ban unrightfully or for outspoken opinion, and some very very shadiness of certain practices; like for instance, the whole "mansion design" debocle where the concept artist had done nothing but redone a backcropping of Al Gore's house; and then Mod team disclaiming that it isnt a 'exact replica' when nothing changed but the backdrop. Aaaaallllll the way to the game itself seeming like a very, very poorly done UE4 showcase where the actual 'gameplay' elements seem like they are frankensteined together by someone very inexperienced, or them being ripped from other assets. Any correlation to trailers presented have been in a player controller/view that obviously is not present in the game along with content that "isnt done yet" but somehow extremely easy to imagine that it wouldnt look the same as the trailers if we were shown the exact content without the smoke and mirrors. This is not some sort of witch hunt, but me putting my final piece on what has been YEARS of waiting, silently, hoping for the best. These are all things that are not harmful, targetting comments, but rather things that are observably true. Its no longer a time for "Well just dont support us anymore" or "The game is still being worked on" or "Nobody is forcing you to stay". Each and every one of those offsetting comments from blind diehards or Mod Teams actuallly just shows the inability to level with the community, to be truthful, to share ACTUAL progress. With a larger dev team, a massive budget that SO MANY people would KILL to have and do some serious progress towards their projects, this could have been something. After a certain point, a team must take responsibility for the discrepancies rather than shoulder it all aside when they know that their community knows that there is less and less going as planned and the deciding factor as to why this has lost so much steam over the years is because of the lack of transparency, and the lack of responsibility. Money isnt everything, but time is, and I imagine that there are so many people who have prepared for so much more, to be part of something bigger, whole communities formed around this; and essentially the best that can be said is "Well refund it" or "Game still in progress!". Not even the point of people saying "Patience" can any longer apply anymore. No longer can it really be waived aside that a massive monetary backing apparently isnt enough to do what was said could be done. But there has been so many layers of incompetence with this project that I cant help but come to the conclusion that it was too ambitious to succeed with whoever is at the helm, and the team behind it as well.
  3. Over four years later, $187 859 from Kickstarter, probably twice as much more from the shop which you scam artists still run despite having clearly abandoned all development of the game. Small-time developers with nowhere near as much backing as you scammers do, pulled off much better games in much less time. There is no excuse, your scam is obvious and it's time to fucking stop. The bullshit excuse that development is slow (more like at a complete halt and abandoned, possibly forgotten) because of financial issues is the biggest pile of bullshit you could feed to us, you guys didn't know what project you were getting into and started accepting money way before even knowing what was in store with such a project. If you really aren't scammers, close down the god damn shop, at least you'll be a little more believable with your bullshit. Sources for numbers: Kickstarter link - Has the numbers from everyone that's backed the game on there Original game trailer from over 4 years ago
  4. unthrusted and maybe a scam

    Hallo all, i think more then 50% of us who buy identity start thinking, WTF is this, the game never gonna realise, they just want to scam us, look at updates, last was 10 july, did u know why they dident update more? because they have said in all their updates "we are really really close no we JUST NEED TO FIX THIS AND THIS AND THIS, JUST LOOK WHAT THEY UPDATED? A NEW WEBSITE WITH SHOP!! WITH A FUCKING SHOP GUYS SO U CAN SPEND MORE MONEY FOR NOTHING, USELESS I HOPE SOMEONE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS PHATETIC
  5. Alright everyone. I refrained from spreading negative stuff on here until now. I just checked out the refund policy and noticed that if you redeem your Steam key, you can no longer get a refund. They made no announcement of this until after many already redeemed their key. This basically means they never have to finish the game and your money is now theirs. I HIGHLY suggest everyone in the US to make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I'm only making this post after being told MULTIPLE times over the past year that I was getting a refund only to never get one. If anyone else has been told their money is being refunded and it hasn't been let me know.
  6. Bro this game has been in development for several years. Ive known about it for like 2 years now. The task tracker hasn't been visually updated for like a week or two or some shit and it's pissing me off because it's making me think this game is just a scam more and more. They're legit finessing us and I want to see them actually work on the game. They barely put out any videos, too. If anyone can link me their most recent twitch stream of them working on it would be much appreciated. They said they were gonna release the new website, where is that now? I remember back in March everyones hopes were up that the town square module was gonna be released and here we are smFh. And finally, how long could it possibly take to finish the last couple tasks? Lmfao theres like 4 tasks and none of them have been completed, usually there would be at least like 1 or 2 tasks completed per day before they froze the tracker on the last couple ones.
  7. Is this even true...

    Hello there, I have the feeling that this whole thing is a bit rigged. I mean it's understandable that the Devs need their time but we do not really have at least 1 evidence that Identity is real and Identity will get released. I read a Reddit post where someone is also complaining about Asylum in relation to Altis Life servers: If it would be real the Developers could give us a little glimpse that the game exists like with the promised gameplay video or a announcement for the first module and I do not really think that there is no time for that, that would be a lie. The last DevBlog is also a half year ago and the only thing we see is some work on character customization which would not take a team with 10 programmers 1 year. Iam also wondering why the packages at the shops are declared as donations? I mean isn't that a bit obvious? This game is too good to be real guys. Iam not saying that the Devs are attempting a very big scam but at the moment we don't have evidence for the opposite. Guys please correct me if Iam wrong but the feeling is getting me more and more and it would not be the first time a game project on Kickstarter evolved as a scam. Help me please and be nice with replies Iam just very confused right now so please do not judge me!