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  1. New Information from paratus

    Because they'd be way too damn ashamed to show the fact volunteers, working for free, can get shit done faster than these incompetent buffoons with over $200 000 and four years.
  2. New Information from paratus

    Ah yeah I see it now, cheers! Was CTRL+F'ing the exact message and discord wasn't having it
  3. New Information from paratus

    You're very optimistic, friend. I don't think we'll even have an update by Christmas 2020, let alone guns.
  4. Would if I had to means to and the know-how, for sure.
  5. I want a refund for all the bullshit that was promised to me, the $400+ I've dumped into this game because I was too gullible and overhyped to finally have a proper roleplaying game. I don't care about the price for the game access, but the apartment, the bike I paid for, founder clothing? None of that shit was delivered. That's false advertising, it's illegal in multiple countries. Here's a little bit of information you uneducated swines (devs) can go read on a little and understand how you're fucking over everybody that believed in you. http://www.canadianadvertisinglaw.com/misleading-advertising-faqs/
  6. Over four years later, $187 859 from Kickstarter, probably twice as much more from the shop which you scam artists still run despite having clearly abandoned all development of the game. Small-time developers with nowhere near as much backing as you scammers do, pulled off much better games in much less time. There is no excuse, your scam is obvious and it's time to fucking stop. The bullshit excuse that development is slow (more like at a complete halt and abandoned, possibly forgotten) because of financial issues is the biggest pile of bullshit you could feed to us, you guys didn't know what project you were getting into and started accepting money way before even knowing what was in store with such a project. If you really aren't scammers, close down the god damn shop, at least you'll be a little more believable with your bullshit. Sources for numbers: Kickstarter link - Has the numbers from everyone that's backed the game on there Original game trailer from over 4 years ago
  7. Games like Identity

    gta.world on RageMP modification for Grand Theft Auto 5, high quality ROLEPLAY, not dark rp or whatever it is people do nowadays on gmod and call it roleplay
  8. Release Date

    Hardly the point.
  9. DonĀ“t understand the devs ?!

    I'd honestly not be this pissed if they had not given us a release date in the first place.
  10. Release Date

    They stripped the release date a day before release, whole thing's starting to smell fishy.
  11. Goliath Crime Family

  12. Objectives within the Game (Questions)

    1. In a patrol car until they get a promotion to something else than just a patrol officer, and in their free time, probably managing their many businesses. 2. At first, maintaining order on the streets and such, later on comes greater things. 3. Owning small businesses at first, hopefully huge ones later on, maybe a nightclub? 4. Enjoy the ride to great goals. 5. Make everyone's life around them at least a bit more enjoyable, get a good position in the PD, and get rich!
  13. Are You A Hypebeast?

    Well now, ain't this thread a bucket of sunshine.
  14. Physical Activity - Weight/Muscle gain

    Or simply if your character has an active lifestyle, where they walk a lot, do other sports than hitting the gym 5 times a week, there's other ways to keep yourself in good shape than the gym!
  15. Physical Activity - Weight/Muscle gain

    Glad to read so! And it's understandable that it won't be there during the beta/modules, it's not a core feature but definitely an interesting one