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Found 3 results

  1. Logan Wolf

    Basic Information Full Name: Logan Wolf Gender: Male Age: 19 Nationality: White American Height: 6'2 *REST OF LOOKS TBD BASED ON IDENTITIES CHARACTER CREATOR* Characteristics Brave Charismatic Trustworthy Loyal Erratic Smart Backstory Logan grew up in the streets of New York and was surrounded by criminals, gangs and organised crime. By the age of eight, he had started committing petty crimes such as; Theft, Vandalism, Assault, Assault With A Weapon and Possession Of Class B Drugs. Logan then as he got older he excelled in school but took little interest in any subjects apart from Business and Physical Education, he was top of his classes in both of those subjects and was noticed by teachers for his violent behaviour and psychotic tendencies. This would result in him being forced into a psychological evaluation at the age of twelve. The results showed that he had many of the traits of a Psychopath/Sociopath. He carried on his school life until thirteen, he came home late one night after being out committing crimes attempting to help his families financial hardships, the door was open, he walked in with many things missing and blood was around the place, he went to his mother and fathers room where he saw the bodies of his parents. Logan showed only one emotion at the sight of this, anger. As Logan left the house a Man was waiting for him, this man was named Jim and he told Logan what had happened, Jim had seen who did it and what gang he was associated with, they spent the next year building a small gang and started taking rival gang territory. At the age of 15 Logan finally was face to face with the man that had broken into his home and murdered his parents, Jim passed Logan a 9mm pistol with a silencer on the barrel, Logan aimed it at the man and without a second thought as the man was begging for his life Logan shot the man between the eyes. They then left the area and carried on expanding for three years. A large Mafia family noticed them and saw them as a problem so they ordered the assassinations of Jim and Logan. Within the space of a week, most of the men that worked for Logan And Jim had been killed and the rest left the city. Logan and Jim sat in their studio apartment waiting for the assassins to come, the Don's personal assassin showed up alone ready to take them out. It turned into a battle to the death which eventually Logan and Jim won, but Jim took a bullet for Logan which Logan will never forget and owes Jim his life. After this, they leave New York and head out to a new city to work their way back up. Goals And Aims In Identity Logan wants to rebuild his empire and have a name which everyone either respects or fears, he wants powerful allies and few enemies. He wants to be as powerful as possible and have connections all over the city, inside politics and the police force. *WILL BE UPDATED WITH FURTHER DETAIL WHEN I HAVE THE TIME*
  2. Anthony “Des” O’Connor

    Born in the late 70s in the Heartland of England to a normal family a mother who stopped work when her kids were born. A father who worked hard in a dead end job to Support and bring up his family. A older brother who studied and worked went to a good school and did well entered a job that pays and raised a family of his own. Des was always different the black sheep struggled at school always a social outcast quick to anger but controlled enough to never lose it and attack others. He attained his Basic education not really doing great at anything but not doing poorly either. He found school difficult hard to mix with others and not understanding why they were taught that way. He was not stupid but the education system failed him. He always had a respect and admiration for the armed forces growing up watching films of Vietnam, TV shows of soldiers and documentaries all this had shown him that these were men to be admired and to aspire to. As well as this from somewhere he felt a need to pay back what he felt he owed to the Country for raising him, he enlisted as soon as he was able. Wanting to push and prove himself worthy he joined the famous Parachute Regiment completing tours of Kosovo and Iraq before pushing himself to his limits applying and successfully complicating training to join Special forces he did two tours of Afghanistan. Fighting taliban and insurgents. Having lost brothers and friends he decided it was time to leave. On discharge Des was disheartened with the calls the government had made the way they had used and abandoned the forces. He took some jobs trying to find his place in society but always finding the same thing incompetence and selfishness in the management. For the the first time ever Des lost it, nearly beating to death, a manager who had chosen his words poorly about the army. Decision forced upon him he packed up got a boat out of Liverpool and headed to find the American dream With a few thousand in cash and nothing else, Des brought a bike and some leathers and took of searching for somewhere to call home. Traveling the country meeting with other people, Des tried to find something to quiet the anger the betrayal of all he fought for, a brotherhood, all he found was a society broken selfish, no brotherhood just people out for themselves. Arriving in a bar outside of Roseport, Des saw some bikes parked outside as he stepped inside and his eyes adjusted as he saw some rough looking guys with skulls sown on the back of their leather cut offs. The bar was a typical off road bar smelling of stale beer and cigarette smoke ,the gloom of the bar felt almost welcoming. Des sat down and bought a beer whilst looking around, he noticed outside the window, a van roll up several guys jumped out and started heading for the bar with bats, wrenches and pipes. The hairs on the back of his neck started standing up, Des had that familiar burst of adrenaline and a little fear something was about to happen. The guys with the skulls noticed the others as they walked in, before the blink of a eye, a brawl started beer glasses and fists flying. As Des sat drinking his beer watching the fight the newcomers started to take the upper hand. He saw the guys wearing skull cuts, doing their best to defend and protect each other but losing ground. Without really knowing why, yet seeing something in that group fighting for each other, Des stood before one of the newcomers, a quick punch to the throat crushed the newcomers trachea dropping him, and quickly putting down a one of the other newcomers with well placed bottles and fists, the skulls patched group soon rallied and cleared the rest. As Des returned to the bar to grab a fresh beer one of the skulls approached him. Thanking him for the assistance he told him of a bar he should follow them to and have a drink at. As the skull patched group left, Des noticed the wording above the patch “Apaches” and decided to follow them to the new bar for a drink. (its been along time since I wrote a history. I’m dyslexic so please excuse the spelling and grammar mistakes. FYI I am ex British airborne forces the service is very close to my own. )
  3. Goliath Crime Family

    Hello and welcome to the Goliath Crime Family The Goliath Crime Family are Recruiting. !READ BACKGROUND! Some backstory on the Goliath Crime Family The Goliath Crime Family was created On April 28, 1988, a gang war started in San Francisco when Dope slinger, Jerry Feri, San Francisco’s leading crime lord, was murdered in his apartment. His suspected murderer, Alfredo Scarico, was an accomplished dope slinger as well, and he too was murdered on December 19 of that year. His body was found with multiple gunshot wounds and dumped in the area of Fair Oaks. On December 23, Jerry fish, a suspect behind the Scarico murder, was found shot to death. Frank Boca, another suspect in Scarico death, was found murdered in his car on July 30, 1989. The next murder was that of the so-called “Ali of the West”, Fisco Savage, who was found dead on October 30, 1989. The final murder was of Luigi Smith He had made a reputation as a hijacker, dope dealing and gun running . He was shot down on May 18, 1991, while walking through an black neighborhood in the middle of the day. From these acts of violence and killings, a man named Damian Goliath, My Dad started the Goliath Crime Family. What We Want To Accomplish/Goals Short Version we want to establish a network of businesses and business friends around the would of identity and if you are lucky you might be one:) Family Tree Boss Nathan Goliath Underboss Antonio Savage Revirea Captain x3 Open Soldiers Unlimited Associates Unlimited The Applications Are Open If accepted we will PM you with a discord link. If you cant click just copy and paste.