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Found 1 result

  1. Goliath Crime Family

    Hello and welcome to the Goliath Crime Family The Goliath Crime Family are Recruiting. !READ BACKGROUND! Some backstory on the Goliath Crime Family The Goliath Crime Family was created On April 28, 1988, a gang war started in San Francisco when Dope slinger, Jerry Feri, San Francisco’s leading crime lord, was murdered in his apartment. His suspected murderer, Alfredo Scarico, was an accomplished dope slinger as well, and he too was murdered on December 19 of that year. His body was found with multiple gunshot wounds and dumped in the area of Fair Oaks. On December 23, Jerry fish, a suspect behind the Scarico murder, was found shot to death. Frank Boca, another suspect in Scarico death, was found murdered in his car on July 30, 1989. The next murder was that of the so-called “Ali of the West”, Fisco Savage, who was found dead on October 30, 1989. The final murder was of Luigi Smith He had made a reputation as a hijacker, dope dealing and gun running . He was shot down on May 18, 1991, while walking through an black neighborhood in the middle of the day. From these acts of violence and killings, a man named Damian Goliath, My Dad started the Goliath Crime Family. What We Want To Accomplish/Goals Short Version we want to establish a network of businesses and business friends around the would of identity and if you are lucky you might be one:) Family Tree Boss Nathan Goliath Underboss Antonio Savage Revirea Captain x3 Open Soldiers Unlimited Associates Unlimited The Applications Are Open If accepted we will PM you with a discord link. If you cant click just copy and paste.