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Found 18 results

  1. For the last few months I have been in and out of these forums complaining that this game was a sham, scam, and then some. I was wrong.... whoah!! calm down dagtag and Preston_bodhi_343 !! This is not a dream! In fact I woke up...... Quick simple truth: There is simply no proof this is a scam even if there is no product. Who am I to say otherwise. Long and detailed truth: After sleeping in bed last night on my actions and words I have realized how wrong I was to simply assume this was a scam. As a developer I sit for days at times locked away in my cave hidden from the world just programing and listing to dub-step. It truly is a lot of work, it takes passion, skill, and a LOT of time and patience with plenty of obstacles. When I woke up I saw the light..... Who am I to take that away from the developers of this game? How wrong I was and who I am not. Ill tell you who I am not... I am not somebody that takes away hard work from somebody who spent countless hours learning, creating, and developing something like this. I am somebody who encourages other developers to create new things, and to expand on there knowledge, Ive done that my whole life, but yet here I am the last few months accusing these developers of being a scam just because I ran out of patience, whether it be days, weeks, months, or in this case years. I am not the judge nor jury, nor should I act like one. It is true, this project have received over a million bucks, taken many years to this point, this game may, or may not ever be published !!.. BUT honestly, it is actually part of game development, trust me, Ive developed plenty of nothings even after a year or so more in development I have scrapped games, and If anybody should know that the most it is me. Game development is hit and miss. Truly a Risky business. So I will apologize to these developers, I will not take away there hard work just because there is no product yet. Instead I want to thank them for the inspiration of this game, giving us hope that It could one day exist, even if it never does. If this game fails, perhaps I may take on this type of project my self, It actually Sounds like a lot of fun and I am more than capable of achieving a game like this. (If you have not noticed yet, I have never been good at modesty;)) Annnywayyyys....... Thank you for Identity, I found mine. -MadApples
  2. Emotes/Simulation

    At this point I have to speak on this, due to the fact that I'd rather not forget. I have some ideas for cosmetic implements and other things of that nature Emotes: (Specifics involving idle things) *Smoke (typed in chat as /smoke) - Rather you're a shipping manager, delivery driver, a cop off duty, or a customer service rep of sorts, we all have that point in our lives where a "/Smoke" break is in order. Standing idle, leg out to one side or leaned against something, slowly puffing on a cigarette (with the emote perhaps lasting long enough that the cigarette burns down and the emote finishes with a flick of the butt on the ground That one is my personal primary want, as I am a smoker, and I feel like that is an IDEAL ways to AFK for five while you do things irl until your break at work is over or etc.This accompanied by perhaps being able to visually see the used {Drugs} or {Cigarettes} smoked as they would be in real life, rather than just have the a-typical item representing said drug hanging out of one's mouth as though they are the Crimson Chin. Idle emotes make an essential ambient that sits well with RPers all over, and even if not an idle emote, one can casually walk around puffing a cigarette or otherwise. If one is able to smoke while performing actions, then at that point the emote would cease and the cigarette would remain in one's mouth, specifically whilst that interaction would be performed (with the exception of sitting on a bench, or another interaction that still allows both hands). Also, if a user has their in-game phone out, I'd hope that this is shown as a device in their hand (mayhaps adding different models and types of phones with different functions so that we can have a phone store). We all know Craigslist, OR Ebay, or Amazon etc. What if the simulated computers bring up an online store accessable through browser tabs that let you use said online market simulation for players to post their items up for sale, or other things of that nature, as if it represented a similarity to the letgo app, mayhaps, AS WELL AS : If a user decides to recklessly post something shady and very illegal, it can be investigated by detectives and/or police and action can be taken to enforce justice upon the crime.
  3. Private Identity Servers Frequently Asked Questions about Private Identity Servers 1- Can we make our own servers? 2- Will you be VIP on Identity? 3- Who will create the servers will be able to make money with them? 4- Will you have tutorials to create a server or just who knows how to program is who will do it? 5- Will you be able to have servers to speak only one language or will everything be the same? 6- Will you need to buy Hosts to create private servers? If you have any questions, please let me know.
  4. Servers for many countries

    People from another country playing Identity! Hello my name is Rian and I am here today asking some questions that will probably be a problem in the future or not. I follow the development since game since Thu, 21 Dec 2017 As Quoted in my Original Account. I've been wondering the following, countries that do not speak English will have their own servers? I live in Portugal but I'm Brazilian and I like to speak English, it's going to be the same rules for these servers (S.W.A.T and ETC). I am willing to help in any way this game to grow, if you need my help just send an email, as moderator who speaks Portuguese I have seen many people who speak Portuguese and have to go to Google Translate to translate in English. Image taken from google Signed by Rianpla
  5. Credit is due.

