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  1. Is this even true...

    what complaining? I just want to get the Devs giving us some evidence that the development exists...
  2. Is this even true...

    But back to @TakeiT, would also know where the evidence is. I mean even Rockstar will release his trailer to Read Dead: Redemption 2 on thursday and announced it today.
  3. Is this even true...

    Yeah which freelancer would take more jobs at the same time? DonĀ“t they have an agreement?
  4. Is this even true...

    So they should be only focused on Identity then...
  5. Is this even true...

    and what about the 150k they raised on kickstarter? What are they for? I thought it would be their payout for the development so they have some money to live.
  6. Is this even true...

    You are speaking truth: "somewhat short time" and they already passed their halftime... In my opinion it is quite impossible to develope that promised game in about 3 years with a 10 men squad... Take a look on Rockstar Games with GTA 5. How long has it been till this game got released? 5 years I guess and they have a obviously bigger team then Asylum. Just saying
  7. Is this even true...

    It's too ambitious to be real I guess...
  8. Is this even true...

    Hello there, I have the feeling that this whole thing is a bit rigged. I mean it's understandable that the Devs need their time but we do not really have at least 1 evidence that Identity is real and Identity will get released. I read a Reddit post where someone is also complaining about Asylum in relation to Altis Life servers: https://www.reddit.com/r/IdentityMMO/comments/53vp6y/real_colors_of_the_owners_of_this_project_read/?st=IUF57E7C&sh=ebfbfbf7 If it would be real the Developers could give us a little glimpse that the game exists like with the promised gameplay video or a announcement for the first module and I do not really think that there is no time for that, that would be a lie. The last DevBlog is also a half year ago and the only thing we see is some work on character customization which would not take a team with 10 programmers 1 year. Iam also wondering why the packages at the shops are declared as donations? I mean isn't that a bit obvious? This game is too good to be real guys. Iam not saying that the Devs are attempting a very big scam but at the moment we don't have evidence for the opposite. Guys please correct me if Iam wrong but the feeling is getting me more and more and it would not be the first time a game project on Kickstarter evolved as a scam. Help me please and be nice with replies Iam just very confused right now so please do not judge me!
  9. This game isn't a scam right?

    If I were you I would wait, you can still invest money in the game afterwards
  10. Drive-By action?

    I think at that point it comes to everybodys roleplay
  11. Drive-By action?

    but thats how it goes in da hood...no jk but you could kill a cop everywhere not just out of the car so ...idk maybe your right there
  12. Drive-By action?

    I was wondering if it is possible to shoot out of a driving car. Like some oldschool drive-by actions we saw in GTA:SA. Would be cool (:
  13. Weather

    It would be awesome if we have a blizzard some day and the streets will be covered with snow and the locomotion will be laborious.
  14. Hey guys, I would be interested if someone knows if there will be any card or board games that you can play with other players like skat or chess or some other classic games. Otherwise this would be a very cool feature to add to the game and I think it would be an enrichment for the first module, the social module (:
  15. in some video I saw an icon of a cs-parody on a computer desktop where they showed an example of housing