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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Sorry if im late, When will the next batch of Steam keys be released.
  2. Where can i find my Key

    I have Payed for these Game 3 years ago now where is may key??
  3. Alright everyone. I refrained from spreading negative stuff on here until now. I just checked out the refund policy and noticed that if you redeem your Steam key, you can no longer get a refund. They made no announcement of this until after many already redeemed their key. This basically means they never have to finish the game and your money is now theirs. I HIGHLY suggest everyone in the US to make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I'm only making this post after being told MULTIPLE times over the past year that I was getting a refund only to never get one. If anyone else has been told their money is being refunded and it hasn't been let me know.
  4. Polling Key

    Here is the current poll key we will follow for current and future polls. The People's Revolutionary Party: PRP The Royal Family Party: ROYAL The Hamilton Party: HAMIT The Democratic Realist Party: DRP The Public Party: PUBP The Conservative Coalition: CCP The People's Party: PP Radical Democratic Left Party: RDLP The Front National's Party: FN The Unified Party: UFD The Roman Catholic Party: RCP Thomas Hetch: HETCH Bobby Cruz: CRUZ Gene Smith: SMITH This will be used to help organize the poll results as well as election results. More information about this service will be provided soon, please stay tuned.
  5. I'd like to purchase more than one key, to give away to friends. Is this possible?