    So give credit where credit is due. I think we as a community should recognize the progress that is being made. We can see that the tasks updated 2 hours ago that disregarding the 1 gameplay task. All tasks left are now In-Progress depending on the game bug extent. And new bugs that can show up development things are finaly looking up. And i think we should expect the last gameplay task being started on soon ™. I stile think that they could show us some more content e.g: Environment (as it is complete). But at least now we can see the end of the tunnel. Last throw your voice in if you want to see a fly trough of Town Square?.
  6. Hello Asylum ( @Paratus , @Motown , @Beach_Ball ) as "complicated" systems are done. Would you maybe want to talk about the remaining tasks? What is being worked on, what gameplay mechanics are left? Maybe some of the challanges overcome, and the ones that are left? Thank you!
  7. I have seen previously, in other ARMA mods that you have had the ability to store people in the trunk of your car, for example in Takistan life, where you would cross a border and you could store a person with drugs on them in the trunk of your car to avoid being caught. This could be expanded on taking taking hostages or hiding a person. Obviously the police would be able to open your trunk if they had probable cause. Also if you had a bigger vehicle like a truck, maybe you could have multiple people in the back, maybe growing weed or cooking meth. This could also be expanded into storing physical entities in the back of your trunk such as a weed bag or little bag of meth. Pretty much just a way for drug traffickers to hide they're wares. Let me know if you think this would be a good addition
  8. I looked over the forums to find if someone asked this (oddly specific) question, and I couldn't find any. So, I want to know what time of day on April 23rd Identity will be released. Because April 23rd is a Monday, most people will be at work or school, and personally I'd like to download this game as soon as I possibly could.
  9. Why does the development bar stick on 89% It has been there since summer last year...
  10. In-game sites

    In-game you could be able to create your own site. Most sites can be accessed normally, and would be like shopping or job applications for your businesses, but criminal websites need a passcode. Criminal sites are like a chatroom where users in a gang can post pictures or coordinate their group.
  11. I'm not too sure if these types of things are already planned for the game already but if they are I would love some clarification on these details possibly being in the game. 1. Gas stations with working pumps to were you can actually grab the pump to fill your gas tank ( Just to add that extra detail of realism you don't get in games) 2. Restaurants that are RP based Ex. Being a chef / waiter waiting on other players. [ Small details not just for restaurants but all jobs would really make a huge impact for this game!] 3. Working Stock market effected by the world. Ex. Stocks for specific business drop if the business owner is murdered / the building is raided ect. FOR COMBAT 4. Bleed out system as well as bullet decals in the correct spot you were shot. Ex. Shot in leg causing a limp and bleeding effect at point of impact with a bullet wound as well as constant decline in health until treated with bandage etc. {This is something I find very necessary for this type of game especially for the realism this game is wanting to deliver for RP'rs, it would also improve EMS jobs and encourage players to partake in that field much more. 5. A detailed wounded system. As an example, something like what Escape from Tarkov has done with its combat system with different conditions depending on where you are shot. Not just bleed out like most games. Ex. Gut shot causing internal bleeding not fixed by just bandaging/Head shot causing concussions as well as other things depending on the severity. Bottom line is really am looking forward to this game and I hope some of these things are considered at least a smidge for the final version released, Already backed it on the website and even thinking of upgrading my version to help out even more. But most importantly it's not so much these things go in the game but please take note that its small details like this that make a game that much better and really separate if from whats out there already (even though its doing that already) hence why its gotten the attention it deserves. Please let me know what you think of my ideas, I'd love to know and would love to help with development anyway possible. Keep up the great work and can't wait!
  12. Hey, So like, I haven't actually bought Identity yet as I'm a little low on funds, but I'll probably pick it up end of this week. I was just curious if Identity has an web API, probably one which requires a developer account and API keys so developers can be tracked so malicious apps don't become a problem. If there isn't currently an API, I was wondering if there will be plans for one? I'm a developer myself, can't say what I specifically develop as I'm always changing, but I thought it would be cool if I could maybe make an app or website that could manage inventory / view stats / maps of the user's current world etc. Best Regards, BritishHumor
  13. so this has been on my mind for a long time but it might just be me. I think the developers are promising too much I mean it's a great thing to be able to do so much but some of it they should not be working on rn and seems kind of unnecessary. like didn't they just start working on the vehicle system not so long ago it seems like that should be something that should have been in the works a long time ago because I think the vehicles are a bit more important than an art gallery. the same thing with the recent dev blog like advertising is cool and a great idea but should the team really be putting their time into stuff like that right now?
  14. Quick Q. why has the town square been at 76% complete for past months seems like it will never move up.
  15. ATTENTION DEVELOPMENT TEAM Development team a very important thing that I always hate in game developers is that they hardly ever release games on Mac, I would love you so much and back you 100% if you can confirm that you WILL release this game on Mac, and Windows. Macs have pretty good specs and its a shame to put them to waist. Identity has so much potential to be one of the greatest games ever please, don't ruin it by being windows only. #IDENTITYHASSOMUCHPOTENTIAL PLEASE CONFIRM IF IT WILL BE RELEASED ON MAC BY REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT
  16. VOTE FOR Mr.X

