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Found 33 results

  1. Hi i would like to refund because i dont play videogames anymore for dont having time with the college, the life, etc. It's possible ? Thank you.
  2. Refund Help

    I tried to do a refund via paypal but it says i already requested a refund altough i never requested one before.
  3. Requesting refund

    Paypal doesn't display the transaction, but does display ones before and after the purchase date. (I can supply proof if you would like) I have checked, it's the same account. I can also supply my Receipt ID. email addresss, etc
  4. Requesting a refund.

    Requesting a refund for this account.. i opened a case on paypal. as you guys explained. the refund for the same email that i use in here.. i have another account that i will be using to play the game. when it comes out.
  5. How to recieve a refund?

    Hi, I recently purchased the $30 dollar package and I realized I want my screen name to be different, but did not have the option to change it. So, I created a new account and purchased the $30 dollar package again, but I now just have this other account not going to be used. Who/where can I go to get a refund? Also, both purchases were made on paypal, and the same account, but I could not find the means to refund/chargeback through paypal.
  6. Refund

    Hello, I wish a refunding because after one moment of reflection I said myself that I could not profit from the game when it wil be open but the concern it is that the new site of paypal does not have it " "I have a billing issue" when i see a post with tutorial "Refund" i follow step by step but what it's a choice, now it's a news paypal website i'm blocked in this page if u know a solution .. It's very important i need a refund so help me thx u
  7. Refund

    Hello, I bought the founding pack because the game was supposed to go out on April 23rd, but I'm fed up to wait. I want be paid off. Thank you in advance
  8. Not responding to Paypal

    I followed your instructions to request a refund through Paypal but nobody at Asylum has responded to the PayPal inquiry. Claim - #PP-006-846-818-641
  9. Refund Request

    I would like to request a refund because the town square module has been delayed twice already. And i don't think my pc will be able to run it anyways.
  10. REFUND

    Hey I would rather wait Then have mymoney sitting on this when i could spend it on something else then whenm it realeases sbut it So If I could get a refund that would be great I have the 30 dollar package
  11. Refund Request

    Hello, I pre-ordered this game from the identityrpg website in February 2017. I am unhappy with the pushback of the release again so I would like to request a refund. I opened a dispute with PayPal and was upset to find that it was closed within 5 minutes with no response at all. I am happy to send any transaction id's or details you may need as I would like this solved as soon as possible. Thank you
  12. Refund Request

    So, im a long runner in this whole thing but im out now. There is too much delay but not realy any progress you could be proud of - None at least i´ve ever seen here or in the streams- so i request a refund even tho i´ve only pledged 30$ i need that money for RL more than i do for this whole "project" Who ever of the Team is responsible for Refund please get into contact with me via PM so i can send you my E-Mail and other informations needed. just to be sure here something ahead: Thanks. Have a great time.
  13. I requested a refund, even sent those scammers an email and they never hit me back with a response. Anyone knows how to refund?
  14. Requested a refund

    Hey, Last year on november 21st I requested a refund for my founder rank. I still don't have a reply to my e-mail. I hope that someone replies soon! Have a nice day, mrfunnn
  15. Refund

    Calm, I liked the game, but I do not think it will run, so in this topic I ask you to tell me what the system requirements are and if it does not run I can request a refund.
  16. Hate to say this.. but I'd like a refund.

    I backed identity back in April 2017. I payed attention for a few months then put it on the back burner and kinda forgot about it for a while. I looked at what had happened so far and wasn't too pleased, but I saw that there was going to be a gameplay video released soon and thought why not wait and see what that looks like. And while yes a lot of the video is placeholder and whatnot, the game still didn't look like something I wanted. The official post on refunds says go through PayPal but it's been more than 180 days for me. Would a refund still be possible? If so what do I need to do? Thank you in advance.
  17. Refund Case Closed by Paypal

    Followed instructions for refund(file a billing problem claim w/ paypal) and they(paypal) decided in the favor of the seller. Not sure what to do now. I just want my refund.
  18. refund

    i sent the refund request and never get back
  19. Refund

    The ID for the purchase was IIIMADSTERIII I requested a refund on paypal like 5 days ago still nothing Which is why I escalated it That's my paypal email confirmation.
  20. Hello! First of all, I wanna make it clear, that I still believe in the game 100%, and I haven't given up the hope of the game, I know how the devs may feel, with all the negativity towards their hard work, and they really don't deserve that kind of treatment. It's just that, I'm not really into the whole gaming community anymore, and I kinda need the money =) However, when I first bought the game, I didn't buy it over PayPal, but over you know, the "card transition" or whatever. So I can't seem to find out, how to request a refund? Would a friendly soul, help a helpless Dane? =)
  21. Redund

    I want to refund the game but in my Paypal transactions, I can not find the receipt of payment
  22. Refund

    Hello, i followed your guide with the refund page you guys made.. still nothing has happent, and now the case is almost closing..?
  23. Refunds

    Important Note: Currently available Pledge packages are temporary and will no-longer be available for purchase after website-changes are made in the near future. Pledge rewards and account credit will be automatically deducted from the account upon receiving a refund. Administrative action will NOT be taken against accounts that are issued refunds. Refunds can only be processed if purchases fall within the 180 day window Paypal offers for buyer protection. The Account support forum is not an efficient channel for refund request, as Asylum Entertainment staff and volunteer moderators who would normally visit this forum to offer assistance with account related matters do not have access to its user's financial history with Asylum Entertainment via PayPal or other means. We are committed to pleasing our customers and donators in every way, and we respect that there are personal reasons in which a user may feel compelled to request a refund. We therefore ask that users who would like to request a refund do so via the Paypal website, or through Paypal customer service (1-888-221-1161) - the only method of Payment that we accept at this time. Please allow for a minimum of 5-10 business days for requests to be granted by Asylum Entertainment Inc. We strongly believe this newly recommended process will be much more efficient for those who may experience unintended delays in response to email requests, as it will not require pledgers to provide additional account information, or manual database queries. Asylum Entertainment and its hard-working development team appreciate the patience and understanding of our community members who understand that Game Development is a slow and challenging process. We are a small team working diligently to produce a unique game experience that has never been attempted previously. We thank you for your continued patience and support. Below is a visual guide illustrating the steps required to complete a refund through Paypal services. STEP 1: Select 'Log in' to PayPal STEP 2: Confirm PayPal Log in STEP 3: Select "More" from the ribbon at the top of the page, and then select "Resolution Center" from the drop-down menu. STEP 4: Select "Report a Problem" STEP 5: Find & Select your Pledge Payment to Asylum Entertainment, Inc., and then select "Continue" STEP 6: Choose the most relevant option relating to your problem. For refunds, we recommend selecting, "I have a billing issue" and then pressing continue before choosing "I want to report an issue that's not described". Either way, we'll find it.
  24. I request a refund

    I am requesting a full refund on my account. The rules are changing before you even get this up and running. Thank you
  25. can i get a refund

    how do i get a refund for this game