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Found 1 result

  1. Over four years later, $187 859 from Kickstarter, probably twice as much more from the shop which you scam artists still run despite having clearly abandoned all development of the game. Small-time developers with nowhere near as much backing as you scammers do, pulled off much better games in much less time. There is no excuse, your scam is obvious and it's time to fucking stop. The bullshit excuse that development is slow (more like at a complete halt and abandoned, possibly forgotten) because of financial issues is the biggest pile of bullshit you could feed to us, you guys didn't know what project you were getting into and started accepting money way before even knowing what was in store with such a project. If you really aren't scammers, close down the god damn shop, at least you'll be a little more believable with your bullshit. Sources for numbers: Kickstarter link - Has the numbers from everyone that's backed the game on there Original game trailer from over 4 years ago