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  1. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    hm 1-2 days btw,
  2. unthrusted and maybe a scam

    Hallo all, i think more then 50% of us who buy identity start thinking, WTF is this, the game never gonna realise, they just want to scam us, look at updates, last was 10 july, did u know why they dident update more? because they have said in all their updates "we are really really close no we JUST NEED TO FIX THIS AND THIS AND THIS, JUST LOOK WHAT THEY UPDATED? A NEW WEBSITE WITH SHOP!! WITH A FUCKING SHOP GUYS SO U CAN SPEND MORE MONEY FOR NOTHING, USELESS I HOPE SOMEONE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS PHATETIC
  3. How long to realese?

    I understand that this bug fixes take times, but did this take days och weeks och even months to realese townmo? i have wait for the game long time about 3 or more push ups so let me now what du u guys think? i think and hope the game is coming out early July
  4. Hey all as the game devs said this game is going to realses in 23 march its that correct or did they have planes for push up realese date again?
  5. Did anyone here when this game is going to be playable and when the relese beta