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    Yeah, I'd like to quote that. I heard that they only started filming a few days ago. Don't get me wrong, really enjoyed the video, and there could be a few more improvements in place. I'm also wondering why it took so long apart from animations and such.
  2. Rape and slavery

    Agreed. I've had to experience that in Garry's Mod.. while my family was in the room. That's when I decided to never return to Gmod again.
  3. @LuciousTimes @FrancePourLaVie updates will be posted on the Identity Life Discord!
  4. Families

    Kids are not an option. Getting married, however, is going to be an in-game function. I hope this answers your question
  5. NA c; In the future, if our server becomes successful we'll start considering the idea of having EU servers.
  6. hahah yeah, we're having high hopes on having our Discord succeed. After that, we'll start planning our website design.
  7. Hello, we are Identity Life! We are planning on launching as an official community server, on full release, whose aim is to bring realism and roleplay together as one. Welcome aboard, and we hope to see you all in Identity. At the current moment, we do not have a website. Our Discord server and plans for our official community Identity server are still in a Work in Progress phase. But you're welcome to join us through this wonderful working journey of bringing our brand new community SERVER together. We're very excited for the full release of Identity, as well as the modules that'll release before then. Identity is going to be an amazing experience, and we'd love to experience it with you. For more information please join our Discord server: "Thank you for spending your time to read our thread." c;
  8. Dev Blog #008

    Perhaps. Mostly likely. Since they're able to rehire a few previous developers development should be much faster.
  9. Jobs preferite

    Governor and Journalist.
  10. New Jobs-Ideas

    1. Confirmed. I'm aware that players can become transporters and deliver items to players that have bought online in-game items. 3. Confirmed. You can rent off of other people's homes if you're given the ability to. This does not have to do with room-mating (even though you're able to do that too). 7. If you create your own business you'll be able to buyout a shop and setup your store/business. 9. If an admin owns a server they're given the ability to change almost any system related function. I'm not sure if they're able to change specific parts of the map itself. 10. Confirmed, you may store food in refrigerators etc to avoid the food getting spoiled/rotten/ruined. 11. Confirmed. 13. Confirmed. 14. Confirmed. 15. This is also confirmed. You'll be able to contact other players/friends that you have in your contacts, and you're also able to contact the police when there is an emergency. You'll also be able to contact specific businesses. As long as that specific business has a business number then you may call that business up over your smartphone. 16. Confirmed. 17. Partially confirmed? Players will have to pay taxes for their homes etc. I'm not sure if that goes into electricity etc. You can ask the devs when they stream on their Twitch account ( 21. I believe this is going to be a function in-game. When players make a purchase of any vehicle in Identity their car is automatically given a license plate. I'm getting these license plates are going to have some sort of "Police/Security" related function in game. 22. This is also confirmed. There will be a stamina, thirst, and hunger bar within the game of identity. 23. Confirmed. After full release of the game they're going to add a GYM system within the game (working out etc). There are also going to be different sports in such in Identity (Soccer, Tennis, Football, etc). Sports is going to be one of the main/fun branches of Identity. 24. You may get married in Identity (Opposite and Same-Sex marriage). As for families that depends if you invite someone to your family or RP it, because you're character does not have the ability to have sex in-game. Due to YouTube and Twitch's streaming policy any nudity or sex shown live or in video could result in many account strikings, that could also given identity a terrible reputation in the Twitch and YouTube realm. And for aging that is something that is not going to be integrated into identity. You may customize your character as you wish, young adult, middle aged or old. 25. Confirmed. (Any numbers with comments I didn't list I'm not entirely sure of. Try joining one of their Developer/Gaming hour streams or you can try and get in-contact with a developer yourself.)
  11. Hunger & Thirst

    Okay, thanks!
  12. Hunger & Thirst

    Just out of curiosity is there going to be hunger & thirst in Identity?
  13. Server quantity

    Yes. They've mentioned in a few of their development streams that the player count is most definitely going to fit a few hundred. What they don't want is having thousands of players in one server in one specific location. Let's say there is a very famous YouTuber/Streamer that's currently playing the game and thousands of players join the server just to meet them. It would just be chaotic and immersive. Basically they want to prevent all the players visiting the exact same location at the exact same time. Example: Many (thousands) of players in WoW meet up in the exact same location just for trading and sparring. If that makes sense?
  14. Server quantity

    The 300 player count is most likely going to be their minimum. But they're most likely going to go over their minimum. The player count is still being discussed by their development team.