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Found 8 results

  1. Disabilities

    Not sure if this has been suggested (as I know diseases may eventually be implemented) but it'd be cool to see disabilities and a way for people to use ASL. Additionally, it would also be cool if players had disabilities (paraplegic) and this would cause them to get government funding.
  2. Will diseases and other ideas be incorporated into Identity? Also - and I apologize if this has been asked and answered - but happens if your character dies (inflicted wounds and other matters)? Will one have to start over?
  3. BODYBUILDING Can we do bodybuilding like are there gyms available in the game? It'll be cool if so players body size won't look the same like in GTA online.
  4. Disease and Health

    I've Been Tracking this Game since around 2015/16 and i have'nt heard to much about any medical or disease related problems to your character. For instance i just thought it would be a good idea to add such things as Malaria since the map is set in a tropical landscape from screenshots. Or maybe thnigs like Parkinsons disease, maybe if you were a hunter for example you may have a hard time aiming, also if medical care is'nt seen to in a while you may become close to death. Food Poisoning could be contracted through Badly cooked food or raw food. Another thing, if you have a visable disease, maybe you could show it on the character. Even a Mental Disease (I know it would be hard to inplement considering its a user behind the player) such as Schizophrenia. Just Some Things i had on my mind about the game since it's not to long until the town is released.
  5. A GYM!!!!

    currently there are models in the game for weights and exercise machines. its well known crooks and crops like to get buff and ripped for their specific careers well irl i am a actual bodybuilder and doing something like this would be a nice place for anyone in the game to come and get some muscles or some fatloss in. also some punching bags for people who want to train
  6. sooooo been planning my virtual life in this game for a while now but I just thought, what about Food? for example, would you be able to go down to a grocery store by bread and toast that at your apartment or hotel or wherever you are that has a toaster? I just love the thought of actually having to go shopping in the game and you would do it with purpose for the sake of your Avatar living and staying healthy. Does no one else think it's funny to be worrying about going shopping in game x D I picture arguments arising over shopping baskets aha I feel also this Food feature would add some variety to working at restaurants and such (mini games for staff) I feel this would make the game even more fun
  7. Hunger & Thirst

    Just out of curiosity is there going to be hunger & thirst in Identity?
  8. Health Bar?

    Will there be a health bar feature in the game? I think that if it's realistic, wounds will be categorized as fatal and non-fatal. Fatal obviously being headshots and non-fatal being injuries to legs or other limbs (speaking in terms of gunshot wounds). And also, is there going to be other ways to die besides guns, like car accidents or falling from a certain amount of stories? Will there be animations of doctors desperately trying to save a player, but it's too late?