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Found 2 results

  1. Jobs preferite

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  2. To make things more interesting, implementing a "death timer" such as banning a player for 24 hours if they die. This makes it so players play much more carefully because once a player goes down the medic's are notified and then the police, police then have the choice to kill the criminal or cuff them if the victim is "dying". But while you are dead you should be able to play some kind of mini game with the other dead players. A mini "after life" thing. While there's that there should be paramedics, if they arrive within 4 minutes of a player "dying" they can revive the player in 10 minutes and are paid when saving a life. "Dying" is the invincible state basically in which no matter how many times you try and shoot the person they will not die but their character will remain there, during this phase though their screen should be black until paramedics come or they die and go to the "after life". When you come back to the world you should spawn in a hospital with the game saying something along the lines of "The doctors manage to revive you"