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  1. Greetings from Belgium

    Lekker man, Ik Nederlands Or are you wallonian?
  2. Why does the development bar stick on 89% It has been there since summer last year...
  3. I made a nice flag!

  4. I made a nice flag!

    I see, but eastern USA is just an inspiration right? And not actual US territory. It's quite unclear
  5. I made a nice flag!

    Haha, yes true, I just like those colours
  6. I made a nice flag!

    Really? Why?
  7. I made a nice flag!

    Very beautiful! I love it!
  8. I made a nice flag!

    So I made a nice flag for the country where the map is based in Red represents the Identity Community, Blue represents the Leadership and order. Also this flag can be made to fit with other political ideologies, however, I prefer to keep the flag as neutral as possible Inspiration was the flag of Cyprus (im from the Netherlands)