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Found 5 results

  1. Over four years later, $187 859 from Kickstarter, probably twice as much more from the shop which you scam artists still run despite having clearly abandoned all development of the game. Small-time developers with nowhere near as much backing as you scammers do, pulled off much better games in much less time. There is no excuse, your scam is obvious and it's time to fucking stop. The bullshit excuse that development is slow (more like at a complete halt and abandoned, possibly forgotten) because of financial issues is the biggest pile of bullshit you could feed to us, you guys didn't know what project you were getting into and started accepting money way before even knowing what was in store with such a project. If you really aren't scammers, close down the god damn shop, at least you'll be a little more believable with your bullshit. Sources for numbers: Kickstarter link - Has the numbers from everyone that's backed the game on there Original game trailer from over 4 years ago
  2. Cant even get a refund

    I spend $250 on this last year and because of how bad it flopped i want a refund but now i cant, How lovely.
  3. Alright everyone. I refrained from spreading negative stuff on here until now. I just checked out the refund policy and noticed that if you redeem your Steam key, you can no longer get a refund. They made no announcement of this until after many already redeemed their key. This basically means they never have to finish the game and your money is now theirs. I HIGHLY suggest everyone in the US to make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I'm only making this post after being told MULTIPLE times over the past year that I was getting a refund only to never get one. If anyone else has been told their money is being refunded and it hasn't been let me know.
  4. Refunds

    Important Note: Currently available Pledge packages are temporary and will no-longer be available for purchase after website-changes are made in the near future. Pledge rewards and account credit will be automatically deducted from the account upon receiving a refund. Administrative action will NOT be taken against accounts that are issued refunds. Refunds can only be processed if purchases fall within the 180 day window Paypal offers for buyer protection. Important Note(STEAM): Due to technical limitations, refunds cannot be provided to accounts that have been manually linked to STEAM by the account holder. If you claim a STEAM Key for the "Identity: Town Square" module, it will no-longer be possible for "Asylum Entertainment Inc." to process refund requests due to our inability to de-activate the steam key after it is claimed via the STEAM desktop client. Future purchases from the STEAM Store or marketplace will require STEAM Support to process any refund requests, and will be subject to STEAM's own refund policy. The Account support forum is not an efficient channel for refund request, as Asylum Entertainment staff and volunteer moderators who would normally visit this forum to offer assistance with account related matters do not have access to its user's financial history with Asylum Entertainment via PayPal or other means. We are committed to pleasing our customers and donators in every way, and we respect that there are personal reasons in which a user may feel compelled to request a refund. We therefore ask that users who would like to request a refund do so via the Paypal website, or through Paypal customer service (1-888-221-1161) - the only method of Payment that we accept at this time. Please allow for a minimum of 5-10 business days for requests to be granted by Asylum Entertainment Inc. We strongly believe this newly recommended process will be much more efficient for those who may experience unintended delays in response to email requests, as it will not require pledgers to provide additional account information, or manual database queries. Asylum Entertainment and its hard-working development team appreciate the patience and understanding of our community members who understand that Game Development is a slow and challenging process. We are a small team working diligently to produce a unique game experience that has never been attempted previously. We thank you for your continued patience and support. Below is a visual guide illustrating the steps required to complete a refund through Paypal services. STEP 1: Select 'Log in' to PayPal STEP 2: Confirm PayPal Log in STEP 3: Select "More" from the ribbon at the top of the page, and then select "Resolution Center" from the drop-down menu. STEP 4: Select "Report a Problem" STEP 5: Find & Select your Pledge Payment to Asylum Entertainment, Inc., and then select "Continue" STEP 6: Choose the most relevant option relating to your problem. For refunds, we recommend selecting, "I have a billing issue" and then pressing continue before choosing "I want to report an issue that's not described". Either way, we'll find it. Last Updated: 9/17/2018 (September 17, 2018) @ 2:08 PM EST
  5. Hello! I have great hopes for this game, and want to support it. Yet, if it does not live up to my expectations in the closed beta or modules, would it be possible to refund the package I purchased? (I have not bought anything yet, although depending on how my question is answered I most likely will) I doubt I would not like the beta or modules, but I'd like to feel as though I have a certain sense of security regarding my purchase. Thanks to anyone who responds, -Timblegoorn