    Hi Friends! Im Mr.X and im running for Governor of this fine town. Iv worked several years for my cousin GOLDIE WILSON's campaign for Hill Valley from 1985-2016. I also helped finance a small Paranormal investigation company called GHOSTBUSTERS with Dr. Ray Stantz, and private funding for time travel/exploration science with Dr. Emett Brown. I want low taxes for all, a city free of crime and homelessness, and a fair city that is big on jobs for women and minorities. Progress Is my middle name, that is my promise to you So vote for me! the peoples choice we are always accepting sponsors and those who would like to participate in our campaign
  17. Hello citizens! It's been too long since our last developer blog entry, so I wanted to take the time today to update all of our backers on Identity's current state of development, as well as give a little more insight into the process behind the scenes. During the first year and a bit of development, most of the time was spent developing key backend systems. Networking modifications, weapon physics, character customization, voice communication and so on. That's all behind us now, and I'm happy to say it's gone as well as we could have hoped. Now and for the past couple of months we've moved on to gameplay development, making those backend features do the fun stuff. This Month in Development In this last month our lead character artist, Miroslav, has finished up everything we need for your characters going into the Town Square release. We're always going to be adding more character customizations over time, but to start you'll have the choice between 4 male and 5 female race options. After selecting your base race you can customize further with skin tones, blemishes, scars, eye color, hair styles, hair colors and tweaks to facial features. Identity is expanding on the usual character customization, though, as some of the options available can only be gotten through achievements. Prison tattoos are an example; if you see someone with such a tattoo you know they've done something to earn it. A lot of work this month has also gone into the player housing systems. In following our previous messages, our home customization system has been in place for some months although we've been expanding the floorplans in preperation for the Town Square module release. Sean, or Motown as you may know him, has prepared the various apartments you will have in the Town Square. If you have made a smaller pledge to Identity and do not have an apartment yet, we're going to be giving you access to a temporary (small) home in the Town Square so that you can play with the cusomization features. If you've pledged for a package containing an apartment, Town Square will show what you'll have in the full Identity game upon release. Just this morning our lead programmer, Henrik (AKA Mathalion), finished up the karaoke systems. It's a minor feature for Identity as a whole, but it's going to be loads of fun in the Town Square module! Just off the lobby of the hotel is a slick little bar, complete with a karaoke stage. You'll be able to queue up your favorite songs on the karaoke machine and see the lyrics on one of the monitors around the stage. The microphone on the stage really works, too, amplifying your voice out of the speakers so that your singing can be heard by everyone there! Most of us are terrible singers, so karaoke is going to have a lot of hilarious moments. If you're just there to watch, the restaurant by the stage is fully functional, too! It's Been Too Long I'll just come right out and say it: we at Asylum Entertainment have really had poor PR these last months, and you guys deserve better. You deserve much more frequent updates, and we're committing to give you that moving forward. We're a relatively small development team today. Currently a core staff of 5 incredibly talented full-time developers, I'm amazed every day with what this team can accomplish. Outside of our core we have a handful of part-time workers, mostly artists, who are also very skilled. Because we're a small team, many of us have to wear several hats. For example, Sean is our community manager but also a 3D artist. I myself am the project manager, a programmer and interface developer. This leads to few resources to dedicate towards PR as there's so much work to be done on the game itself. This is something we knew though, and we're going to set some time aside regularly to keep you in the loop. The Town Square module is coming soon. We're in the final months of 2016 now, and you'll finally be inside the first piece of the Identity world in the first quarter of 2017. It's a little later than we originally hoped since we're dedicated to making sure everything is smooth and stable from the first moments. Identity is an enormous undertaking, but the most difficult bits are behind us and we're drawing near! What to Expect The first stage of game development is always very boring to talk about, and also doesn't give us much to show you. Creating those backend systems that drive the game behind the scenes is one of the most important phases, but it's not very glamorous. It's for this reason that most games aren't announced until they're a couple years into development. Now that we're past that point, we're going to be able to start showing you real Identity gameplay. The first gameplay video you'll see is going to be in November and will show you just how detailed and in-depth Identity is becomming! You'll see a walkthrough of our housing system, showing just how far it can be customized and some of the cool fun features you'll find in there. Following that video we'll give you a glimpse of the Town Square features, leading up to its release. It's been a ton of work and a long time coming, but we're moving forward at a great pace and everything is about to get very exciting over here.
  18. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Greetings everyone, Today I'd like to update you guys on some progress for Identity. Below, you will find new pictures that haven't been shown to the public eye yet. We know you are waiting so eagerly to play, but please remember everything takes time. Thanks to everyone who has shown the developers support thus far!